I can’t believe I never shared THIS!

Days have been coming and going so fast the past two years that I often feel like a top spinning out of control.  

2013 Michigan Adventure summer 10

I’m exhausted, working two to three times the hours a person should.  Even though I constantly try to improve on efficiency, I still can’t seem to put a dent in what needs to be done. 


The hubby was kind enough to take the kids out for some last minute school supplies so I’m typing this post in a quiet house with my half worn-off toenail-polished toes staring back at me from the other end of my LaZboy.


While editing pictures from this past weekend and ran across a bunch of pictures from projects I’ve never shared with everyone and it dawned on me that that list is really starting to grow.


I’m not going into all the details for these right now but I wanted to share some of them anyway for inspiration.

This is a neat china cabinet I painted recently layering lots of APC’s colors.  I love how this turned one turned out.   We did a major overhaul on this cabinet. 

hand painted china cabinet hutch shizzle design grand rapids michigan display american paint company cece caldwell's 3

One of these days… I’ll show you how we did it!

UPDATE… I’ve since written the post.  CLICK HERE to see the details on this display

2013-08-27 17.11.25

I also never wrote the post on how we changed a single chair into a bench for one of our dining room table transformationshow to turn two old chairs into one fabulous bench Shizzle Design Painted Furniture French bench constructionThis old Pine Bench was transported from the 70’s past the Millennium with a simple wash of CeCe Caldwell’s Alaskan Tundra Green


and… I totally forgot about this!!  It’s in my garage… somewhere!!


… this one is for me Smile  It’s going to serve as our new entertainment center or as a permanent extra piece of furniture in our living room (it’s already been sitting next to our other one for 10 weeks)

antique stereo cabinet transformed into an entertainment center for our flat screen tv, stereo, dvd player CeCe Caldwell's chalk clay paints Shizzle Design Michigan 2

This beautiful princess bed sold before I could get it out of my garage.  Someone is headed up this weekend to pick it up and make room for more projects.  Yaaaaaay, or should I say Ahhhhhhhhhhh?

UPDATE… I’ve since written the post.  CLICK HERE to see how I painted this bed

 Shizzle Design Painted Furniture White Antique Princess bed ideas ornate American Paint Company CeCe Caldwell's chalk clay footboard 1

I have so many more in the  bottomless pit of pictures I need to edit.  I could seriously use a more up-dated photo editing software program!!

Here’s a sneak peak of the three projects we just finished up…

Update… posted on this and it sold…

(I swear I wrote a post on this one ~  it had a really neat textured top finish on it!)

Sedona red with Virginia chestnut glaze, wax, Shizzle Design CeCe Caldwell's ideas colors Michigan for sale painted furniture Michigan 2

UPDATE:  I did get the post written on these two dressers,

Click HERE for details and availability

French Provencial dresser painted taupe, white, chalk, clay paints Shizzle Design furniture ideas american paint company Rushmore Home Plate 4


Let me know if there is one particular project you’d like me to publish soon, I’ll continue to work on publishing a post on each one.

Have a GREAT weekend ~ Shelly

21 Replies to “I can’t believe I never shared THIS!”

  1. wow where do you find all the incredible pieces to rehabilitate? They are so great, love them. It’s very hard to find affordable pieces to buy here, (Grand Junction, CO area). People are quite greedy, want the highest price for pieces in pretty bad shape most of the time.

  2. I would love to know what colors and technique you used for the two dressers at the end of your post (white/gray). I just love them!

  3. Ha! It’s good to know I am not alone….pics taken and nothing done with them, pieces (a chair I am working on) that gets lots in the garage, along with other pieces, a mind that has so many ideas it could work a 48 hr day and a physical body that’s done after 18 hours. Someday I will get all the projects in my head done ;). But until then, my boss says it all the time “If everything’s important, then nothing’s important. You have to pick what is and learn not to feel guilty for the things that aren’t.” I’m still working on this myself. You are one step ahead of me… Haven’t posted since June on the blog. Hate it, but something has to go for now. Your post was actually a post in my head yesterday. You actually got it written!!! Kudos to you. Hugs. Thanks for letting me know I am not alone!!

  4. Because you love me, my request will jump to the head of the line 🙂 I would love to see how you made that chair into a bench! And while I am at it making requests. Choose one thing you will not to today, or ever, and keep doing that every day until you have a manageable schedule!

  5. Just wait until you are a couple of decades older and you will find that time moves even faster! Just getting ready for the day seems to take forever. The chore list is extensive and I seem to get maybe one item a day done. So enjoy your life and do what’s important before it becomes an emergency. Including spending plenty of time with your children, who will remember the hours they didn’t have your company as much as the hours they did. Trust me. Been there, done that. The wrong way.
    XXX from aunt em

    1. Fabulous advice! I’m already at my wit’s end on the verge of a nervous breakdown, stroke or cardiac arrest. I never see my kids or husband, haven’t cooked a decent dinner in two years and have put on 40 pounds. My health is worse than people 30 years my senior. I’d throw all of this away in a heartbeat if I could afford to just stay home and spend time with my kids. Unfortunately, the bills have to be paid and working 90 hours a week with my business is the only way we’ve been able to make that happen. I hate the sacrifice, I really do. I struggle with that balance every single day.

    1. I’ve never restored veneer, but I have removed it or repaired it then painted over it. To restore it, just pick up a piece of veneer from a wood shop. They’ll tell you how to do it 😉

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