They Soften Life with Sweetness & Love

This post has nothing to do with furniture or paint.  It has everything to do with the hurt and emptiness our family has experience the past two weeks.  This post is about Anna, the best cat a family could ever ask for.
We buried Anna Sunday morning after church two weeks ago.  I haven’t been able to hold the tears back since.  It’s amazing how much you hurt when you lose a pet.  My husband thought I was having a heart attack Sunday morning when I went up to tell him the news.  It was even worse sharing the news with the kids.
For the past seven years, she’s the first thing we run to when we come home – EVERY time we come home.  We literally plow up the steps, practically tackling each other in an attempt to get to her first.
There’s no rush to get in the house anymore.  Our eye’s automatically go to the corner of the living room to look for her but all we see is an empty bed and each time we look, our hearts hurt even worse.  We’ve temporarily filled that empty space with a large stuffed horse; it somehow softens the blow to see that silly horse up there.
Anna wasn’t just any ole’ cat.  She was the most affectionate, playful, spirited cat there ever was and she loved everyone who came into our home.  She didn’t run off and hide; she loved people.
We carried her around her like an old rag doll.  She really did love us as much as we loved her. We knew that because she was always rubbing her head against our cheeks, and purring like crazy and she’s roll over like a puppy and fall asleep with her tummy exposed and her paws flopped out to the sides.
She was so cool!  She would jump from our deck to the tree to the roof of our house hunting for birds.
We’d crack up when she was pouncing through the fields chasing mice.  I wish I had pictures of her pouncing around like Tigger.   My neighbor even saw her challenge a large woodchuck; anything to claim her territory.   But as avid of a hunter as she was, she would come to the door and prance in like a princess show kitty as she trotted through the house.
She’d jump up on the windowsill to watch the girls get on the bus, then turn back and give her Hollywood glamour pose.
We helped us feel better when we were sick.
It breaks my heart to hear the girls cry themselves to sleep at night.  Anna cuddled with them every night.  We miss her.
 We feel very blessed that she filled our hearts with joy for the seven years she did and will carry her in our hearts forever.

update… A friend of ours breeds Birmans.  She found out about our loss and offered us one of her kitties.  We now have a new addition to our family; meet Isis.

We’re just getting to know her, but she already seems quite comfortable here:)

Thanx for stopping by ~ Shelly

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  1. I’m so sorry for your loss of Anna. Losing a pet is heartbreaking. I’m so glad you found a new pet to love. Each pet is so unique, and though you’ll never love another pet like Anna, you’ll find you’ll love never another pet like Isis. Blessings.

  2. I read your blog first thing every morning when I get to work to see what wonderful furniture you’ve just completed so imagine my surprise when I opened up your blog and found Anna’s face! Now I’m in tears and my heart breaks for you and yours. I hope that Isis can bring you some comfort and you can enjoy many fun-filled years with her. She is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. (sniff sniff)

  3. I’m so sorry for your loss of Anna! It is devestating to lose a beloved member of your family like that. Isis is beautiful! May she bring many, many more joyful memories to your home in the years to come.

  4. I have just recently found your blog.

    I am soooooo sorry to hear of your loss. Kitties do have a way of crawling right into our hearts. I am so happy you have found a new fur baby to love again. She is beautiful as was Anna. I am hoping sweet little Isis brings you as much joy as your sweet Anna did.


  5. been there it gets easier but your always miss Anna………glad you got a new pet will help eaze the pain of the loss and boy is she a cutie!! take it a day at a time you and the family will heal.

  6. I am sorry to hear about your losing your beloved Anna. although Isis will never replace her, because each animal is unique just like each person, I hope she will bring some of the joy back into your lives. I am sure that Anna would want that for you and the girls because she obviously had a wonderful life with your family and got lots of love. I wish you healing over time and peace.



  8. Your Anna looks just like our Princess. Looks to be a Maine Coon Cat and they are truly the best! Isis looks like a sweetie and hopefully she will fill your house with joy just like Anna did.

  9. OH Shelly!!! I am tearing up for you and your family. There must be such a big hole in your heart right now. Your cat was so blessed to have a family that loved it so much for all those years. Lots of love to you from California!

  10. Oh how sorry I am for your loss. The pain of losing part of the family is so devastating. Our beloved Bo is sick once again, and we know the end is near. Never really quite prepared for it. I hope you new little one fills your lives with more joy.

  11. Gasp… you are so right! She’s a dead ringer for our own girl Teddy! Unbelievable!

    I’m so very sorry for your loss… I know that feeling so well.

    Your new girl is so stinkin’ sweet! I often wonder if I should get another before our own Teddy is ready to go… she’s got under a year to live. Sigh… I can’t imagine my life without a cat. i just can’t.


  12. Your Isis looks just like my Kitty who I had for an amazing 19 years! Time will heal, as will your new addition. 🙂

    1. HI Donna, Sorry it took me so long to see your comment. I’m SO lost with WordPress, still trying to figure everything out. I have a million questions like why don’t people’s pictures show up instead of the little boxes next to their comments? I don’t know the difference from a category to a tag, and have had so much spam. I’ve never had spam with Blogger – urg… Anyway… I Isis is ok, but from my experience with Birmans, they’re all a bit odd. Their personalities are so different from the non-bred “free” kittens” we’ve raised before. My mom and sister both have Birmans too (connection from a friend’s sister) and for some goofy reason, they don’t like to be held. Izzy will jump up and sit by us, if SHE wants to, but if we pick her up and sit down with her, she’ll weasel away every time. It’s like, duh ~ don’t cha know we like to cuddle with our kittys? We still miss Anna ~ she was something else.

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