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Flea Market Treasures I Couldn’t Resist

Flea Market Treasures I Couldn’t Resist

After spending all day Saturday purging this…


IMG_1344 b

into this!  We had half the garage as organized as it gets and packed the other half with unfinished pieces we’re selling this week at our Huge furniture sale (things we never had a chance to paint this year).



My husband left for a golf tournament and left me to fend for myself at a local flea market…


I knew it was going to be trouble when my good friend Anastasia teamed up with me.  She twisted my arm and talked me into this!


Which led me to discover these amazing old casters!


We both stood their drooling at this primitive pie safe ~ just after I swore I’d never buy a stinky piece again.  This one needs some major cleaning!  The top seems to have a black oil over it.  How the heck to I get that out???  Yes, this will be a labor of love…


I’m so glad the cap was off the truck or we wouldn’t have been able to haul fit everything.


Like this beauty!!


That reminds me… The back seat still has some cool treasures in it!!

I need to make room for the stuff I picked up today…


Join us at Shizzle Design’s Vintage Furniture Purging Sale

this Wednesday & Thursday afternoon, October 2 & 3 in Byron Center, MI

and what doesn’t sell at my house then will go to Not So Shabby’s Happy Camper Vintage Flea Market on Friday, October 4 in Holland, MI 


Click HERE for photos, hours, directions, descriptions…


the excessive collection of items, along with the inability to discard them




  • JaneEllen
    Posted at 01:58h, 01 October Reply

    OH boy do I ever wish I could go to your sale this weekend. Michigan is a bit far tho from western CO so guess I’ll have to give this sale a miss also. Darn it. I have to miss so many awesome sales. They don’t have anything like that here that I know of. What a drag. We’ve been here since 2004 and not once has Grand Junction had an antique show or vintage show. Really bums me out. Good luck at your sale. I’d be there with bells on if I could. Happy week

    • Shelly
      Posted at 05:58h, 01 October Reply

      I’m keeping the things I just picked up ~ just gotta make space for them

  • Patti-Ann
    Posted at 20:57h, 01 October Reply

    The piece that is under the pie safe reference looks like it was a dove cote. Not too sure I would use it in the house 🙂 Good luck with it.

    • Shelly Andrade
      Posted at 06:00h, 03 October Reply

      The piece under the pie safe? It’s flipped upside down on a dolly…

  • Good Time Charlie
    Posted at 23:19h, 01 October Reply

    LOLOLOLOLOLOL. That’s all I have to say.

    • Shelly Andrade
      Posted at 05:57h, 03 October Reply

      Karen, it was absolutely insane yesterday. By the time the workshop was finished… we finished selling student’s some paint… turned around to see cars lining the street as far as we could see ~ and we live on a country road with NO shoulders. It was fun to see truck after truck load up and haul things away. We’re doing a Vintage Flea Market at Not So Shabby Friday Afternoon and rain is in the forecast. Tickled pink to be selling right out of the garage and the stalls will be clear for BOTH vehicles by Saturday night 🙂 Unless I haul a bunch more things home again ~ lol

  • Betsy(@coastal-colors)
    Posted at 08:41h, 02 October Reply

    I wish I lived closer; I would be there! I see so many great pieces and treasures! I love your hoarding style! You rock!

    • Shelly Andrade
      Posted at 05:59h, 03 October Reply

      One of these days we WILL meet in person Betsy!! I wish I had your beautiful home to host all my workshops and sales like this. My dream is to own something in a gorgeous location on a lake where I could have workshop retreats.

  • Em Hoop
    Posted at 10:59h, 02 October Reply

    I’m showing these hoard photos to my sweetheart, who complains about the half dozen large and one dozen (+- ) smaller pieces stocked on MY side of the garage and the three pieces waiting immediate work that are in MY workshop, though I let him work in it and clean it up for ease of use. (LOL) Could we ever someday share a house/workshop 24/7/365? Something to think about………

    Shelly, if only I lived closer to you, I would sign up for all your classes….knowing i could learn a lot, including how to dive in and just do it……….

    • Shelly Andrade
      Posted at 06:03h, 03 October Reply

      I’m glad to be of help Em… A lot of women show their husband’s pictures like mine, suddenly your spaces don’t look all that bad ~ lol.

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