Shizzle Design’s Autumn Pickin’ Sale

Our garages are bursting at the seams and we can’t take it any more. Shizzle Design is having a HUGE Ready-to-Paint Furniture Sale in BYRON CENTER, MI on Wed & Thursday Night


Cathy, Laurie and I have cleaned house.  We’re purging half the unpainted furniture we’ve purchased over this past year.  I personally need to sell it fast before I change my mind. 


I’ve attached a few photos but this only shows a few of the things we’re selling.  We just picked up a beautiful vintage solid oak claw foot pedestal table that we may actually part with for the right offer. 



Cathy and Laurie still need to bring over their furniture plus

I have several Adirondack chairs…

looking for pictures…

barn wood (select pieces)  I’m keeping half of it for projects


Vintage Metal Ceiling Crown Molding with great Patina


Vintage Metal Ceiling Tiles with Great Patina 

pictures somewhere around here

Old Windows


old shutters…


We are packed with furniture and offering great prices to get it out of here.












IMG_1493 IMG_1492


Lets make a deal!!

I have a feeling I’ll be bombarded with questions on prices, measurements… but I absolutely don’t have the time right now to do all that.  If you see something you really like… get here when we open.


You’ll be able to pick up paint and supplies here too!  


update – Many Many Mahalos to everyone who showed up for our sale

We are forever grateful to have more space in our garage!!!


We plan to take what doesn’t sell to Not So Shabby’s Happy Camper Vintage Sale at 2975 West Shore Drive, Holland, MI  49424 on Friday afternoon from 3:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m..  Rain is forecasted for Friday, so I’m hoping to sell a bunch here on Wed & Thurs.



18 Replies to “Shizzle Design’s Autumn Pickin’ Sale”

    1. Jamie, I’m selling them for what I got them for $3.50 a piece or 4/$10. They’re really nice. There are groups of different sizes but run +/- (using my “this wide” stretch of my arms since I’m in the house, I would say they’re like 30″ x 10″ and a nice thickness to the door.

  1. i will be there! what method of payment do you take – if just cash i have to make sure i have enough. i am so giddy! i want that dresser that needs a little tlc – how bad of tlc does it need? im new to refinishing and am not so good at restoring….

    1. It has super good bones, appears to be solid oak but it needs to be shored up ~ maybe just some nails, screws or wood glue. It’s prices REALLY low! 1/3 of the price we paid for it because we just don’t have any more room to store it or time to be doing those kind of repairs. It’s killing me to see it go, but I’d rather have someone who can give it some TLC have it.

      1. thanks for answering – i know you are busy! What method of payment are you taking tomorrow? Cash only? Tx!

  2. We have a good friend whose father used to own Horlacher beer. I saw the crate in photo 13 and 14. Any chance you could ship it to New Jersey? How much are you asking?

    1. Joanne, it’s $45. Not sure how much the shipping would run. If you’re willing research that, we can send it out just let me know because we’re having the sale again today and tomorrow.

      1. I would love it. The shipping can’t be more than $55 and I can go up to $100. Even if it’s a little more that would be OK.
        Let me know how to proceed.

      2. okay, I’ll go grab it and set it aside. With everything else I’ve got going on, I won’t be able to ship it out until Monday. email me your address… and I’ll let you know how much it is… There is a “contact” button on the top of my website where you can input your information privately, that goes directly into my email 🙂 What a cool surprise this will be 😉

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