Pickin’, Junkin’ and Up-cyclin’ in the Bay Area with Karen from Redoux Interiors

Last week I finally had the privilege of meeting Karen Berg of Redoux Interiors.  Even though we had never met in person prior to this, it felt like we had known each other forever.

As soon as my flight landed in California, we were off and running…  Karen is VERY serious and VERY boring in real life… NOT!!  

Shelly and Karen acting goofy

She’s as sweet, energetic and crazy silly as she comes across online and we couldn’t stop talking or laughing all week long!

She took me to some of her favorite places to shop.  Did you know she’s the queen of dumpster diving?  She’s even written a Dumpster Diving Series.

Shizzle Design joins Redoux Interiors for a dumpster diving adventure in the bay area pickin

I couldn’t wait to join in on the fun

Dumpster Diving 1

I felt right at home with Karen.  She’s got furniture piled up everywhere just like I do.  We couldn’t resist using some of Karen’s treasures to do a five minute junky garden up-cycle that even Donna from Funky Junk Interiors would appreciate.

how to decorate your garden with up-cycled junk

I can’t wait to see what this headboard looks like once the bed is overflowing with zucchini blooms.

use an old bed frame as an architectural structure in your garden shizzle design

and the Tomatoes will look way more cool in the garden when supported by these old rusty metal whatcha-ma-call-its.  rusty old metal used in lieu of tomato cages for garden


Seriously… how could be leave this one behind?  It was just begging to be part of the fun!  A little twine and the peppers will be good to go.

rustic garden chair

I’m sure Karen will share how everything looks when it’s time to harvest her goods but right now she’s probably knocking down the gates at her favorite local cherry orchard making sure she’s picked the very first ones off the trees.

cherry picking 4

If she is, you’ll bet she’ll be wearing this.  Did you know, she wears aprons LIKE ALL THE TIME?  Seriously… I just about died laughing when I turned my head in the car and saw this!

Pickin with Karen Berg of Redoux Interiors

You just never know when you might spill something ~ lol!  Never mind the grunge under our fingernails from pickin!

Just to humor Karen, I threw one on for the fundraising paint workshop at the Paris Flea Market ~ I’ll be sharing more on that soon.

CeCe Caldwell Karen Redoux Interiors Shelly Andrade Shizzle Design Susan Goodman Paris Flea Market fundraising workshop

Enjoy the rest of your weekend ~ and Happy Mother’s Day!

Tomorrow I’m back to painting furniture.  I’m going to try something like this display piece painted by my good friend Laurie!

Shizzle Design Paint Display Great picture of layering colors paint distressing blues teal chalk clay paints CeCe Caldwell's American Paint Company

a hui hou, Shelly

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    1. Took me a while ~ my wireless modem/router died so I’ve been without a computer for a few days. Thought about you yesterday when I drove past some dumpsters. Took a picture but I don’t know how to get it off my goofy phone ~ lol

  1. the photo of you guys in the dumpster is priceless! love it and looking forward to meeting Karen in Prescott at the end of the month. Hoping I’ll meet you too someday Shelly!

  2. Shelly, I have one of the gum ball machines like she is holding (but without the stand). Our glass got broken and I ordered a replacement online for a reasonable price and you can also find instructions for putting it back together online (as long as all the pieces are there). I’m planning to be at your painting class this Saturday. I will send you my paint colors and furniture pieces and will have my daughter Danielle do the same. I can’t wait. Watching your projects with envy :$ JK

  3. How fun! I drive past dumpsters all the time and think about jumping in LOL… not sure I will find the courage 🙂 I’m pickin’ curbs though!

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