Shizzle Style Workshop Makeovers Fall 2012

Happy Sunday to you!

We’re enjoying a relaxing spring day here today

in Michigan… in December!  

Today I’m sharing a couple more pieces of furniture that our students have painted during our Shizzle Style Paint-Your-Own-Furniture Workshops.

In this class, everyone brings in a small piece of furniture, we help everyone create a Shizzle Style finish and they leave with a wealth of knowledge and a one of a kind masterpiece they can be proud of.

This end table was a real show stopper!

Amy painted it with a base coat creamy vintage white intentionally creating lots of texture.  This look can also be created using American Paint Company’s Home Plate.

Then she layered over it with Alaskan Tundra Green.

She totally mastered distressing with our paint.  Doesn’t it look amazing?

Warning!!!  If I am standing nearby, I may “accidentally” paint your hardware ~ oops!  Sorry… working on this addiction, but doesn’t it look cool?

This hardware started out White!

To learn more about how I paint hardware, click HERE.
Donna of White Oak Studio Designs attended the same class, she brought in a really neat vintage library table.  What kind of wood is this again Donna?

I can’t remember what type of wood it is, but the top is REALLY pretty ~ this is just the bare wood, can you just imagine it all stained and finished?

She wanted to try one a layering technique on this table but when she asked my opinion, I recommended keeping it simple.

I love the contrast of a beautifully refinished wood top against a painted base and really felt the wood top should steal the show on this one.

Donna chose CeCe Caldwell’s Michigan Pine.  Such a pretty, vintage green.

She distressed it ever so carefully maintaining the character of her table.  Some people paint old furniture to make it look like it’s brand new but I try to embrace the charm and character of antiques which always seems to tell a story.

She took it home to use a certain color stain on the top and it’s now sitting pretty on her front porch.

Donna, can’t wait for you to share how the finished top came out, maybe I’ll join you for coffee some morning (after you walk the dogs, you’re one early riser ~ lol)

Learn more about our 5 Hour Shizzle Style Furniture Paint Workshop here.
Have a great week!

I have a song stuck in my head from church this morning and I thought I’d share it with all of you so you can go singing it all day too!

a hui hou ~ Shelly

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