“Quiet Place” Beach Table

I’ve been buried lately in an endless mountain of paperwork.  Can I just say that getting everything ready for your accountant is pain in the butt when you’re self employed with a painting business?  I can’t stand paperwork, so for me, this is torture.
“Lets go off by ourselves to a quiet place and rest a while”  Mark 6:31

Needless to say, I haven’t had much time to rest or paint lately but I have a very talented friend who has started hand painting pieces exclusively for Shizzle Design.

Meet Local Artist ~ Laurie Miller!
(photo coming soon)
She acquired the most amazing talent for painting recently which seems to have come out of nowhere.  I like to joke with her that she must have been struck with lightening.  She just laughs but has no idea why she can suddenly paint these beautiful images with no previous experience or training.  It must be a God given talent that she’s suddenly tapped into, we don’t know ~ but it’s amazing none the less.

Laurie is the sweetest, most humble person you’ll ever meet and she just laughs nonchalantly when I compliment her incredible talent.

Laurie painted this beautiful antique side table which she named ~ Quiet Place.
This painting was inspired by Mark 6:31 where Jesus said “Lets go off by ourselves to a quiet place and rest a while”

Wow!  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can’t think of many more relaxing places than a comfy chair on the beach.

The fresh air, sunshine and waves crashing onto shore sooth my soul like magic.

Laurie painted the legs in a combination of CeCe Calwell’s Blue Montana Sky and Omaha Ochre accenting it with Destin Gulf Green.

It is so pretty.  It goes perfectly in the beach house I’ve been dreaming about all my life ~ some day, some day.

This one of a kind table is headed to the Shizzle Design booth in Not So Shabby in Holland, Michigan.

To check out the availability of this piece, click here.

Thanks Laurie!!  YOU rock!!

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a hui hou!


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10 Replies to ““Quiet Place” Beach Table”

    1. I know, totally strange. God has blessed her with a talent she never knew she had and she’s so humble about everything; just laughs when she talks about it.

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  2. How can someone go through their life not knowing they have this kind of talent – absolutely amazing – and that is one gorgeous landscape on the table – really beautiful –
    I think I’d better check my hidden talents – maybe I’m the next great operatic singer or something LOL
    GORGEOUS JOB!!!!!!!!!

    1. I know ~ I couldn’t believe it either. She jokes around that she must have been struck by lightening or something because she suddenly has this unexplained talent.

  3. This is a beautiful table! I read where Laurie painted the table legs with chalk paint but the actual table scene – was it also painted with chalk paint or acrylic craft paints?

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