Shizzle Style Workshop Paint Makeovers – #1 (Furniture painted by Students during our CeCe Caldwell’s Paints Workshops)

I love sharing my passion for painting furniture! I think that’s why we end up having so much fun during our paint workshops.  My favorite  is our Paint-Your-Own-Furniture-Workshop.  Everyone brings in a small piece of their own furniture, we teach them how to do a Shizzle Style finish using chalk & clay paints .  They leave with a wealth of knowledge and a one of a kind masterpiece they can be proud of.

These pieces were all painted by First Time Users of chalk/clay paints during our last workshop!

Aren’t they AMAZING!

 I planned on writing one long post about all the fabulous pieces students have done recently in our classes but quickly discovered it would be the world’s longest post, so I decided to share several pieces once a week instead.

(These are in no particular order so please don’t be offended if I didn’t post your piece on this post, a lot of it has to do with the order my pictures show up when I’m re-sizing them…)

Students are asked do any necessary repairs and clean their furniture before they get to class so everyone can jump right into the fun part!
Furniture usually arrives looking something like this…
and we immediately start getting people set up with their base coats.
Once your base color is dry, go over that with a creamy white like APC’s Home Plate or Limoges and you’ve got one beautiful finish!!
The color combo is so pretty together, I wish the colors would have showed up better in the photos.  Leslie, could you send me some better shots in the daylight without a flash?

I love how her table turned out ~ Leslie, it’s beautiful!!  Great job!!

Anastasia was on another mission
She wanted to paint her nightstand to coordinate with  a couple dressers I painted for her earlier this year.  You can see the transformation of one of them here.
To get the dark brown finish that Anastasia did, apply a coat of brown such as DIY’s Layered Chocolate or APC’s Espresso.  Check out how cool and crackly it looks on the back of the nightstand.  Chalk/Clay paints are awesome on dry wood!  This is just the back, but I thought it looked pretty cool!
She was doubting her painting skills when she walked in but HELLO… Anastasia ~ you totally ROCKED it!!  Your nightstand looks awesome!!
Megan brought in a double tiered table lamp.  She had already taken off the wooden dowel part and the actual light fixture so it would be easier to paint.
She updated it with a rich coat slate color.  If you like this color, choose American Paint Company’s Freedom Road, a favorite go to color.  I also absolutely love APC’s Gun Powder.  It’s close to Freedom Road but warmer in tone.
It hasn’t even been waxed or stenciled yet in this picture and it’s already taking on a new look!
Megan, I can’t wait to see it all put back together with the lampshade and stenciled top!
Deb is Megan’s mom.  She transformed this shabby antique table which had some kind of super thick clear coat on it.
It was in pretty rough shape, but she took that table and whipped it into this stunning knock-out with one of my favorite colors ~ Fireworks Red
Deb is such a sweetheart and was so helpful throughout the class!  She did an awesome job painting, distressing and layering her piece to give it that weathered look but told me the next day she had found her true calling ~ as a buffer, lol!  She LOVES buffing!  Can somebody say hired :D!
Didn’t it turn out fabulous!!  Great job Deb!!

Janet and her friend drove several hours to join in on the fun.

Janet brought a beautiful vintage chair with her.

She painted a base coat of  brown then layered over it with a french blue.

I’m so bummed I wasn’t able to get better pictures but I just didn’t have time.  Janet’s chair turned out so pretty too!  This last shot was taken halfway through.  I can’t wait to see it after the upholstery is finished!
Janet’s friend Cara brought a large mirror with an great arched top.  She did a first coat of  brown.
 then layered it with Dollar Bill, but it’s the distressing where Cara knocked it out of the park!

It is…   G O R G E O U S!!

Absolutely amazing finish on this Cara ~ LOVE IT!!!

It’s so much fun sharing paint techniques with a room full of people who share the same passion & so cool to see everyone’s ideas come together!
I swear, I must have THE most talented students EVER!  They come in doubting themselves and walk out true superstars!
I have many, many more Shizzle Style Paint Makeovers to share with you from this class and other workshops.  Join me again next Sunday when I share several more!
Don’t miss any of our hand painted furniture makeovers…

A Hui Hou ~ Shelly

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