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The past four months has been a whirlwind of activity – all because of an idea, one simple thought brought to reality.  As I stood out in the blustering snow sanding down my first dresser, I just knew this was what I was called to do.  During those four months, I became overwhelmed with so many different facets of starting up a business so… I recruited my sister for help:)   Together we rolled up our sleeves and dug in.

Never did we imagine a few months ago, how quickly our business would grow.  We were basically taking one step at a time then looking on to the next goal when we completed the prior.  Last week was Art in the Park, this week was decide on a local store to feature our furniture or list online.

I’ve prayed and prayed for discernment and clear direction with whether we should put our furniture in a local store or if I should list pieces on Etsy.  We checked out several locations around town this week but nothing felt like the right match.  Something kept directing my thoughts to one particular store towards the lake shore.

I had stopped by Not So Shabby a couple months prior and picked up an application to rent some space.  I was told at the time that there was a wait list and I was so focused on creating enough inventory for Art in the Park, that I didn’t look beyond that point.  I took the application and sat it on the end of our counter.

Earlier this week, I looked into Greyhound’s shipping service but didn’t feel very comfortable about how well my pieces would be handled with their service.  I would have to drive downtown and somehow offload a piece of furniture and lug it in to the same ticket counter that everyone purchasing bus tickets lines up at.  Then I was told furniture goes ONLY IF there’s available space left AFTER everyone traveling has their belongings packed.  He said depending on how busy they are, large pieces might sit there a while before they make it on a bus.  I didn’t like the sounds of that!

Then I learned of a company who exclusively specializes in moving furniture.  They recently included Grand Rapids in their service area – but it’s not necessarily a daily thing.  I don’t know if they have regular routes or what, but their service could take 2-3 weeks depending on where it’s going.  So, between the shipping uncertainty and loading and off loading trucks, trailers & vans two weekends in a row, God made it clear to me that a local store was the best choice me.

So, following that lead, I started digging around for that paperwork.  It had sat there on our counter the past two months!  I saw it last week just before the show, but…do you think I could find it?  no.  Tore the house apart all day and nothing.  I called the store that night to see if I could pull the app. online but the gal said I would have to come in and grab another copy.  She recommended I come in on Wednesday because that’s the day the owner is there.

I didn’t want to wait till Wednesday.  Something was really driving me to get in and get my name on the wait list for space to open up.  God was also watching over Kam yesterday morning.  She called and was having a bad day so I invited her to come with me. 

When I asked the cashier for an application, I asked if one of the artists was in.  She went back to check and came back with the owner!  She just happened to be there working in the back.  I just loved her immediately; she’s so cool!  We must have talked over an hour!  She recently added more space and ONE space was opening up, in the exact size I wanted, in the precise store I kept feeling led to.

AND I don’t have to wait 6 or 9 or 12 months, we move in NEXT WEEK!  Yikes!  So much to do!  I need things to stage my booth and divide the adjacent spaces… ahhhhh!  🙂

I’m so nervous and excited!  I’m on such a high right now, I can’t even believe it!  The contract is signed and we’re breaking ground!  Not So Shabby is SO cool, just the interior alone is awesome.  The original exposed brick walls, hardwood floors and tin ceilings – really a neat place.  I feel SO honored and SO blessed to be part of it!

Stay tuned…

Don’t miss any of our hand painted furniture makeovers…

a hui hou! “until we meet again!”

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