Grieving for the families of Sandy Hook Elementary School

Words cannot express the heart felt grief I’m feeling for the tragedy in Connecticut this morning.  It is  beyond comprehension.  When things like this happen, I just freeze.  I become entrapped in the moment and cannot pull  myself away from the TV.

This morning my daughter woke up with a temperature of 104.  Needless to say, she stayed home.  I set up camp for her on the couch so I could monitor her while I worked on finishing up some last minute Shizzle projects that must be completed before Christmas.

She woke up to the beeping sound of BREAKING NEWS…  We both watched in disbelief.  I had to turn off the television after a few minutes because it was too upsetting for her to see.  How do you explain what happened to a ten year old, when you don’t understand why yourself?

Tonight I was supposed to post about our Christmas Tree for our Home for the Holiday’s 2012 Christmas Tree Link Up Party but all I can think about are all those children who won’t be with their families on Christmas Day. 

I’ve attached the pictures of our tree tonight because my daughter so carefully hung each ornament, but I don’t have it in my heart to write about it.  Instead I’ll be on my knees to praying for all the families affected by this horrible tragedy.

In loving memory of all those lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School…

God Bless All of You ~ Each and Every One

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