Sneak Peek of Three New Pieces & More Features!

Several months ago, I came up with the crazy idea to start my own furniture refurbishing business.  I started asking around on how to build a website when a friend of mine suggested I try a blog instead.  BLOG?  I didn’t even know WHAT a blog was, let alone how to DO one.

I did what I always do when I need information – I Googled it.  I stumbled upon Blogger and immediately started designing my own layout.  I’m still working on it every day and there’s a million things I’d improve upon if I had more time or money but at for least now, I get it.  I’m officially – a blogger!

Never would I have imagined that my furniture designs would be showcased across the globe and in such a short period of time.  In the past THREE weeks alone, our furniture has been featured THIRTEEN times by other designers and we’ve had more than 13 THOUSAND people view our posts.  Wow!  We are SO humbled.  That being said, I have three more features to add to the list. 

Angie at Knick of Time featured the purple ladder chair planter I made in lieu of a flower arrangement when Sydney passed away.

Read my post of this beautiful little girl here.

I wrote the story about it last Tuesday when we all dressed up in purple and celebrated what would have been Syd’s 7th birthday.  I’ll never erase the image of Kami wearing Syd’s HUMUNGOUS purple dress up hat as I walked into Olive Garden for lunch that day.  How she ever made it through those doors is beyond me!  It was a very touching moment as we all felt the entire spectrum of emotions simultaneously.  Stop by and read Angie’s feature of Syd’s chair here

Angie also recently featured our tall white highboy.

Read my post on the transformation of this piece here.

I like Angie, not because she’s featured our furniture, but because she just seems so cool, so real.  She designs some really neat furniture and has a neat shop on Etsy where she also sells all sorts of unusual vintage finds that time has left it’s mark on.  Check out her shop here.

Sarah from Three Boys has been a DIY’er since she was a little girl.  She has a great blog covering many different facets and like me, as a little girl, is the queen of organizing.  I however have lost that gift over the years.  Hmm! 

I’d love to have Sarah move in for a week and shape me up again!  I just realized she’s right here in Michigan – wahoo!  Anyway… Sarah just featured our Red Buffet post (if you haven’t seen the amazing transformation on this piece, you’ll want to check it out here).

And last, but in no way shape or form least is Amy and Emily of Sisters of the Wild West.  

Sisters of the Wild West surprised me Sunday morning as I fired up the computer.  They are currently featuring the lady’s vanity I just finished; read the entire post on this beautiful vanity here.

Amy and Emily are a sister duo who are multi-talented.  These gals can do ANYTHING!  Check out their site and read their feature on my vanity here.

Again, many, many mahalos to each and every one of the amazing designers who have featured our furniture!

West Furniture Revival:   featured our Tall White Highboy & Lane Cedar Chest HERE.
Knick of Time:   featured Sydney’s chair (see above) AND our tall white highboy HERE
4 the love of WOOD:  featured our Provence Blue chest of drawers HERE.
Shades of Amber:  featured our Tall White Highboy HERE
Savvy Southern Style:  featured our Red Buffet HERE.
Coastal Charm: featured our Red Buffet HERE.

551 East Furniture Design: featured our Red Buffet HERE
A Potpourri of Life at 2805: featured our Red Buffet HERE

Beyond the Picket Fence: featured our Red Buffet HERE
Three Boys:  featured our Red Buffet HERE.
Sisters of the Wild West:  Featured our Lady’s Vanity HERE
Too Much Time on My Hands:  featured our lady’s vanity HERE

All I can say is WOW!  What an amazing few weeks!  Thank you, everyone!  Now I have to get the word out in West Michigan:)

Here’s a few sneak peaks of what I’ve been working on.  Two of these are headed to the store tomorrow and one of them, as Angie would say, I’m writing MY name on.  Can you guess which one?

Stay tuned for more furniture transformations!  If you don’t want to miss anything, subscribe, follow, ‘like”… Shizzle Design with whatever suits your fancy!

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Thanx for stopping by!  A hui hou!

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