French Dining Room Table and Chair Set

Hot off the press, or should I say “fresh out of the workshop” is this beautiful French dining room table and chair set!  Our redesign gives it a cool eclectic style all of it’s own.  I like that!  (The seats weren’t attached yet in this picture, but I took it anyway ’cause I was running out of good light.)
Dining Room table and chair set, chairs only 1rc
This set was restored using a lot of old fashioned elbow grease, restoration skills and patience.  This is what we started out with.

One of the chairs was beyond repair, so we kicked around ideas until we came up with a way to seat six people with five chairs.  Our solution was to build a bench using the fifth chair.  That gives us seating for six and the bench has the same legs as the chairs so everybody’s happy.

In my mind, all we had to do was chop off the top, cut a new seat, take out the cross bars and replace them with wider ones.  What’s so hard about that?  Right?  Well, we all know it’s always harder than we think.

That’s where big sister’s come in handy.  I grabbed a tutorial on how to build a bench, handed it to Cathy and wished her luck as I went up to take a nap.  I’m not kidding!   Cath packed up what she needed and went home to do her magic.  Actually I think Carter or Ty stopped by, ‘cause that carpentry work is a little too impressive for an amateur.  Who was it Cath?  Huh?  Huh?  Who ya hiding over there?

dining room table and chair set chair front side angle 1rc

I painted the chairs and bench in Annie Sloan’s Old White, accented in French Linen.  Cath, reupholstered the seats in some of dad’s leftover fabric from his upholstery workshop  – thanx dad!

The top of the table has a beautiful wood inlay veneer, but the top coat was scratched up quite a bit.  I planned to refinish it, but couldn’t cut through that diamond coat.  That’s what I’m calling it, after two strippers and sanded like a mad woman couldn’t cut through it.   

I ended up painting the top with Annie Sloan’s French Linen.  I layered the base and legs in several other colors to really play up that French look.  In this picture, the legs haven’t been waxed yet, the top has.  You can see how rich the paint becomes once waxed.

Sadly, this is the only picture I have of it all together.  It was so cold the day we took it to the bank, I forgot to shoot a picture of the table – ugh!  This picture is taken in the lobby of Macatawa Bank in Byron Center.  They’re featuring our furniture the month of December, and since this set would take up a lot of floor space at the store, we decided to display it in our hometown instead. 

I priced this set insanely low for a couple of reasons a). I don’t want to store it and b). we really need the money right now with all the failure we’ve endured with our vehicles, appliances and electronics the past couple months.

The Table, four chairs and the bench only $550!  I know, I’m crazy.  It’s such a cool set; just check out those legs!!  Hopefully people coming into the bank will not only notice the dining set, but will also realize what a steal it is.

We are also offering to sell the table separate from the chairs.  If you’re interested in doing that, we’re offering the table only for $300 and the four chairs & bench for $300, so you get a little break if you buy it all together.

Well… You likey?  Please leave a comment or like my Facebook page to let me know what’cha think:)

Since this post, I’ve learned so much.  I worked countless hours almost a year using Annie Sloan products but continued to have difficulties achieving a quality finish with their wax.  I tried other waxes, some were very hard, other’s were a little easier to blend in and work with but still had bad fumes.  

I experienced months of reoccurring respiratory problems starting as soon as the weather got cold here and I had to start working withing my workshop.  Even with my exhaust system, I was advised to remove all the chemical hazards from my environment and find another line of work or find green products to work with in an effort to get well.  

That hurdle led me on a search and God must have been watching out for me because that’s when I discovered CeCe Caldwell’s all natural, eco-friendly chalk and clay based mineral paints.  It’s 100% Naturally Green ~ wahoo!! and I was geeked to find out that it’s owned and operated right here in the USA.  

From the first time I tried their paint and wax, I fell in love.  I know that sounds so dramatic, but after everything I went through, It was a God send.  This line is so much easier for me to work with.  

For my style of painting, I can achieve a much more superior finish and can create it much faster eliminating the stress, toxins and months of breathing problems I experienced while using the chemically laden products.  

I have so much faith in CeCe Caldwell’s line that I became an Authorized Retailer for them.  I carry a complete line of CeCe Caldwell’s Paints, Clear Wax, Aging Cream, Satin finish, brushes, color charts… locally at our Shizzle Design space within Not So Shabby Antiques and Fine Furniture in Holland, Michigan here as well as online on our Online Shizzle Shop here.  Shizzle Design offers all 36 colors in quarts as well as sample size pots.  You can learn much more about CeCe Caldwell’s amazing products by reading through my blog archives in the sidebar.   

If you live in West Michigan, CeCe Caldwell’s Paints can be found at the Shizzle Design booth in 

2975 West Shore Drive, Holland, Michigan here.  
You’ll find our display along side all our hand painted furniture and home decor. 

Click here to see some of the furniture currently for sale. It is constantly evolving as it sells quickly.

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  1. It is so gorgeous!!! If I were there I would be telling everyone to rush in there and buy that steal of a deal! So sorry about all the lovely things breaking down, you have got to break up that meeting of the appliances at your home, because now they are talking to the cars!

    Love what you said about how it “isn’t always as easy as we think”. That happens to me EVERY time I think something will only take an hour or so…..

    btw, Featuring this tomorrow, its fab!

  2. saw it on MMS Shelly…:) I think we are both being featured together on REDOUX today too…How funny is that!! Just meet and now featured together..I think anyhow..its still early and I could have been dreaming…:)
    Talk to you later Cookie Monster..:)

  3. Way to go, Shelly!!! It is beautiful and I love how creative you girls were to come up with the bench solution! I think I like that better than having another chair!


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