Antique Buffet in Layers of Frenchy Gray

Finally!  This buffet has undergone quite the transformation over the past few months.
When this antique buffe, it looked like this.
 I knew EXACTLY how I wanted to do it.  I gave it a quick coat of CeCe Caldwell’s  Virginia Chestnut...
 Then I painted the inside cabinets with Smoky Mountain
 But halfway through my painting, I stepped back and realized it was looking way too much like…
 so I took another detour and…
Painted the whole thing Blue Montana Sky
BUT… the blue wasn’t working for me on this piece
(did I mention I’m not a “blue” person?
I needed to break it up a little so I layered the top in several colors,
then dry brushed it with our translucent Dover White to resemble that of reclaimed wood.  This part, I loved!
but the hardware… not so much
I didn’t like it, but didn’t have any more time to fuss with it because Macatawa Bank was featuring Shizzle Design and we needed to fill the lobby with painted pieces for the month.
The other buffet sold immediately ~ that was my baby.  Loved that one!!
The other large piece, a Vintage Bed painted in Georgia Clay, sold as well.  We had three people wanting it within a 24 hours period, all from out of state, but it ended up on East Broadway on Long Beach, New York.  I hope the gal who purchased it is doing okay in lieu of the Hurricane Sandy!

So where does that put us?  Oh yeah… the buffet ~ did I mention, I am SLIGHTLY ADHD?

I set it aside because I had several other projects to finish that were on the schedule and

I finally started putzin’ with it last week

I finally came to the conclusion that the perfect color for this is… Pittsburgh Gray

I love, love, love how the chalk and clay in CeCe Caldwell’s Paints create such a cool finish after you buff the wax ~ you just can’t get that kind of dimension with other paints!  I personally don’t have to work nearly as hard with this paint and wax to end up with these kind of finishes.

For one last finishing touch, I dry brushed it with Dover White

and Switched out the old hardware
which I love!
and she’s finally ready for the store!  
 It’s been a crazy busy year for many of us but somehow we muddle through…
If you’re in West Michigan, you can check out this painted buffet along with our other painted furniture and CeCe Caldwell’s Paints at our Shizzle Design booth within Not So Shabby at 2975 West Shore Drive in north Holland.

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