In the Beginning…

Our furniture is now showcased at Not So Shabby Antiques & Fine Furniture in downtown Zeeland.  It’ll take a while before our space is nicely staged with all the “fluff” but we’re getting there.

Our blue mahogany dresser sold immediatelyWe moved a couple pieces of furniture in the store that first day.  Cathy and I were literally crawling around on our hands and knees building a wall of doors for a backdrop.  I had a drill in one hand and a screw between my teeth when I noticed a nice young gal and her mom peeking over me.  She said, “I think this dresser will match my comforter”, and sure enough… it did.  When we brought our next load in the following day, it was wearing a big ole’ sold tag – yeah! 

The black Empire chest of drawers click here for details was the next piece to go.

New Ones Take Their Place!  

We brought several more pieces in to replace the ones that sold.  The owner is great about letting us know when large pieces sell so we can keep our space looking top notch.

I’m really excited how this Antique Chest of Drawers turned out; so much personality!  Just check out the details; I really enjoyed doing this transformation.  I have this thing about finishing some parts of a piece with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint then contrasting other parts with stain & glaze.  

We have a smaller three drawer chest that’s just about ready and coordinates nicely with this one.  We should have that one in the store Thursday afternoon.
Cathy finished this gorgeous accent chair.  Don’t you just love the fabric?  I tried to sneak it next to my fireplace but she didn’t let me get away with it – sisters! 

I think the patina on this chair is amazing!  Good job Cath!

We have a neat rustic chest with that farmhouse chic look that would make a fabulous buffet in someone’s dining room.   It offers a ton of storage.

Diana shot this AWESOME picture for me.  Of course we had to lug it into the backyard to get the right backdrop – lol.  Thanx Diana – you rock!

Oh dear, this pictures reminds me how much I’ve neglected our yard this summer.
I love the eclectic mix of hardware on this piece!  Did I mention I like to paint?

We have lots of other pieces to show you!  Some are in the works, some are ready but I don’t have pictures yet, and some are humbly waiting to be transformed out of their “before-ness” into their “after-ness”.

Since this post, I’ve learned so much.  I worked countless hours almost a year using these products but continued to have difficulties achieving a quality finish with their wax.  I tried other several other waxes by different companies, some were hard, other’s were a little easier to blend in and work with but also had those terrible fumes.  

I experienced months of reoccurring respiratory problems starting as soon as the weather got cold here and I had to start working within my workshop.  Even with my exhaust system, I was advised to remove all the chemical hazards from my environment and find another line of work or find green products to work with in an effort to get well.  

I replaced toxic, hand burning, chemical strippers with citrus based strippers (which work better anyway), pulled chemical laden paints, waxes, glues… and started searching for better products.

It was during that search that I discovered CeCe Caldwell’s all natural, eco-friendly chalk and clay based mineral paints.  It’s 100% Naturally Green ~ wahoo!! and I was geeked to find out that it’s owned and operated right here in the USA.  

From the first time I tried CeCe Caldwell’s paint and wax, I fell in love.   I know that sounds so dramatic, but after everything I went through, It was a God send.  This line is so much easier for me to work with; it’s so 
different than any other paint I’ve ever used.

For my style of painting, I can achieve a much more superior finish and can create it much faster eliminating the stress of working so hard to achieve something that’s easy with a chalk and clay mixture.  

I have so much faith in CeCe Caldwell’s line that I became an Authorized Retailer for them.  I carry a complete line of CeCe Caldwell’s Paints, Clear Wax, Aging Cream, Satin finish, brushes, color charts… locally at our Shizzle Design space within Not So Shabby Antiques and Fine Furniture in Holland, Michigan here as well as online on our Online Shizzle Shop here.  Shizzle Design offers all 36 colors in quarts as well as sample size pots.  You can learn much more about CeCe Caldwell’s amazing products by reading through my blog archives in the sidebar.   

If you live in West Michigan, CeCe Caldwell’s Paints can be found at the Shizzle Design booth in 

2975 West Shore Drive, Holland, Michigan here.  
You’ll find our display along side all our hand painted furniture and home decor.

Click here to see some of the furniture currently for sale. It is constantly evolving as it sells quickly.

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