Save Money ~ Update outdated furniture hardware with paint!

Have you ever had a piece of furniture that you loved except for the hardware?  Don’t throw it out, in just a few minutes, you can give it new life with paint!

This French Provincial lingerie chest was in excellent condition when I found it but it had that funky speckled ivory colored faux finish on it.  You know the one I’m talking about, the type trimmed in gold?  Yep, that’s the one!  I love the style but the white drawer pulls were not cutting it.  at all.

I painted the piece then used 0000 steel wool to burnish the finish then got started on the hardware.

I love how the steel wool changes the look and feel of the raw paint.  The paint seems to take on an entirely different dimension and has so much more character than just a solid color.

I was in love with everything except the glossy white hardware.  What were they thinking?  It didn’t even look good on the original.  I love the style but the white had to go.  It was way too much “in my face”.

I had to decide on a color to paint them so I pulled out a box of vintage hardware and found a piece for inspiration.  I looked closely to see the different color variations then grabbed similar colors from our stash of chalk & clay paints and went to town.

Because these were a super glossy white lacquer, I gave them a VERY quick spritz of metallic spray paint.  Typically this step will be eliminated because hardware is usually brass or some other type of metal.

The next step is a VERY quick and sloppy coat of green, teal, blue…
The next layer is always a deep, dark color such.  Two of my favorites are Frenchic’s Panther and APC’s Gun Powder.  Simply brush over the high points and voila!  You’ll start to see your piece take shape.
I like to protect my beautifully updated drawer pulls with Dark Wax or Clear Coat.  I tend to gravitate towards dark wax but either works fine.
This particular dresser was one of the very first pieces I did years ago.  Now of course we have numerous metallic mica powders which can be dabbed into the wax for just a touch of glimmer.  I LOVE painting hardware!

 It took less than 20 minutes to paint all seven drawer pulls and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results!

Want to change your hardware?  Well… what are you waiting for!  It’s easy!  I know you can do it!  Head on over to our portfolio for ideas and inspiration here.  If you’re unsure on colors, shoot us an email along with a picture of your hardware and we’ll help you choose your colors.  We carry a large supply of chalk and clay paints on our Online Shizzle Shop and here in West Michigan.

A hui hou “Until we meet again” ~ Shelly Andrade of Shizzle

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25 Replies to “Save Money ~ Update outdated furniture hardware with paint!”

    1. Thanx Jacki! I was hesitant to do it at first too because I wasn’t sure what I would end up with but I’m glad I gave it a shot, it was way easier than I ever imagined – and quick!

  1. I just love it! I’m still buying that Texas Prairie paint, I just haven’t sat down to order it yet. I also want to show you a china cabinet I am thinkin’ about painting. It’s a dinosaur. My mom is going to KILL ME b/c it was my grandma’s, but I don’t like it and really never have, and I’m thinking if I change I’ll be more happy with it. I DO want to keep it, I just have to make it more interesting. I’m thinking Ce Ce might do the trick, but I don’t have ANY experience w/ CeCe and want to get your opinion on what you think would work for her before I complete this mission. NOw I just need to decided… ask Mom’s permission? Or just do it and hopefully it will be beautiful and she’ll be happy when she sees it so she’s not mad at me. My husband wants no part of this, so I am completely on my own here! He knows the power of her wrath! My cab is a 70’s orange-y oak. I’ll have to send you a pic. I’ve decided I also don’t like the chairs, but those I’m going to have slip covered, solves that. The big elephant in the room is the honkin cabinet.

    1. Andrea, I have lots of tips on my blog. Look through my archive in the side bar and you’ll see lots of pointers through recent posts. I also include instructions and tips with my shipments and you can always contact me with any questions:) I’m with your husband on this one; I don’t want to deal with the wrath of mom either – lol! I have to say though that my mom is pretty fancy smanshy with all her things and she loves the paint.

  2. Gor.goues, I have a very similiar piece that is sitting in my master bedroom. It is a piece for the Sears Bonnet series. Its Formica on top, will CeCe’s cover it. The only thing is I like dark stained tops, so what ya think? The dept of the color of the paint is fabulous. Really a great job and love the hardware now! Great job!!! So glad you shared your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best!

  3. Shelly, this is fabulous! I can’t believe you found this for $35! What a deal! This color is fabulous! I love the treatment on the hardware too! Thanks for being so kind to share your trade secrets! You’re amazing!

  4. Oh so awesome! I painted an old chest black that had this same hardware (missing one pull but I finally snagged one almost identical from e-bay)the pulls were solid brass so I was able to just lightly polish them and they look similar to what you achieved here with paint. I hate the thought of painting brass – but you are the first one I’ve seen to paint them to make them look like aged brass – very cool!

  5. I have a bed room set that would match this piece perfectly. Bed with head & foot board, vanity with mirror and seat,bedside table and 7 drawer dresser.

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  7. Hi! Love this! Question: did you use a clear wax, or the dark wax to finish? The color is so rich.

    Thanks – and again, LOVE this piece! Cinco Bayou Moss is gorgeous.

    1. Hi Dodi, I used clear wax on this piece. I agree, I think Cinco Bayou Moss is very rich too. The wax really deepens the color as it looks much lighter before it’s waxed and buffed. This particular color seems to really burst with variations in color which I just love. Thanks for your sweet compliments, Shelly

  8. I love all of yuor work, you have inspired me to get into re-doing everything from furniture to lamps. I want to re-do some hardware, what is “satin finish”, which you used on this piece? Thanks so much!

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