Porch Pick Up Available for Shizzle Design Furniture and Paint Supplies including DIY Paint, APC chalk & clay Paints, Finishes, Paint Pixie Brushes…

Just a quick reminder to let you know local porch pick up in Byron Center is available for all Shizzle Design paint supplies seven days a week. To get your supplies, simply order online and choose “local porch pick up” at check out.

For those of you in other parts of the U.S. or world; I also pack and ship packages six days a week and ship orders out the day I receive them unless it’s too late in the day; then they go out the next morning.

Fully stocked with all the new products!


The painted pieces I have for sale at Shizzle Design are also available for porch pick up in Holland, Michigan. If you see something you’re interested in, email me at shizzledesign@gmail.com.

If you see any furniture or home decor you’re interested in, email me at shizzle-design.com. All paint supplies, whether you’re going to pick them up here in Byron Center or want them shipped, can be ordered from: https://www.shizzle-design.com/shop/

Thanks again and Have a GREAT weekend!

a hui hou ~ Shelly

Debi’s Design Diary DIY Paint – Mermaid Tail Dresser Makeover with IOD Transfer

Want to learn how easy it is to create this look? Continue reading and see how I did it.

I scored this dresser recently at a local thrift shop and knew exactly what I was going to do with it.

I’ve been wanting to do a put an IOD Furniture Transfer on one of my dressers and this was just the right size for the job.

I wanted a layered base of blue and greens so I brushed on Mermaid Tail and Mint Chip, blending them together with each stroke.

See the variations and movement in color? This is exactly what I wanted for my base.

To give it a little more depth and dimension, I filled two of my small misting bottles with water and just a tsp of Queen Bee and Bohemian Blue. It’s very important to make this solution very week or the clay in the paint can clog the bottles.

I mist Bohemian Blue and Queen Bee in random areas and loved the affect. So incredibly fast and easy and oh so gratifying.

Can you see the blue speckles in this close up? That’s how the color mist will dry if you don’t brush it out.

I applied some of each color, blended and brushed that out, then once that was dry, I misted a few random spots and let dry so you could see some speckles.

Next I did a dry fit, leaving the protective back on the design. I cut it into pieces and moved miscellaneous pieces around until I liked the layout.

Once the paint had completely dried, I applied one coat of DIY’s Big Top Topcoat to seal the dresser and prepare the surface to accept the IOD Transfer. IOD transfers adhere much better if there you apply a coat of topcoat prior to adhering the transfer. Make sure your top coat is completely dry before applying the transfer.

The following day, I removed the backing and started applying the transfer. I stepped back to look everything over one last time before starting.

This part is so much fun. The transfer goes on so quickly and easily. They’re top quality and the grid lines are awesome for lining everything up.

I forgot to take pictures, but I did lightly distress the transfer so it would look more aged before I waxed the dresser.

After the transfer was applied, I finished the entire piece off with Clear, Dark and White Waxes, high lighting and low lighting.

It’s now for sale at The Honeysuckle Company on the north end of Grand Rapids by the meijer on Plainfield.

To recreate this look, you’ll need:

Mermaid Tail, Mint Chip, Bohemian Blue, Queen Bee, Big Top Top Coat, Clear Wax, Dark Wax and White Wax. Our stores are locked down during the pandemic but all the paint supplies in this makeover can be ordered from my Online Shizzle Shop at www.shizzle-design.com. Need IOD Transfers, Molds or Stamps? Those are also available at The Honeysuckle Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Hope you’re all doing well and are healthy and safe during these times of uncertainty. Take care, thanks for stopping by and Happy Easter!!

a hui hou!

Shelly Andrade

Beautiful Verdigris Wax, Copper Patina & Stain Blockers from Debi’s Design Diary DIY Chalk & Clay Paints

I’m also running a 15% off paint sale for our local customers who can do porch pick up in Byron Center Michigan during the Pandemic!

3.28.2020 All the stores in Michigan are on lock down due to the Coronavirus but I am well stocked with paint supplies here in West Michigan and personally hand pack and ship orders out as fast as they come in. We want to make sure you’re not only physically healthy but that you have fun things to do to occupy your mind while you’re at home. I am offering 15% off all paint supplies to our local customers who are able to do porch pick up in Byron Center during the time our stores are locked down (simply shop my website at www.shizzle-design.com then choose free local pick up at checkout; I’ll discount the paint supplies from my end when I box up your purchases. You’ll also be able to arrange a time for pick up at check out). I am not allowed to discount any DIY or APC paint supplies that ship but I do offer quick, fantastic customer service whether you’re a local customer or across the nation or ocean. I ship worldwide as well as APO if you’re wanting to ship paint supplies to one of your friends or family members in the military.

Introducing – Diy’s Copper Patina called Pennies from Heaven

Is this gorgeous or what?! Richly pigmented with the most beautiful copper ever. If you love DIY’s Golden Ticket, you’ll LOVE Copper Patina! They’re going fast; get yours today!

This is such a gorgeous patina and can be used in so many different ways! I can’t wait to share ideas with you. Stay tuned for more details and live tutorials on my ShizzleLLC Facebook Business Page.

Perfectly paired with DIY’s Copper Patina is Shipwrecked, DIY’s new Turquoise Finishing Wax. Together these two products will create amazing goodness!

Shipwrecked – Verdigris Patina Wax

Just look at that blue yumminess along the edges of my old Welcome bucket. Pure goodness! And to think I almost donated it last week! I have SO many ideas for this turquoise wax! Stay tuned for plenty more makeovers using the new Shipwrecked Verdigris Wax and Copper Patina!!

Salvation Solution – Stain Blocker

Ever try to paint a piece of mahogany furniture or started painting a piece only to experience horrible bleed through from wood tannins halfway into your project? Salvation Solution is a true redemption for rebel furniture. Applying this prior to painting creates an incredible barrier to block those nasty stains and tannins.

Salvation Solution comes in both clear or white. Clear is best if you’re planning to wet distress your painted piece so the original wood peeks through. There’s a lot to look at on the labels, to keep the two straight, Salvation Solution is red on the label of the Clear version. It also says Clear on the very bottom under the chair.

If you’re painting a piece pastel or white, I recommend going with the White Salvation Solution. This will not only block potential bleed through, but it will act as a first coat in coverage. Here’s what the White can looks like. Note the words Salvation Solution are in Blue and it says WHITE under the chair.

Well that’s it for this week’s new products but I have so much more to share with you!! Sit back and be inspired. This DIY post is packed full of ideas, furniture makeovers, blended color combinations and every single paint color offered by Debi’s Design Diary.   Save this blog post as I’ll continue to add more photos of layered paint combos & techniques to inspire your painted furniture  makeovers

To check out all all the colors, click the “READ MORE” below

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Advanced Shizzle Style Layering and Blending DIY Chalk & Clay Paint Class and Finishing Class, Feb 22 – Holland, Michigan

Want to learn advanced blending and layering paint techniques with chalk and clay paints and finishes? I’m Shelly with Shizzle Design and by popular demand, I’m teaching two different DIY paint and finishing classes in Holland, Michigan on Feb 22, 2020. Join me for one or both classes at Not So Shabby.

Advanced Blending and Layering Paint Class

The morning class is all about blending beautiful paint colors. If you love the pretty, layered and blended paint colors you’ve seen online, then the Advanced Blending and Layering Paint Colors Class is for you!

I’m teaching this Advanced Layering and Blending Paint Technique Class by popular demand. Learn how to create beautiful blended colors during this fun, interactive chalk and clay paint demonstration. Grab a treat and a cup of coffee then ask questions and watch as I use various techniques to blend and transform an old piece of furniture into a beautiful piece of art. Also included with class is a 20% off coupon good for 20% all Shizzle Design paint supplies purchased the day of class.

Space is limited! Grab a couple friends and reserve your spots today. Click HERE to sign up or to learn more or call (616) 438-2644 to register by phone.

Deluxe Finishing Class with Shizzle Design

I continue teaching in the afternoon with my Deluxe Finishing Class. In this interactive demonstration, I’ll teach you how to create gorgeous finishes by blending and combining clear, white and dark waxes with different mica powders.

Not a fan of wax? No problem, I’ll also show you how to glaze your painted pieces with Dark & Decrepit and how to make new wood look old with Gray Patina.

Have you tried Golden Ticket? Take this class and learn what all the rage is about.

I’m so excited to share the cool looks you can create with our finishes. Included with class is a 20% off coupon good for 20% all Shizzle Design paint supplies purchased the day of class.

Space is limitedSpace is limited! Grab a couple friends and reserve your spots today. Click HERE to learn more or sign up for the Finishes Class or call (616) 438-2644 to register by phone.

See you soon!

In loving memory of my sister Cathy who’ll always be with me in spirit as I teach paint classes.

Shizzle Design Free Paint Demo Best classes Largest selection of chalk clay paints in grand rapids michigan

We offer the largest selection of chalk, clay and mineral paints in West Michigan


A hui hou~ Shelly

The New DIY Paint Colors are back in Stock at Shizzle Design – Missed them? Check out the beautiful colors here

Our first shipment of new colors flew off the shelves faster than I could stock them last month. My mom passed away in the midst of that initial launch so I simply stocked my stores without much notification for the new colors. For those of you who missed out, I apologize.

I just offloaded another large shipment of new and old colors which are available now for online orders. I’m taking Sunday off but will have more in the stores by Monday provided my online customers don’t blast through the inventory before I get it in the stores.

I also have the new Grey Patina and the Dust. I’m adding them to my online store tonight. Let me know if something shows “out of stock” because I may have extra on hand that I haven’t updated yet.


a hui hou!


Furniture makeovers for Spring 2019 and the paint colors I used to refinish them

This first makeover is one of my personal favorites. I love the detail of this piece and I did my best to accentuate all the beautiful curves by layering two different shades of white then sealing with both Frenchic’s Gray Wax and White Wax.

Isn’t the detail pretty? I just love this table.

Next I have a Lane Cedar chest. I painted this in DIY’s Farm Fresh sealing it with DIY’s Clear wax. I used Dark wax to freshen up the top.

I love the charming mirror that goes with this classic vintage white dresser. I added several shades of white to APC’s Limoges to paint this beauty sealing it with APC’s Clear Wax

This solid mahogany dresser was a great find. Paint haters of America would have cringed at my painting such a nice piece but truth be told, this is a business and I wouldn’t be able to sell it unpainted. I painted it in DIY’s buttery Cake Batter and sealed it with DIY’s Clear Wax. I have to say, this is so much prettier in person. Sometimes the lighting in the store throws things off for my camera. It’s really pretty and solid as a rock.

This next piece is out of my norm but I fell in love with the beauty of this antique changing table. I painted this with DIY’s Old ’57 washing it with Mint Chip. I sealed the sides with Clear Wax and the top with Frenchic’s Finishing Coat.

I just got a pretty grain sack stencil and wanted to try it out. I love how it looks on this pair of bar stools. One is painted in DIY’s Apothecary, the other in Farm Fresh.

So there’s a little story behind this clock. I painted it DIY’s Apothecary for the store. Well my mom likes to check out my Facebook posts on my ShizzleLLC page and she spocked the clock.

Of course she wanted it in a different color, lol. I used my leftover bottle of random mixed whites for a vintage white color.

These antique sewing machine drawers aren’t furniture but they sure are cute. I scored a whole tote of these a couple monthss ago and I just love using them for storage around the house. I painted all four of these in DIY’s Farm Fresh. The top three were then sealed with DIY’s White Wax, the bottom drawer was sealed in Clear wax.

This large antique empire dresser has such cool lines. I simply applied our White Wax over the wood to get this washed lime affect.

White Wax

I used leftover bits of paint for this console table. The color turned out gorgeous. The white on the bottom was a rich bone china type of white and the top a subtle taupe gray but very light in value.

The person who purchased it asked me to paint it in Limoges by American Paint Company. I don’t do color changes. Ever. I must have had a soft heart that day because she talked me into it and I not only repainted this console table, I also painted two large nightstands she had at home.

I stopped doing custom orders five years ago. Every once in a while, somebody talks me into it again. I get asked several times a week so the demand definitely is out there; I just don’t like doing custom. Ninety percent of the time, it’s for something painted in white with no distressing. That doesn’t give me the opportunity to be creative and quite frankly, takes all the fun out of it.

I’m thankful that the demand is strong because if I ever need to go that route, there should be a lot of work out there.

Here’s the 2nd piece I painted for her in APC’s Limoges.

and here’s the third piece in Limoges. It really is a rich, creamy white.

I replaced the sofa table with another desk / console table immediately but then that one sold right away.

Fortunately, I had another one at home that I quickly painted up in, yes you guessed it, a custom mixed white. Why do I do that you ask? Because I think white whites are too white and creamy whites are too yellow so I mix them adding a touch of gray or taupe to the mix just to shake it up. It’s never exactly the same and I know that millions of others use the colors right out of the cans, I’m just weird like that. I sealed this sideboard with Frenchic’s Finishing Coat.

PINK – My friend always wants me to paint with pink. I’m not a pink person unless it’s bright and funky and whimsical but in reality, sometimes those funky, taste-specific pieces don’t sell right away at the store and I’m a single parent.

So I took Anastasia’s advise and painted this pretty dresser in DIY’s Petticoat Pink. It’s the perfect soft, pale, shabby chic pink. This picture does nothing for it. I’m not sure why but pastel pink is very hard to photograph. I sealed this piece with DIY’s Big Top. Imagine this solid maple dresser nestled in a nursery.

This is Skeleton Key. It’s a rich blue/green/smokey gray color that’s like no other. I love this color! It’s beautiful on it’s own but I love it with Black Wax which is how I sealed this table.

Isn’t Skeleton Key pretty?

This amazing kitchen island / family room table is still available. I think it’s the neatest piece. I’ve slashed the price in half which means my hours and hours of work on this are all for waste but I need to make room for the pieces I’m working on now. This piece was painted in APC’s Beach Glass and Frenchic’s Pea Soup. I know I used several other colors but I can’t remember which. I think the vise on it is pretty cool and hope it goes home with a fun family who’ll love it as much as I do. It was a labor of love. I started working on this piece right after my cancer diagnosis and I took a whole lot of frustration and anger out in sanding all the grime off this antique work table.

Isn’t it a cool piece? I just love it.

All of the furniture so far has been at or is currently for sale at Not So Shabby, 2975 West Shore Drive, Holland, MI 49424. As of the date I’m writing this post, most is still available.

Changing Thymes – Grandville, MI

The next group of furniture is at my Changing Thymes location at 2900 Wilson Avenue SW, Grandville, Michigan 49424. You can’t really see it with all the smalls. I’m headed there today with the pink dresser, the skeleton key table and I’m doing a major reset of items.

Here’s a couple of pieces buried underneath all the smalls. The retro table is painted in APC’s Beach Glass. The white twin headboard still has it’s original paint finish. Isn’t it a great headboard? I love the farmhouse style grooves in it.

My booth at Changing Thymes is small. I primarily have paint supplies at this location but I recently made room for a few small pieces of furniture. It should look a lot better this afternoon.

Here’s what’s cooking…

No I didn’t attach the same picture twice. These are two separate pieces that just happened to be painted in the same color. I painted both of these in DIY’s Bohemian Blue. The buffet above will get a decorative paint finish on it. The bottom dresser will remain Bohemian Blue.

This is a masterpiece in the making, lol. It’s a disaster right now. I painted this one cold afternoon and haven’t touched it since. It needs A LOT of TLC before it will make it’s debut.

Here’s another piece I started months ago. Still sitting in my living room in the exact same state as it was the day I started painting it. #squirrel!

There’s one other location you might not be aware of which is in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I don’t have furniture at that location right now but I do stock all my DIY paint supplies there. It’s at The Honeysuckle Co., 3900 Costa NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525 (off Plainfield just north of meijer).

The Honeysuckle Co. – Grand Rapids, MI

Want to replicate any of these looks on something you have? All the links to the products I used are listed below. Happy painting!

Debi’s DIY Paint: https://www.shizzle-design.com/shop/#!/Debis-DIY-Paint/c/27143516/offset=0&sort=nameAsc

American Paint Company’s Paint (APC): https://www.shizzle-design.com/shop/#!/American-Paint-Company-Chalk-&-Clay-Paints/c/12459911/offset=0&sort=nameAsc

Brushes: https://www.shizzle-design.com/shop/#!/BRUSHES-Paint-Brushes-Wax-Brushes-Foam-Applicators-Drill-Buffing-Brushes/c/3467485/offset=0&sort=nameAsc

Finishes: Clear Wax, Dark Wax, White Wax, DIY’s Big Top, Frenchic’s Finishing Coat…: https://www.shizzle-design.com/shop/#!/FINISHES-Wax-Clear-Coats-Sealers-Metallic-Mica-Powders-Grit-Glaze-Stain/c/5414146/offset=0&sort=nameAsc

a hui hou kau kou!


I snagged this beautiful Bearnhardt buffet in Chicago ~ Check out the chalk & clay paint makeover

People always ask me where I find my furniture pieces.  Truth is, I have very little time to hunt for furniture and nine times out of ten, I stumble upon it at the most random of times.  I scored this great piece while out of state for a hockey tournament.  The price was so good, I actually bought it then drove back two days later to load it up and take it back to Grand Rapids.

Click below to see the beautiful transformation.  The transformation turned out so pretty that it sold before I finished it.   Continue reading “I snagged this beautiful Bearnhardt buffet in Chicago ~ Check out the chalk & clay paint makeover”

Vintage dresser chalk painted Shizzle Style in DIY’s Bohemian Blue clay based paint

Yes, I paint mahogany.  I paint oak.  I paint all sorts of wood furniture so if you’re an avid lover of all wood furniture being stained to accentuate all the grain, this probably isn’t a read for you.

I am a furniture painter by trade and I personally prefer chalk painted furniture hands down over solid wood pieces unless it’s something really special like a piece made out of Koa.  If you do like chalk painted furniture and want to see the beautiful results on this buffet makeover, continue reading below.

Continue reading “Vintage dresser chalk painted Shizzle Style in DIY’s Bohemian Blue clay based paint”

Pretty in Pink Antique Dresser Makeover

I have a crush on antique highboys.  Seriously, I’m drawn to them; they like suck me in and say “buy me, buyyyyyy me”..  So when I stumbled upon this one recently at Changing Thymes, it wanted to go home with me.  It’s not that I wanted it, I needed it.

Changing Thymes on Wilson is one of the locations where I sell my paint and when I go in to stock my inventory, I usually go out the door with something else from another vendor.


Continue reading “Pretty in Pink Antique Dresser Makeover”

Use Textured Wallpaper to Camouflage Missing Veneer on Vintage Furniture

I found this antique bow front dresser two years ago during a trip to one of my favorite places ~ Traverse City, Michigan.

I usually  bi-pass pieces that need a lot of work and this one was definitely in need of some TLC, but I knew there was a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

I hauled it home then stashed it in our workshop for years.  Each time I thought about working on it, I dreaded removing the damaged veneer so I’d push it aside and move on to another piece.  I had it so long that I actually tried listing it for $45.  Apparently nobody else wanted to make the repairs either so I decided to dig in and salvage it.  I had just returned to work after my surgery to remove Chondrosarcoma and I was on a mission for new beginnings!

Don’t fight the Character, Embrace it!


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Painted Furniture, Home Decor, Vintage Treasures at Shizzle Design of West Michigan

Take advantage of a rare 20% off storewide sale on furniture, home decor and vintage treasures ans stock up on DIY and APC paints and paint supplies which are all 10% off Saturday, 2/15/2020 at Not So Shabby, 2975 West Shore Drive, Holland. MI 49424

February Paint Classes at Shizzle!

Ready to take your painting to the next level? Sign up for one or both paint classes I’m teaching February 22nd at Not So Shabby. The morning class is about Blended Paint Colors and the afternoon class is about Layering Dimension with our extensive line of Finishes. Space is LIMITED; save your spot HERE!

See you all soon!

A hui hou kau kou!!