Fine Quality Brushes from Vintiquities

Everybody has a “THING” for something ~ purses, shoes, jewelry…  I have a thing for funky eclectic necklaces (if anyone knows some cool places to shop, let me know), old barns, creative re-purposed treasures and brushes ~ I have a thing for brushes!

I’m as laid back, easy going and casual as can be but when it comes to brushes, I’m downright picky.   I’ve tried so many different brushes that are supposed to be “all that”, but didn’t meet my standards either because of the handle, bristles, size, design or quality.  Brushes are one of the things I’m fussy about.  That being said, I thought I would share the latest brushes added to our collection.

Vintiquities Finest Brushes

We  are absolutely thrilled to be the first Distributor in the U.S. to offer Vintiquities Finest Quality Paint Brushes and Round Wax Brushes.  Wholesale opportunities are also available for retailers; contact me here with your name and location for more information.   Painting and waxing  just got a whole lot easier!

Finest Quality Full Oval Paint Brushes & Wax Brushes from Vintiquities

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Cathy and I are very blessed because we have opportunities to try and review all sorts of products.  We’ve tried and not cared for numerous paints, paint supplies and brushes, but when we tried the brushes from Vintiquities, we fell in head over heals in love.

Vintiquities Paint Brushes are Amazing!!!  

Finest Quality Paint & Wax Brushes from Vintiquities ~ Available at Shizzle Design

As an instructor, one of the most common things I notice over and over again in our workshops is students not loading their brush with enough paint.  

Shizzle Tip:  Many people just put a tiny little bit of paint on their bristles and then wipe part of it back off on the side of the can.   What difference does that make?  A BIG difference.  It quadruples the amount of time it should take to cover your project and there ends up being a bunch of stop and start points.

By doing this, you’re not able to spread the paint in nice long strokes and the paint ends up being overworked in an effort to smooth it out which might actually pull the paint back off  or you end up with a super thin layer that really doesn’t serve much of a purpose.

Moreover, applying a thin first coat usually sets someone up for failure when they go back to distress because they distress all the way through both colors which pretty much defeats the purpose of layering two colors in the first place.  You don’t have to layer more than one color but if you do, I’m guessing you’re doing it so you can see both colors.

That’s where these new Finest Quality Paint & Wax Brushes from Vintiquities come into play

Our new domed oval paint brushes from Vintiquities offer full, lush bristles which distribute chalk & clay paint better than any other brushes we’ve used.  They feather the paint out evenly whether creating smooth finishes or building rich texture.

Domed Oval Paint Brushes from Vintiquities

Finest Quality Paint & Wax Brushes from Vintiquities ~ Available at Shizzle Design

If you’re a person who struggles with getting smooth brush strokes, these brushes are for you!  I can’t get over the difference in my own finishes!

Our Finest Quality Oval Paint Brushes are available in Three Sizes

Finest Quality Paint & Wax Brushes from Vintiquities ~ Available at Shizzle Design

I also LOVE Glazing with these brushes!!


Just look how subtle of a finish you can create!!


Vintiquities Wax Brushes

Finest Quality Paint & Wax Brushes from Vintiquities ~ Available at Shizzle Design

We also fell in LOVE with Vintiquities Round Wax Brushes!

They’re offered in two great sizes ~ 1-1/2″ and 1-3/4″

Finest Quality Wax Brushes from Vintiquities ~ Available at Shizzle Design

The bristles on these brushes are VERY nice and more dense than other wax brushes.  Their dense firm bristles allows me to distribute my wax more evenly and with less effort.

Finest Quality Wax Brushes from Vintiquities ~ Available at Shizzle Design

I absolutely love the design of these handles!!!  

Finest Quality Wax Brushes from Vintiquities ~ Available at Shizzle Design

How a brush fits in my hand is a huge thing for me personally because it affects the pain in my joints.  These brushes fit the bill.  They are so comfortable!  I am soft handed when I paint but when I wax, I really scrub hard the perfect fit of these brushes along with the dense bristles are awesome!

Want to Retail The BEST brushes for Chalk & Clay Paints, Glazes & Milk Paints?

Vintiquities finest paint and wax brushes U.S. Distributor retailer opportunities Shizzle Design

We’re Now Accepting Retailers across the U.S.!!

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For the opportunity to retail these amazing paint and wax brushes, send your business, location and contact information here.

Vintiquities finest paint and wax brushes Shizzle Design Distributor Retailer


Other Favorites ~ Angled Paint Brushes will still always be a staple around here.  They’re a great all around brush and are still my favorite for cutting in.

2″ Angled Paint Brushes will always be a staple around here

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I also couldn’t survive without my Buffing Brush

drill attachment wax buffing brush shizzle design This wax buffing brush has been our favorite tool for years.  It takes a lot of the elbow grease out of buffing.  I still need to hold onto the drill with both hands but the drill does all the hard work for me.  It buffs the wax out to an amazing sheen and I’m able to get a much harder finish than I do when I just buff with a rag.

Do you have to have a buffing brush to buff your projects?  No, but it sure is a nice tool to have.  I don’t know what I’d do without mine.

That being said, I just received a great question on our drill brush that I’d like to share with everyone.

“I’ve heard rumors that the drill brush can spin off the drill when you stop.  I’d like to purchase one but I wanted to double check with you before I order one.”

wax buffing brush drill attachment shizzle design cece caldwell's chalk clay paint furniture tools

Shizzle Tip:  So glad you asked this Joyce! It’s a GREAT question and I’m going to share it!!

My sister had that problem when she first used our drill brush with her drill (we were sharing one because we couldn’t keep them in stock). She asked me how to keep it from coming off. I’m like “huh? What are you talking about? It works fine.” She grabbed her drill to show me. She ran it for a while then released the trigger and the brush spun off. “You see!”

I gave her THE look like she had flown over the cuckoo’s nest thinking she had her drill in reverse. I put the brush in my drill and buffed away with no problems. Now I was really cracking up and she was getting mad but we did eventually figure it out.

The drill brush and the drill bit are two separate pieces that thread together. It’s actually a brilliant design. We’ve been using ours for three years now and it’s as nice as it was the day we bought it.   What figured out that her drill was set on THE very fastest combinations of settings possible.   The sudden release of the trigger stopped the bit in its tracks.  If you’re drill has its top switch on the normal setting (#1), your drill brush should work perfectly.  Does that make sense? So when you’re buffing, the threads are as tight against each other as they can be (righty/tighty). Pull the trigger all the way, just make sure you don’t have your drill set on its super turbo setting and it will be your new best friend. 🙂

You can usually adjust your drill in two locations, the torque on the chuck as well as a switch on the top which really amps up the power. On mine, there is a simple switch on the top of the drill that you slide up or down to choose #1 or #2.

All we had to do was switch her top switch from #2 to #1 and it worked fine

Drill adjustments

The threads will occasionally loosen a bit when I stop using it but it’s no biggy; I just twirl it to tighten the threads and adjust my drill down a little bit.  When you start buffing, it automatically tightens up anyway.  If you want to buff the quick and easy way and get the nicest finish ever or if you’d like to try it out for yourself, stop into our Shizzle Shop at 2018 Chicago Drive, Jenison, MI 49428 or order one online at:

Here’s a quirky video from a couple of years ago showing you how I use it


We were so blown away with Vintiquities Brushes that we joined the team and are now the official distributor for the U.S.

If you’re just need some brushes for yourself, we have them in stock online here as well as all our West Michigan Locations: Here.  Email us at if  you would like the opportunity to retail Vintiquities Brushes in your shop.

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