Paris Flea Market Fundraiser

Three weeks ago, I traveled to the bay area to help out at the Paris Flea Market Fundraising Paint Workshop that was put on for the Crohns and Colitis Foundation.

fundraising workshop in california shizzle design cece caldwells paints 3

Karen Berg, my blogging BFF from Redoux Interiors picked me up at the airport and we were off and running.  No, Karen is not standing on a stool ~ she’s just way taller than me.

karen and shelly during the paris flea market in Livermore, California cece caldwell's paints crohns and colitis foundation fundraiser paint workshop

We were expecting the crowd to be capped off at 22 participants but when we walked in the Paris Flea Market the night before, we found this!

fundraising paint workshop in bay area shizzle design redoux interiors

The number had nearly doubled!  Wowzer!!  The owner, Susan Goodman, didn’t have the heart to turn anyone down when the proceeds were going to such a good cause.

Paris Flea Market fundraising paint workshop susan

Crohns and Colitis affects nearly half a million people in North America alone.  Susan understands how horrible this disease is because she’s watched her manager’s daughter suffer it’s affect for years.  That kid has gone through so much but she is determined in her lifetime to find a cure!   I can only imagine what she and her mom Lonae felt when they saw all these wonderful people show up to support the cause.cece caldwell's paint workshop fundraiser shizzle design 4

Let me just say, every moment I spent with Karen was an adventure in and of itself.  Karen said a prayer just as we were headed out the morning of the fundraiser.  She prayed for everything to go smoothly…  Apparently, God had other plans for our morning because five minutes into our trip, our car overheated and we still had a good 30 minute drive into Livermore.

Never fear ~ Karen is always equipped with an apron!

karen checking oil

We may be chics ~ but we are used to fixing things up ya know!

oil change



Thank goodness the Mr. was still nearby.  After a quick switch-a-roo of vehicles, we were on our way just in the nick of time.  Susan started out making introductions.  Some people are just naturals speaking in front of a crowd…

Paris Flea Market fundraising paint workshop with karen of redoux interiors shizzle design

Other’s… not so much.  When Karen handed the mike over to me, I was totally caught off-guard.  I felt like a dear caught in headlights when I was asked to introduce myself.  I’ll be the first one to tell you I am NOT the type of person who wants to be the center of attention ~ like EVER!  Especially if it has anything to do with talking about me.  Can somebody say AWKWARD!

introducing myself at the Paris Flea Market Fundraiser in Livermore California

I teach paint workshops all the time but I do them in a much more intimate setting.  I’m in my element when I’m working one on one with each individual student; sharing tips and techniques with everyone as we move along.

Shizzle Design Furniture Painting Workshop taught at Michigan State University CeCe Caldwell's Chalk Clay Paints ideas colors tables bench end tables tips MSU learn how to 14

Speaking in front of a large group with a mike in my hand, especially when I had to talk about myself, made me feel VERY uncomfortable.  I have no idea what I said, but I’m know the words came out all twisted lacking any sense at all.

I am SO thankful Karen is comfortable with this!  I was able to go around and offer my help as she explained how to do it.  Ok, I’m not sure what Karen is doing with her mouth right here, but she does like to make silly faces.karen of Redoux Interiors teaching at the Paris Flea Market fundraising workshop in Livermore California with shizzle Design

Apparently it’s contagious because by the end of the week we were both doing this!

Shelly and Karen acting goofy

CeCe flew out for the fundraiser as well.  She, like me, prefers to work quietly behind the scenes.  Everyone was excited to meet her had fun learning how to mix new colors.  I especially fell in love with the deep coral color she mixed up.

CeCe Caldwell Shelly Andrade Shizzle Design fundraising workshop

After a morning of color mixing, and practicing different techniques on trim pieces and pictures frames, the students brought in their pieces from home and went to town.  In the blink of an eye, their furniture was transformed into…

bar stool painted in cece caldwell's Spring Hill Green at the Paris Flea Market fundraiser  shizzle design

cece caldwell's paint workshop fundraiser shizzle design 3

chair painted in cece caldwell's Spring Hill Green at the Paris Flea Market fundraiser in Livermore CA shizzle design



chair painted in cece calwell's traverse city cherry at the Paris Flea Market fundraiser in Livermore CA shizzle design

box painted at the LIvermore California workshop

pair of vases painted at the paris fundraising paint workshop california

ornate picture frame painted at the fundraising paint workshop shizzle design cece caldwell's chalk clay paints

side table painted at the paint fundraising workshop in May 2013 shizzle design spring hill green cece caldwell's paints

paint workshop in the bay  shizzle design

cece caldwell's paint workshop fundraiser shizzle design 2

cece caldwell's paint workshop fundraiser shizzle design

cece caldwells paint workshop shizzle design gloves

fundraising workshop in california shizzle design cece caldwells paints

Paint Workshop in Livermore, CA


Doug and CeCe


Doug  flew in for the event and stole the show with his charming nature.  He was definitely the life of the party!


paint workshop in the bay  shizzle design Doug Larcher

He created the neatest finish on a chair he was painting for a friend ~ I can’t wait to see how it turned out!

Doug's chair painted at the Livermore Paris Flea Market's fundraiser Shizzle Design Virginia Chestnut Traverse City Cherry colors CeCe Caldwell's Paints

Many mahalos go out to everyone who helped make this day a huge success!

CeCe Caldwell Karen Redoux Interiors Shelly Andrade Shizzle Design Susan Goodman Paris Flea Market fundraising workshop

and may the prayers continue for all those affected with Crohns and Colitis until a cure is found!


Have a great weekend!!


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  1. Shelly, this looks like so much fun! You are one of the kindest bloggers I know! ‘ll never forget the time you took to write me when my Dad was sick! It touched me so much! You are also an outstanding painter! You are too funny not wanting to speak about yourself! You have many gifts! This event looks like a massive success with many awesome painted pieces! Thanks for sharing it!

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