Psst ~ We’re opening our own Shizzle Design’s Paint Studio!

Over the past two years, our little furniture painting business has grown exponentially outgrowing every space in our homes including the…


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April 20 Shizzle Style Furniture Painting Workshop Byron Center Michigan CeCe Caldwell's Chalk Clay Paint colors ideas tips





and even our BACKYARD


It was time to find a place of our own but the cost to lease space in our area is OUTRAGEOUS!!! 


We’ve looked and looked and looked and prayed and prayed and prayed but couldn’t seem to find anything we could afford.


Then, just as we were about ready to throw in the towel, we got a lead on a space, checked it out and signed the lease and before we could blink, we were holding the keys to our very own space!!

Studio 5

Introducing… the new Shizzle Design Paint Studio!  Well, sort of, this is the before shot.  We have a lot of work to do over the next few months but we’re taking our time to do it right and plan out a much more efficient space.

Studio 2

Cathy and I will be working out of our new Paint Studio which is located at

2018 Chicago Drive in Jenison, MI (Corner of Chicago Dr. & Port Sheldon)  

shizzle design paint studio 2018 Chicago Drive Jenison MI  designing 7

It will serve not only as a workshop for ourselves but also for the classes we teach.  With this set up, we plan to offer a variety of weekly workshops and classes.

shizzle design paint studio 2018 Chicago Drive Jenison MI  designing 3

We are also very excited to be in a position to start interacting more with our local clientele!

apc display

We’ll be able to offer unique items, special events and super fun workshops!

vintage metal ceiling tiles barn shutters barn wood metal bins

Speaking of workshops… Our first scheduled workshop in our new Paint Studio has officially been scheduled.  It is a five hour two color layering and waxing furniture paint workshop on Sunday, November 17th.

Join us for the first Shizzle Style Two Color Layering Furniture Paint Workshop

in our new Studio in Jenison, MI

We are honored that CeCe herself will be here for the event.

CeCe Caldwell Shelly Andrade Shizzle Design fundraising workshop

Shizzle Design Furniture Painting Workshop taught at Michigan State University CeCe Caldwell's Chalk Clay Paints ideas colors tables bench end tables tips MSU learn how to 15

November 17th 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Click HERE for to register

Space is limited

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a hui hou ~ Shelly



41 Replies to “Psst ~ We’re opening our own Shizzle Design’s Paint Studio!”

    1. There’s ample lighting in place already but we will be adding more, of course there is heat and it is very well insulated, yes there is a bathroom, utility sink as well as an extra faucet and drain, an office, a storage room, an upstairs… It’s located in a great location and the space is much larger than our very humble size 100 year bungalow home and is only 15 minutes from home, less for my sister.

  1. Congrats to you all. What a great adventure you’ve set for yourselves. Much good luck and business in the future. Happy weekend

    1. Thanks JaneEllen! I have to take one day at a time right now so I don’t get overwhelmed. We haven’t even had the keys a week yet, so much to ponder…

  2. Congratulations! I know you’ll make the space fabulous & enjoy working there. You’ve most certainly earned it. Wishing all the best!! 🙂

  3. Wow, this is a huge step!! Wishing you the best of luck on your new endeavor. Will this also be for retail sales or just a working studio?

    I have several antique oak County Store displays for sale as well as table top jewelry (with glass top and lock) displays for sale too. If interested I can send pics. I’ll warn you, they are not going for cheap – these are true antiques, VERY unique and I’ve had them restored (new glass top/new metal backing with sliding glass, lock and keys etc.) and put a lot of money into them. 1) 8 ft. long, oak with glass top, sides and back. 2) Candy case with marble base 3) Cigar Case with original label. (The cigar case is a one of a kind piece and very collectible.) They would make amazing paint display cases – or – totally unique bar/serving piece in a home or business.

    1. Thanks Donna! I’m sure your displays are totally awesome but this is already a huge leap for us as we fork out money left and right. There’s a case I’d LOVE to have that’s up in T.C., I admire it every time we’re up there, way out of our budget, but I can dream right?. We are headed in to build shelving today, wish me luck as I popped a rib and can’t get into my chiropractor now until Monday 🙁 We’ll have to see how things evolve as far as posted hours go. Right now, we’re planning the space as a working studio but will be available for customers to pop in with questions, of course we’ll have all the paint & supplies there too… We have a store just up the street that sells our paint that’s open six days a week. We may post limited set hours down the road (and will most likely be there five times longer anyway) but the goal is to cut down on the 90 hours a week we already put in.

  4. Shelly I’m so excited for you and Cathy! You gals are incredible and I really want you to work less than 90 hours a week:)

  5. Congratulations gals, you will be so much closer to me now. I know you will do well. I have at least three more pieces I would like to do. Can’t wait to see you again. Betty Glupker!

    1. I need you to come out and stage everything for me. I want to use a bunch of the barn wood, tin crown molding pieces, some barn light (knock-off’s)… crates, funky up-cycles… to give it personality but I don’t have the staging eye that you do. What’cha doing the next few weeks 😉 ?

  6. After looking of your old work spaces at home, are you going to know how to act with a home that is just for living and not working? Wish I was closer to your new shop so I could come take a class. You have great ideas and love that you post videos for those of us that are new to furniture refinishing and want to be inspired. I know you will do great in your new space. Your enthusiasm is contagious! Keep spreading it.

  7. I have been waiting for time to write a proper CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so thrilled for you and Kathy. Hopefully the stress level might come down a few notches, and the joy of creating and teaching will go way up!! I wish I could come to one of the workshops, hopefully in the next year!

    1. Thanks Karen, it’s going SLOW since it’s basically just the two of us and it will be some time before we have everything the way we really want it, but it should be at least functional by the time CeCe comes up here in November.

  8. Yay!!!! you guys will be set up and running before you know it – time flies st Mach speed, it seems, when you’re you’re in business… Take time to breathe (and sleep). (Sleep IS important ) and call me if you need any help . My word of advice, build more shelves than you think you’ll need – those go first!! God bless!

    1. That’s what we’ve been working on. We bought some for storage then Cathy built a bunch more for the open quarts. Just scored a counter from Steelcase’s Employee Sales and will doctor that up. Everything is going to take time. I’d love things to look super nice, but it’s not going to be the super duper place like you have. Thanks for the inspiration. When I grow up (LOL), I want to be just as successful as you 😉

  9. So happy for you Shelly!! That;s my dream is to have a place like that. My garage and inner house is fast looking like yours! And i don’t even have a basement!

  10. How exciting for you two! I just got my own warehouse/studio space (by the grace of God) at an amazing price for our area! I love it. It is like my version of heaven. I’m holding my first event “open craft night” this month. So excited!!!! xoxox something borrowed something vintage

    1. That’s awesome Lisa!! I’m a nervous wreck having so much more overhead with our new studio, praying God will work through us in amazing ways that only He can comprehend. Your event sounds awesome!! We’re going to open up a variety of workshops too soon.

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