Our First Christmas without Sydney

I’m posting tonight not to talk about painting or furniture, features or new pieces, but to ask for prayer.  Prayer for two of my closest, most dear friends who lost their 6-1/2 year old daughter this year on Mother’s Day.

syd - w tim and kam

These are my friend Kami’s heart wrenching words for today’s update on Syd’s Caring Bridge page.   “I wish I had a profound message to write, some lesson from Sydney, something life-changing or funny, but I have nothing to give.  Instead I am writing honestly and humbly to ask you to pray for our family this Christmas.  Our first Christmas without Sydney is already so painful that I wish I could wake up the day after and have it all behind us. 

I cry not only for our family but for Jacob’s family, who just met the year mile-marker of his death yesterday, and Aiden’s family who will have their first Christmas without him, and Chloe’s family – who passed away yesterday – and the many others that I only know by name.

As I look back at our last Christmas with Sydney, I remember through tears her excitement as  she put  milk and cookies out for Santa, and how pretty she looked in her Christmas dress she picked out at Kohls, and how thrilled she was to get a special gift just from daddy, a blue angels model that they would assemble together. 

But these would all just be memories if it were not for the true reason we celebrate – God sending his son to earth to save us, so Sydney, and all of us that choose to, can spend eternity with Him.  And we know too, that we WILL see Sydney again.  Thank you Jesus.   Merry Christmas.”

I know the holidays are supposed to be joyous, but for many it is a time of great sadness.  Please join me in lifting up this family in prayer, along with all others whose hearts are aching, or are grieving the loss of a loved one, or dealing with any other unbearable sadness this Christmas.  

You can read more about this amazing little girl and hear about the amazing lessons she taught by checking out her website http://www.our-sma-angels.com/sydney/

Hey, Syd.  Thanx for inviting me to spend the night and swim with you in Holland.  We had SO much fun and I’ll treasure those memories forever.  I miss playing with you my sweet little friend.  Say “hi” to Jesus for me,  love Kekai.
Syd - pool w kekai rc

Hi Sydney, I miss you so much.  I try to pretend things are still the same, but they’re not.  This world changed forever the day you left it.  It makes me sad that I can’t read to you or comb your silky hair, but I know you’re in Heaven now so you’re probably up there feeling sorry for us.  Thank you for teaching us all so much.  I love you, Ka’iulani
syd w kaiulani coming hair macatawa
May you all be blessed this Christmas, Shelly

I know how much you miss me, I see the pain inside your heart for I am spending CHRISTMAS WITH JESUS CHRIST this year.

syd - in power chair

Learn more about this amazing little girl by clicking on these two stories:)

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  1. We are praying! Faith will get us through …. knowing Sydney and all of our departed are where we all hope to be some day! Sydney would want everybody to be Happy, she always did! God’s Blessings to all!

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