Look What’s New at Shizzle Design ~ Painted Chalk & Clay Furniture for Sale in West Michigan + Paint Sale

We knocked out some new pieces of furniture recently which are now available either in our Shizzle Shop or in our Shizzle Design booth within Not So Shabby.  We dropped several of them off yesterday along with some new signs and accessories.

Shizzle Design booth 16 hand painted furniture american paint company chalk clay paint Michigan retailer best 2

In case you’re new around here, we sell our chalk and clay painted furniture out of two different location in the greater Grand Rapids area.  Some of our pieces are located within our working studio at Shizzle Design in Jenison ~ This is the spot where all the magic takes place.

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Stop in any time to pick up paint, see what furniture pieces we have for sale or what we’re working on!  These are the pieces currently for sale in our studio.


Shizzle Design Paint Shop & Studio

2018 Chicago Drive  Jenison, MI  49428

Petite French Sideboard 

48″ wide x 12″ deep x       ” high

American Paint Company Shizzle Design Retailer where to buy 2018 Chicago Drive Jenison MI  www.shizzle-design.com buffet ideas colors 3 For all the details of this petite buffet, click here


Charming Vintage Vanity

49″ wide x 21″ deep x 69″ high

shizzle design painted vanity american paint company

vintage cream color vanity shizzle design 2018 chicago drive jenison mi 49428 www.shizzle-design.com 2

Artistically Refinished Wardrobe / Entertainment Center 

Shizzle Design Retailer for American Paint Company's Paiint Not So Shabby Holland Michigan 49424 display

French Country Armoire Shizzle Design, ideas, gray, painated furniture, for sale, chalk, American Paint Company, Michigan funky finish doors 23

Many more photos available on this piece HERE.


Whimsical Country Cottage Coffee Table

42″ wide x 32.5″ deep x 18″ high

1 turquoise blue white chalk clay coffee table shizzle design west michigan american paint company DeVos PlaceTo see the transformation and colors used on this piece, click here.


Vintage Lobster Crate Re-purposed into

Darling Coffee Table 

white washed coffee table re-purposed from crate Shizzle Design Grand Rapids, MI

For up-to-date availability on all our pieces, call our Shizzle Shop at 616.669.1414


The following furniture is available in our

Shizzle Design booth within Not So Shabby

2975 West Shore Dr.,  Holland, MI  49424

Shizzle Design booth 9 hand painted furniture american paint company chalk clay paint Michigan retailer best 2


Antique Buffet Painted in Peacock Blue

61″ wide x 21″ deep x 40″ high

American Paint Company's Peacock hand painted antique buffet Shizzle Design 2018 Chicago Drive Jenison MI  49428 www.shizzle-design.com teal layers 1To see the transformation of this antique sideboard in Peacock Blue, click here

Classy Gray French Buffet

52″ wide x 20″ deep x 36″ high

2014 West Michigan's Women's Expo Shizzle Design painted furniture American Paint company chalk clay mineral Paints 2018 Chicago Dr Jenison, MI  49428 DeVos Grand Rapids bufffet antiqueI haven’t posted  all the details on this buffet yet.

Peacock Blue Retro Highboy

Peacock Blue Highboy Dresser Shizzle Design American Paint Company Not So Shabby Holland Michigan chalk clay paint ideas 2

To see the complete renovation & pictures of this Retro Blue Highboy, Click HERE.


Funky Retro Vanity

49″ wide x 20″ deep x 62″ high

whimsical retro vanity shizzle design west michigan decoupage waistcoat mirror vintage antique painted furniture


Sassy Blue Dresser w/ Whimsical Flower

beach glass dresser with flower american paint company paints

 To see the complete renovation & pictures of this whimsical dresser here

Contact us here with any questions and to double check on availability.


Funky 8 drawer Highboy 

Shizzle Design booth 8 hand painted furniture american paint company chalk clay paint Michigan retailer best 2

For prices and availability of our painted furniture, click: Furniture for Sale


We have a great sale going on right now for the three retired colors from American Paint Company: First Lady (a pastel lavender/pink), Heaven’s Light (pastel yellow) and Tumbleweed ~ I’m not really sure how to describe Tumbleweed, but you can see it int he picture below.  Sample size prices on retired colors are $6.95 and $24.95 for the quarts ~ that’s a $10 savings per quart!!  Visit our Online Shizzle Shop HERE or stop by Shizzle Design in Jenison to stock up!

CeCe Caldwell's sale price chalk clay paint clearance Shizzle Design sale American Paint Company retired colors Grand Rapids MI

We still have a handful of colors remaining from our Ce Caldwell inventory.  As of yesterday, we still had some hand poured Pint Pots & Sample Pots in: Cinco Bayou Moss, Michigan Pine, Alaskan Tundra, Texas Prairie, Memphis Blue, Smoky Mountain, Portland Rose, Emerald Green, Carolina Sun Yellow, California Gold Chesapeake Blue, Kissimmee Orange at prices starting as low as $4.95.   Stop by our paint studio in Jenison or order online HERE.

Of course we also offer a complete inventory of all American Paint Company products in all our locations here

We have many more pieces we’ve started that we will be working on in the upcoming weeks.  Stay tuned…

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