CeCe Caldwell… Welcome to West Michigan!

As soon as I heard about CeCe Caldwell’s Eco-Friendly, Natural Clay Paints, I was intrigued.  The fact that their products are green is huge for me personally as I’ve been battling health issues for months.  When I looked into it further and was given the opportunity to work with their products, I was sold. 

I feel so passionate about this company and their products that I became CeCe Caldwell’s Retailer for West Michigan.  Before I could blink an eye, the first shipment of paint was delivered.

I quickly painted a display and tonight, with the help of my husband and a sweet civilian on the street, we off loaded the monster hutch and stocked the shelves.  More paint is on the way, but I had to take advantage of Mr. muscle while I had the chance:)

Not familiar with CeCe Caldwell’s Paint?  Here’s the scoop from their website.

CeCe Caldwell’s Paints began with the dream to find an earth and people friendly paint for furniture and home décor. The dream to have products that could safely be used by anyone: professional artisans, DIYers, healthy individuals, parents, people with respiratory or other illnesses and those concerned about leaving the world a better place.

We offer you products that are safer and better for the environment. Our mineral paints have no Volatile Organic Compounds, are non-toxic and are low odor. The paint contains NO acrylic co-polymers, solvents, formaldehyde, ammonia, ethylene glycol or toxic heavy metals. The minerals are clay, porcelain clay and chalk blended into a water based solution. The paint is packaged in recycled plastic containers. Our wax is made from insect and plant sources. It also has a very low odor and is packaged in recycled plastic containers.

Our products are easy enough for a first time DIYer and perform well enough for use by professional painters and furniture finishers. The paint is self-priming. Start with a clean surface; one to two coats generally give complete coverage. Superior adhesion means most surfaces do not require a prep coat of primer prior to painting. The sealing wax glides on evenly and easily for speedy application. Clean up is fast; use warm soapy water to clean all tools and applications.

Our color palette is based on the trends and traditions found in America. Inspiration comes from both coastal regions, the soaring mountain areas, the great grain fields, the spectacular deserts, the big cities and the rural towns. It is diverse, it is bold, it is subtle and it is charming. It is naturally green, in the color of your choice.

If you’d like to do something like this, order CeCe Caldwell’s Paints online through my online shop or pick it up in West Michigan at our Shizzle Design booth at Not So Shabby in downtown Zeeland here.  You’ll find our display along side our painted furniture and re-purposed vintage treasures.  

I spend a large chunk of time painting custom pieces for clients.  If you have a piece of furniture you would like painted, let me know.  Our current pieces for sale can be seen here.  It changes frequently but I do my best to mark things as sold once they’re gone.

A hui hou! ~ Shelly

5 Replies to “CeCe Caldwell… Welcome to West Michigan!”

  1. WOOOHOOOOO!!!!!! Can you hear me cheering here in CA? That looks gorgeous! Is that Santa Fe Turquoise you painted the cabinet in? It looks gorgeous. I just taught my first class today and everyone fell in love with the paint. Go link this up at the CeCe Caldwell FB page!

    1. Good idea, just did it! Now I’m heading back to bed for a while as the stomach flu has put a twist on my plans for today – ugh! Seriously? And it’s perfect paint weather today. Hopefully it will run it’s course quickly. I’ll haul a bucket out there with me if I have to!

  2. Shelly:
    Love your work!!
    I live in southwest mi,and looking to buy some paint. Zeeland is a 3 hour drive–so can I buy some paint and wax over the phone??
    Are you teaching classes? I would surely drive
    to see a demonstration and buy paint.
    Thanks Mary S.
    Contact me @ Meemaw2000@aol.com

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