Shizzle Style Painted Furniture Class Makeovers ~ July

Hope you’re all enjoying summer!  Even though I’ve been working around the clock, I still savor each and every glorious day this time of year.  If there was a way to magically stretch our Michigan summers from several weeks to nine months, I’d do it!  In a heartbeat!

Quality time with family ~ Empire, Michigan IMG_1610

I scheduled a special week day workshop for Wendy who flew in from California.  We needed to coordinate the class with her summer vacation to Michigan.  We usually teach on the weekends but it would have fallen over the 4th of July weekend and quite honestly, I hate giving up my weekends ~ especially during our short summers when I could be spending it at the lake with my family.

Kodak Moment with Sheila, Wendy and Peggy

July 9 Shizzle Style workshop

photo courtesy of Wendy

When I added the Tuesday workshop, I was skeptical it would fill up but it sold out right away ~ shows you how much I know!  I guess I’m not the only one who cherishes their weekends!!  

Enough rambling… lets get to the good stuff!

Wendy brought in an old drum table to refinish.  There was quite a bit of contrast between the dark stain and the chippy white paint.

 Before PictureJuly 9 Shizzle Style Paint Workshop Byron Center michigan before drum table how to chalk clay #paintedfurniture

She painted a base coat of CeCe Caldwell’s Kentucky Mint and was amazed at how well it covered her existing finish with one coat.

Applying Kentucky Mint as a Base Coat

July 9 Shizzle Style Paint Workshop Byron Center michigan before drum table how to chalk clay #paintedfurniture #shizzledesign ideas #cececaldwell Kentucky Mint

When the first coat was dry, Wendy layered over that with Johnson Daffodil, did some light distressing then sealed it with Clear and Light Antiquing Wax from American Paint Company.

Johnston Daffodil sealed with APC’s Clear & Light Antiquing Wax

July 9 Shizzle Style Paint Workshop West Michigan drum table gold green chalk clay layered paint ideas

 Wendy’s friend Peggy brought in a neat shadow box end table to refinish

  July Workshop Peggy before shot of shadow box table 1

She changed the entire look of it in no time using a little Nantucket Spray and Myrtle Beach Sand from CeCe Caldwell’s Paints

 Nantucket Spray and Myrtle Beach Sand

July 9 Shizzle Style Paint workshop MichiganSorry about the lame shot.  This table turned out so much nicer in person than it shows in this picture.

Sheila was the third friend of this trio and was a true delight!  She brought in a large frame to a bulletin board.  

July 9 Shizzle Style Workshop painted bulletin board frame before

She painted a quick layer using CeCe Caldwell’sMemphis Blue, waited for it to dry then layered over it in either CeCe’s Destin Gulf Green or American Paint Company’sBeach Glass.  I can’t remember now which one she used because the colors are virtually the same between the two lines.

July 9 Shizzle Style Paint Workshop West Michigan layering colors on a large bulletin board teal blue chalk clay paint ideas

Sheila’s bulletin board frame turned out so cool and I wish you could feel it.  She did a lot of wet distressing with a damp rag which made her frame feel as smooth as butta!

Learn how easy it is using chalk/clay/mineral paints by watching my

How to Wet Distress Video

july 9 layering paint bulletin board frame

This next table was painted in one of my favorite color combinations.  It’s beautiful in and of itself and creates the most beautiful glaze or wash over other colors.  The color I’m talking about is Cinco Bayou Moss from CeCe Caldwell’s which is the same as Desert Cactus from American Paint Company.

july 9

This was applied over Virginia Chestnut from CeCe’s which is the same as Wild Horses from American Paint Company.  I can’t remember which was used as it’s another duplicate color between the two lines.  No matter what you call it, this color combination is so sophisticated.  Can you tell I like it?

July 9 Shizzle Design paint your furniture workshop

Corey scored this small fireplace mantel at a local flea market.  It was in pretty rough shape when she came in but after a quick base coat of brown, it was already taking on an entirely different look. and had already received it’s first coat of white by the time I shot this picture.

July 9 Shizzle Style Paint Workshop Byron Center, Michigan fireplace surround mantel white brown painted chalk clay CeCe Caldwell's

She painted it in either Home Plate by American Paint Company or Vintage White by CeCe Caldwell’s ~ another duplicate color.   It’s been so busy this month that I can’t remember what I did this morning let along a couple weeks ago.

I LOVE how she wet distressed back to the brown and the original wood finish!

July 9 Shizzle Style Paint Workshop Grand Rapids Michigan wet distressing hand painted fireplace mantel surround white brown CeCe Caldwell's

She wasn’t able to finish it the day of the class but it was already looking VERY cool when she left!

July 9 Shizzle Style Paint Workshop Grand Rapids Michigan wet distressing hand painted fireplace mantel surround white brown CeCe Caldwell's 2 ideas

One of the girls who came to our workshop had won our FREE workshop Giveaway.  Her mom actually won the giveaway but she gave the gift of creativity to her daughter for her birthday.  How cool is that?

Kate was so appreciative of her gift and loads of fun; her personality shined through the transformation of her old stereo cabinet.  How adorable is this?  She layered it in Destin Gulf Green and Santa Fe Turquoise then inserted a fresh piece of Chevron fabric and BAM

July 9 Shizzle Style Paint Workshop Byron Center, Michigan retro CeCe Caldwell's turqoise chalk clay painted stereo cabinet with Chevron fabric

And then there’s Tiffany, there’s nobody quite like Tiffany.  Self proclaimed my biggest stalker, she know’s her stuff and gives a whole meaning to the word hilarious.  I think she has more energy than the Energizer rabbit.  She’s probably thinking “hey Shell, are you EVER going to write this post?”

Tiffany brought in the most adorable vintage cupboard and quickly gave it a nice base coat of brown.

July 9 base coat brown

Then she started using everyone’s left-over colors to create a funky old-world finish by dry-brushing and layering color after color.  She was painting away like a mad woman; must have burned 800 calories ~ lol.  I need to learn from her as I continue to gain!!

Here’s the finished product!!  How fun is this!!

July 9 Shizzle Style Paint Workshop Byron Center, Michigan funky finish wet distress dry brush layering painted cabinet primitive 1

Carol painted an antique sewing cabinet with a base coat of white

July 9 Shizzle Style Paint Workshop Grand Rapids, Michigan sewing cabinet turqoise chalk clay paint ideas 3

She wanted a turquoise color but CeCe’s Santa Fe Turquoise was a little too bright so we added in a little Destin Gulf Green to tone it down a little.  She took her time to meticulously paint and wet distress her piece to perfection!

July 9 Shizzle Style Paint Workshop Grand Rapids, Michigan sewing cabinet turqoise chalk clay paint ideas 2

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  1. Incredible projects and results. I’d sure love to attend one of your work shops but it’s just too far from western CO to Michigan. You sure do inspire me tho. I have 2 end tables I bought to redo and sell so I’ve gotten some great ideas for both of them. So glad you shared all the great projects. Love your blog. That lake sure looks good, but so huge. Happy days

  2. i am looking forward to attending the september workshop… i have enjoyed your blog, projects, posts, education and beautiful work… thank you for sharing… i have learned so much… it has truly opened up a whole ‘new world’ of possibilities, creativity and mediums…. thank you!!

  3. I can’t believe the creations your students come up with!!! I love that little old stereo cabinet with all the leftover paint, how clever it that?

    I miss you friend so much! I felt totally sorry for myself in the first picture with the gal who flew in from California, I wish that was me!

    I am going to save my pennies to come to Michigan next summer. I better start working tonight.

    1. Karen, I’ve got my nose presseed up against the window waiting for your arrival my friend!!! It’s actually nice this week, get your butt out here ‘cuz I just picked up another truck full of furniture!!

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