Shizzle Design | Why I love CeCe Caldwell’s Natural Clay and Chalk Paint
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Why I love CeCe Caldwell’s Natural Clay and Chalk Paint

Why I love CeCe Caldwell’s Natural Clay and Chalk Paint

It seems like only yesterday when I had the pleasure of meeting the Mountain/Midwest Distributors for CeCe Caldwell.  I was able to learn about this amazing company and explore beautiful furniture transformations designed using CeCe Caldwell’s all natural paint and wax.  I was was given hands on experience using the paint and wax & just like that… I fell in love! 

Destin Gulf & Spring Hill Green

Here’s some of the reasons I love CeCe Caldwell products

I LOVE the beautiful colors and how easy they are to blend

    I love not having to strip furniture before I can paint it
    Just give whatever you’re going to paint a good cleaning and you’re good to go!  It adheres better than any paint I’ve ever used.

    I LOVE that you can tint the wax by mixing it with a little paint.  You can create all sorts of different looks doing this.

      Georgia Clay with Dark Aging Wax

      I LOVE how easy it is to distress the details and edges of a piece of furniture using a damp cloth before you wax it. 
      Spring Hill Green with Clear Wax

      I LOVE that the wax is all natural and free of toxins.  No foul smell, no harmful, hazardous products in this wax.  I no longer need to use gloves or respirators while I’m waxing and risk more damage to my lungs.

      Maine Harbor Blue blended with Alaskan Tundra Green

      • I LOVE how easy the wax is to work with.  The wax has the creamy consistency of butter at room temperature.  You can apply is using a lint free rag or brush.  I personally prefer to wax my pieces using a short bristled natural brush, and I’m telling you I practically start dancing every time because it goes on so easily!  This one product alone is saving me hours and hours of time and frustration every week.

      I LOVE that I don’t have to battle with the wax when I apply it.  It brushes on so easily and I end up with a more superior finish on every piece.

        I LOVE watching the color of the paint deepens as it soaks in the wax.  It’s hard to see on the whites, but it’s really noticeable on any other color and it’s just cool to watch.  It’s nice to see if you’ve missed a spot, and can be especially helpful for someone who’s never worked with wax before.

          Maine Harbor Blue while applying Clear Wax

          I lOVE how simple the wax is to buff too.  I no longer need to spend hours and hours sweating bullets to get a great finish.  I just take a lint free rag and gently buff it out by hand. 

          Dry-Brushing & Layering Technique

          Alaskan Tundra with Light and Dark Aging Waxes

          I LOVE the depth of color and variation of it once the wax is buffed.  Everyone keeps thinking I’m dry brushing another shade of a similar color over the first to get that look.  

          Though I’d like to take the credit for this cool effect, it’s not me ~ it’s CeCe’s products just doing their thing. 

          Vintage White and Pittsburgh Gray

          Mississippi Mud layered over Hershey Brown

          Pickerington Violet over Hershey Brown & Extg White

          Cinco Bayou Moss with Clear and Dark Wax

          Texas Prairie with Light Aging Wax

          We also have a nice supply of our fabulous and ever popular Clear wax
           read all about this here

          Dark Aging Wax / Cream

          Satin Finish
          durable brush on topcoat for things such as table tops and kitchen cabinets

          So what’cha waiting for?  Try it – You’ll LOVE it!

          You can order CeCe Caldwell’s Paints through my Online Shizzle Shop here or if you’re in the Grand Rapid’s area, you’ll find it in my booth at Not So Shabby Antiques & Fine Furniture, 2975 West Shore Drive, Holland, Michigan 49424.  

          Vintage Inspiration Friday – Common Ground

          Thanx for stopping by ~ a hui hou!

          • Twice Nice
            Posted at 23:37h, 05 April Reply

            I have a question about the wax. Is it a long cure time with that tacky feeling or does it seem to set up pretty quickly?The paint color options are really lovely.

            • shellyandrade
              Posted at 12:34h, 06 April Reply

              CeCe Caldwell wax doesn’t have that tacky feeling that you get with other waxes and it does set up quickly. I have a tendency to want to buff it right away, but I try to be patient and wait at a few hours. It’s a really, really nice wax to work with. I cut the ends off a cheap chipper brush so they’re about half as long then apply the wax with it like I mentioned in my post. I do always come back and wipe off any excess and have never had any type of tackiness with it.

          • Disco Jess
            Posted at 04:36h, 06 April Reply

            General question – so, with this chalk paint, you can take a wet rag and distress the edges right? So…… is it 100% necessary to finish the chalk paint job with a wax to protect it? Or can you leave it JUST the layer of paint? Just curious, really interested in trying this stuff out!

            • shellyandrade
              Posted at 12:25h, 06 April Reply

              What are you wanting to try it on? I would definitely put a finish on any type of furniture or something that’s handled regularly because oils from your hands… can be absorbed into the paint if you choose not to finish it with something. If you have something like a mirror or picture frame… you could leave it unwaxed. The wax is really cool though. So easy to work with and it adds so much dimension; you’re gonna love it!

          • Tina@WhatWeKeep
            Posted at 03:54h, 07 April Reply

            Hey Shelly,
            I haven’t used CeCe’s paint, but I have used AS a lot. Is there a big difference in the wax? I have issues with chemical sensitivity and the AS wax gets to me.
            Love your green color! I have an eye popping green piece myself. 🙂
            Thanks! Happy Easter!

          • Shari @
            Posted at 00:43h, 10 April Reply

            I will have to try it. I’m always looking for something new to work with. Keeps things interesting! Thanks!

            Love the colors by the way…especially the West Maui. It is beautiful.

          • Muddaritaville
            Posted at 16:07h, 10 April Reply

            Hi Shelly, could you post a picture of your chip brush so we can see the length you trim it to?



          • Muddaritaville
            Posted at 09:28h, 12 April Reply

            Thanks for the Brush pic Shelly, what a great idea!


          • art is beauty
            Posted at 02:43h, 30 April Reply

            Shel, I love the paint so far..I am even thinking of painting my kitchen cupboards with it. I want to maybe use the smokey mountain. Would you say its a blue gray or more of a gray..

          • Sherry at The Rusty Pearl
            Posted at 21:04h, 04 February Reply

            I love your blog. SO much I called my mom to check it out too.. LOVE It .. Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl ………..

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