Simple Things are Life’s Greatest Treasures

As I write this post, I’m up in northern Michigan taking a few days to unwind, clear my brain and relax.


I can only imagine how creative I would be if I could go for a walk through here  every morning.


The weather has been cold and rainy but we don’t care, there’s something so peaceful it and who can beat a cherished walk through a national forest with family.


I treasure every walk along Lake Michigan especially when there are treasures to be found along the way


We love hunting for Petoskey Stones, Michigan’s state stone.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with them, Petoskey Stones are fossils from coral that used to grow here 350,000 million years ago long before dinosaurs were even in existence.


Simple things are life’s greatest treasures!


Home tonight then off to The World’s Longest Yard Sale in the morning.

Hope to see some of you along the way!!

a hui hou ~` Shelly

6 Replies to “Simple Things are Life’s Greatest Treasures”

  1. So glad you’re able to get away with your family. Lake Michigan is a fabulous shade of blue! Can’t wait to see what you find at the sale!

  2. Eh cuz w/ da kine some shoyu and chili pepa water, broke da mouth kine..Hav a safe trip out, enjoy the time w/ da girlz and a safe trip home..C u sunday..Malama Pono, Ke Akua Pu..

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