I Finally Finished My Very First Piece!

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Three years ago I picked up my first dresser in an attempt to see how hard it was to re-purpose a piece of furniture.  Friends were giving us grief because we were still using our old TV.  They couldn’t understand why the flat screen my husband earned at work years earlier was still covered with a sheet in our closet

I don’t know why it was such a big deal to everyone else.   Our old TV worked fine and the flat screen wouldn’t look much different in the armoire anyway.  It didn’t make sense to switch everything out until we had the right stand for our new TV plus, I really didn’t care for the new entertainment centers in the stores.

I started looking for something I could re-purpose for our flat screen.  Of course I wanted something different.  How boring would life be if we all copied each other?  I planted the seed in my mind and during a stop at a thrift shop, I spotted an old dresser.  It was marked down 50%, most likely due to the outdated finish, but it was well built.

I removed the chunky hardware it had along with strange wood trim then lopped three inches off the bottom of the dresser using my circular saw.  Yes, you read right; I literally sawed off the bottom three inches of the entire dresser ~ all the way around.  I did that to remove the damaged veneer, not realizing then that I could have repaired it.

I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.  I just jumped in and went for it.  That’s how I learn.  I spent hours going through all the tedious steps of sanding and priming. I stood outside for hours sanding with my orbital sander, until I had removed the original finish down to the raw wood.

I hand painted it with black Rustoleum paint but it smelled horrible and didn’t spread well.  It took forever to dry so every particle floating around in the air ended up stuck to the finish.  Clean up required more chemicals to clean everything up which took my nightmare over the edge.  I pushed it aside and left it there – FOR THREE YEARS.

FAST FORWARD, January 2014 ~ After three years of waiting, it was finally time to finish what I had started.  My daughter helped me load it into the truck, on a very cold morning I might add, and off it went to our paint studio.

My Uncle filled the holes from the old drawer pulls so our new ones would fit.  I fine sanded the roughness out of the Rustoleum paint which had a gritty feel to it, most likely due to the dusty space I had painted it in three years prior.

My neighbor Dave helped me cut down two other odd ball curved pieces that really dated the piece.  Once cut straight, the entire piece took on a whole new look.


I painted it with American Paint Company’s Lincoln’s Hat and sealed it with APC’s Clear Wax then attached the new hardware.

Shizzle Design American Paint Company black entertainment center painted dresser repurposed chalk clay ideas 5 Lincoln's Hat

We attached casters to give it more of an industrial feel and to make up for the height it lost when I sawed off the bottom.

Shizzle Design American Paint Company black entertainment center painted dresser repurposed chalk clay ideas 4 Lincoln's Hat

I have to apologize for my lousy pictures.  The weather is just not cooperating and I apparently need to create better lighting in our workshop because the fluorescent lights are messing with my lighting.

Shizzle Design American Paint Company black entertainment center painted dresser repurposed chalk clay ideas 6 Lincoln's Hat

This piece along with many others will be available at this year’s Women’s Expo at Devos in Downtown Grand Rapids.  We are one of the key presenters for the show.  Save the date ~ March 14, 15 & 16 and stay tuned for all the fun and exciting things we’ll be doing there.

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    1. Hi Cindy, does it look normal now? I have the hardest time with WordPress. I wish I never would have changed over from Blogger to WordPress. It’s been nothing but a nightmare ever since. So hard for me to control what I do on this and with the click of a button, I can totally mess everything up. Thanks for letting me know!!

  1. You go girl, you and your sister are such an inspiration to me, not just artistically but at a personal level, it’s so great to see women accomplishing so much! Thanks for your daily insights and sharing your successes as well as sharing the obstacles you have overcome!–Tina

  2. I love this story and I love the finished product!!! You and I are the same, we resisted the flat screen until we had to replace the DVD player and nothing would work with the old TV. Doesn’t it feel so good to finish something that has been taking up space for so long? Not that I would have any clue what this feels like…..

    1. Another gal asked me if I had found it for ourselves, then why was it up for sale ~ SHHHHH, don’t tell anyone, but we’re still using our old TV. This entertainment center is too modern for our 100 year old Craftsman Style Bungalow ~ lol!

    2. Yes it does!! I’ve been loading my truck every single day on my way into work, loading up everything I can before my fingers go numb from the freezing cold. Aat the rate I’m going, I might be able to see the walls of the garage by summer! Wahoo!!

  3. I watched ur video using the drill with the round brush on it. Do u have a problem keeping the brush on the drill? If so what did u do to keep it on? I read some site that they were having trouble with it coming off. Let me know because I am thinking of getting one

    1. Great question Joyce! My sister had that problem when she first used our drill brush with her drill. She wanted to know how to keep it from coming off. I’m like “huh? What are you talking about? I’ve never had it come off.” She got out her drill to show me. She’d run it for a while then release the trigger and the brush would spin off the drill. I started giving her THE look like she had flown over the cuckoo’s nest thinking she had her drill in reverse. I put it on my drill and buffed away. Now I was really cracking up and she was getting mad at me for teasing her but we did figure it out. She was using her impact drill and had the speed on the very fastest setting possible. Many drills now offer two different speed options (#1 or #2) in addition to the torque that you can adjust on the chuck. All she had to do was switch it from #2 to #1 and it worked perfectly. The drill brush and the drill bit are two separate pieces that thread together. The reason the brush would spin off her drill (when she let go of the trigger) is because it was spinning at such high reps that the sudden release of the trigger stopped the bit in it’s tracks but the brush Does that make sense? So when you’re buffing, the threads are as tight against each other as they can possibly be (righty/tighty). Pull the trigger all the way, just make sure you don’t have your drill set on it’s turbo setting and it will be your new best friend. Don’t know what I’d do without mine.

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