Ornate Round Antique Side Table Painted in Sackcloth & Custom Mixed Cameo Glaze by American Paint Company

Hi guys!  We’re working on switching things around at the shop this week to better utilize our space so I’m sharing  a cute little table I refinished recently.

American Paint Company Shizzle Design chalk clay painted furniture table Sackcloth Cameo ideas 1

When I got it, it looked like it had been stained a dark brown but the color had faded quite a bit.  It had such great bones though and I knew it would be fabulous with a little TLC.  To get things started, I painted the base in American Paint Company’s Sackcloth and the top with Crushed Tea.

Ellis Collection - Sackcloth
available at www.shizzle-design/store
Ellis Island
available at www.shizzle-design.com

Sackcloth Cameo Pink Taupe chak paint Shizzle Design Grand Rapids MI Ornate Antique Table 2I gave the base a quick coat of American Paint Company’s Topcoat to create a barrier for the tinted glaze I made up.  This goes on quick and  creates a barrier so you can easily manipulate your glaze.  You can use the black or brown glaze as is or you can create your own custom color by mixing in a little bit of any of our paint colors into the clear glaze.  To create the pale pink glaze, I mixed a little bit of APC’s Clear Glaze with a little bit of Cameo from APC’s Ellis Collection.

American Paint Company’s Black, Brown & Clear Glazes

glazesCameo is from American Paint Company’s Ellis Collection and tends to be quite thick.

Ellis Collection - Cameo


Shizzle Tip:  The thicker the paint, the more I water it down.  It helps it to level out better so you don’t end up with brush strokes and stretches your paint so you end up with more bang for your buck.  It also helps the paint seep into all the deep crevices that may otherwise be hard to get paint into.  ———————————————————————————————————————————————–

It only took a little bit of paint mixed with the clear glaze to create the color I was looking for.  I did a simple wipe-on / wipe-off using a rag to highlight all the beautiful details.

See how the glaze settles into all the crevices?

Shizzle Design chalk painted furniture table Sackcloth Cameo ideas Michigan layering gray pink table

I sealed the base with American Paint Company’s Clear Wax then mixed it up a bit using both Clear and Dark Waxes to create subtle variations on the top.

Crushed Tea sealed with Clear & Dark Waxes

American Paint Company Shizzle Design chalk clay painted furniture table Sackcloth Cameo ideas Michigan layering gray white

… and there you have it 🙂

Company Shizzle Design chalk clay painted furniture table Sackcloth Cameo ideas Michigan 4

We just dropper her off to Not So Shabby at 2975 West Shore Drive in Holland, Michigan 49424 where she’s anxiously awaiting her owner.

Hope you all are having a fabulous week!!


  A hui hou ~ Shelly

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14 Replies to “Ornate Round Antique Side Table Painted in Sackcloth & Custom Mixed Cameo Glaze by American Paint Company”

  1. Shelly the table is wonderful! The layering of colors and glazes brings such depth and character. Thank you for your tips.

  2. I love it!!
    Thanks for showing the colors that you used –so many painters say “I used X and Y and Z. but I don’t know what those colors look like–so I have to go and look them up if I like the look (I always like your pieces! -I hope to make it to a class some day!)

    1. Your welcome. I won’t be able to do this forever, might as well pass on the knowledge before I’m too old to share it. We would love to have you at a workshop some time Maggie!! Have fun painting!!

  3. I’ve periodically seen pictures of your pieces in MMS’s Friday link party but I have to say this is my favorite piece of painted furniture – possibly ever. The depth and details are wonderful. It drew me to your website where I have spent a happy 1/2 hour reading about American Paint Co. and the changes to your business. I hope that things are going well for you and your sister after the switch to APC. Unfortunately I’m no where near Michigan but I’m anxious to learn more about the glazes. May be contacting you in the future.

    1. Sounds good Patty! Thanks for the compliments!! The table itself had such beautiful detail, I think pretty much anything would have looked good on it. Have fun!!

  4. Wow, that table has great bones and you made it even more awesome with this beautiful paint job. Thanks so much for sharing at our Vintage Inspiration Party. I’m inspired!

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