IKEA Hack – Rast 3 Drawer Chest to Rustic Red Kitchen Island Cart

Several weeks ago we were asked us to take part in an IKEA hack.

Ikea Hack fabric Junk Gypsies Kitchen Island red chalk paint ideas shizzle design chevron burlap barn wood hardware - Copy

We joined several other bloggers in this pursuit.  Each of us were given an IKEA dresser, hardware of our choice from Hickory Hardware and a gift card to Menards for other supplies.  The top three will be awarded with a hardware room makeover for any room project.  How cool is that!

When they asked me to do it, we were already working 13 hour days but…

I said YES!

What the heck was I thinking?  


We’ve been slammed with our paint business and our painted pieces of furniture are flying out the door at record numbers so it probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but I was so excited for this opportunity and knew somehow our business schedule would allow us to squeeze in one more project.

 I’m pretty sure I was doing the happy dance when I said YES!NSS Dec 2014 sale Shizzle Design painted furniture home decor Not So Shabby chalk paint supplies 1

I was so honored to have this opportunity and even more excited to have the opportunity to get all new hardware for a room in my house.  

Then, in the midst of all the excitement, I handed the project over to my sister Cathy.

Shizzle Design West Michigan Expo Featured Speaker Painted Furniture chalk clay paint retailer supplies workshops 5

A couple of weeks later a small box arrived at our studio, seriously ~ like the size of a coat box!

Ikea hack dresser before shizzle design grand rapids michigan

With just one peek, I knew this project required a brain with the ability to focus more than five seconds.  “Oh Cathhhhhhhhy!!!”

Holy Frappacino Batman, look at all those parts!

Ikea Hack before pile of wood dresser shizzle design grand rapids michigan

Who needs written instructions when you can look at the pictures!

Ikea dresser hack shizzle design kitchen island cart red

It’s like a Lego set for grown ups!

Ikea hack rast dresser pine shizzle design

Part by part, Cathy put the pieces together

ikea rast dresser parts shizzle design

I’m not exactly sure what the Rast 3 Drawer Chest is marketed as, Cath says it’s for underwear ~ lol.  I have no idea if that’s the truth, but her response cracked me up.

Never fear ~ Cathy is here!

IKEA’s Rast 3 drawer chest is very basic.  There are no legs so it basically just sits there on the floor with a boo boo lip wishing it had some.

Ikea Rast Dresser Hack before shizzle design


Cathy was determined to re-purpose this chest into something out of the ordinary.  We tossed off one another then left the ball in her court to design her creation.  I had a general idea of what she wanted to do but I wish you all could have seen the look on my face when I walked in and saw this!

Rustic Kitchen Island Cart

Ikea Hack fabric Junk Gypsies Kitchen Island red chalk paint ideas shizzle design chevron burlap barn wood hardware - Copy

The first thing she had to do was increase the height.  Cath use the Menards gift card we received to buy these metal casters.  They fit the bill perfectly!

Every kitchen cart needs cool wheels!

metal casters kitchen cart IKEA hack shizzle design

A few more inches were still needed to make the island the right height so Cathy chopped up a piece of reclaimed wood for the rise then picked through our pile of barn wood to create the top.

WHAT?  You missed our barn pickin’ adventure?  

It was a blast!  Check it out; you’re sure to laugh at my dirty face here.  Ok, back to the cart…  This is the best shot showing how the height was added.  Once secured, the braces were topped off with barn wood.  Beadboard was  added to the back.  Cath picked a sheet of it up at Menards then cut it down to size to finish off the back.

I LOVE how she painted and distressed the beadboard!

Ikea Hack Junk Gypsies Kitchen Island red chalk paint ideas shizzle design beadboard barn wood


The Paint Finish Recipe

Cathy gave everything a base coat of American Paint Company’s Freedom Road, a slate gray color then painted over that in Firework’s Red.  She did a lot of wet distressing to get that awesome weathered look then sealed it all with a mix of clear and dark wax.  Want to re-create this look?  All products are available here.  If you have any questions on the process, pop me a question in the comments below.


So what about the drawer pulls?

The chest came with simple wooden knobs which work great but we’re pretty spoiled when it comes to hardware.  Most of the furniture we refinish are antiques which traditionally have some super cool drawer pulls.

Did I mention I love love to paint hardware?

Hand painted hardware by Shelly Andrade at Shizzle Design in Grand Rapids Michigan CeCe Caldwell's chalk and clay paint colors distress layering dresser painted furniture Lingerie Chest


Drawer pulls are the icing on the cake.  It’s like that Kohler commercial where the lady says “build a house around this!”  With furniture, hardware is the same thing.  It’s the jewelry, the sparkle, the bling.  I think anyone in our line of work appreciates the beauty of a agreat piece of hardware.  Ok, so I’m a little more addicted to hardware than the average Joe.  What can I say?  We all have our fetishes.

I learned something really neat during this project.  I had no idea that Hickory Hardware is only a few minutes from our shop!  I love buying Michigan made products and they’ve been here all along!  Hickory is all tied in with Keeler Brass, which everyone knows about but I didn’t realize it was all connected.  Belwith Products has led the decorative hardware industry since 1893.   That’s a pretty impressive run!  How cool would it be to tour their facility.  I’d feel like a kid in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory ~ not sure I could contain myself!

The Hardware

Cath looked through all the great choices at Hickory Hardware then chose the perfect chunky, rustic pulls.

Ikea Hack fabric Junk Gypsies Kitchen Island red chalk paint ideas shizzle design chevron burlap barn wood - Copy

Cathy also added a super cool handle to help move the cart around. 

Ikea Hack fabric Junk Gypsies Kitchen Island red chalk paint ideas shizzle design chevron burlap barn wood hardware 2

Hooks were added to the back for spatulas, pots & pans.  There’s also storage in the back for cookbooks

Ikea Hack fabric Junk Gypsies Kitchen Island red chalk paint shizzle design beadboard, metal hooks

Cath snagged one of last year’s flea market picks to hold items on the other side.  They’re so rusty and funkylicious!

Ikea Hack fabric Junk Gypsies Kitchen Island red chalk paint ideas shizzle design chevron burlap barn wood metal rust - Copy How can you have a rust and funk without a little burlap bling?

Ikea Hack fabric Junk Gypsies Kitchen Island red chalk paint ideas shizzle design

Ikea Hack fabric Junk Gypsies Kitchen Island red chalk paint ideas shizzle design barn wood metal rust 3

We had until the end of the year to complete this project.  Not that I procrastinate or anything, but it is 11:59 p.m. on December 31st!   Many, many mahalos for giving us this opportunity!  We had a blast!!

Happy New Year!!

Ikea hack shizzle design

If you enjoy reading our blog posts and like how Cathy transformed this Ikea dresser then, PLEASE vote for her piece here!  It’s a one click entry.  Thank you!

Feel free to share, pin, like and comment below!

I really enjoyed watching my sister transform this piece.  It’s amazing to me what you can do with a clean slate.  I can’t wait to see the other hacks!

Cathy needs your vote to win free hardware for her kitchen.  

Please vote here!


A hui hou ~ Shelly

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23 Replies to “IKEA Hack – Rast 3 Drawer Chest to Rustic Red Kitchen Island Cart”

  1. OH my gosh Ladies! That turned out AMAZING. How come I don’t have a Cathy that I can make do some of the work around here…My Cathy just seems to be one of my other personalities and she is more like LUCY from I love Lucy.LOL I can’t believe that is even the same cabinet…I call it a cabinet cause it ain’t no dresser like IKEA calls it unless you are living in munchkin land! I can’t believe all the amazing touches you added. THAT COLOR!! TO DIE FOR!!! So Rich and amazing!
    I should mention in my infinite A.D.D. ism that when I completed my project I had no idea it was a competition…I heard, free dresser, free hardware and a gift card and was like COOL…I finished mine emailed them back and re read the email where it said it was a contest. Hahahaha…. I am such an idiot! 🙂
    I can’t wait to share and pin this! Its STUNNING! Great job you two…You make an amazing team..even if one of you does have and issue with Keys and Locks LOL
    Love ya!
    Happy New Year,

    1. I somehow skimmed over the part about three winners getting hardware too. By the time I went back to read the letter about what they were looking for, I had already pawned it off 😀 I was running so far behind on another feature thing and nobody bothered to yell “squirrel”. I’m amazed they even let me out of the house. I can’t wait to see the other hacks; let me know if you run across any of them.

    1. Thanks Deb! I love how it turned out too. Pictures don’t do it justice. It’s one of those funky shaped pieces that was hard to shoot, that and the fact that we haven’t had sunlight for six weeks. Every time the sun did pop out for a minute, we scramble over to the door and try to take a couple shots.

  2. Hey Shelly! Happy New Year! Oh my goodness I love EVERYTHING about the hack, but especially the red and the added goodies. You two are so creative., honestly. I wanted to tell you that there’s a website called Pretty Pegs that sells legs specifically designed for Ikea furniture. That is, should you ever be in a position to do another Ikea piece. They dont turn up much in antique shops, do they! So, great job girlies and happiest of new years to you. May 2015 be your best new year ever.

    1. Thanks so much for all your kind words! I’ll be sure to pass it along to Cathy. She does such nice work; I think she has a magic wand around the shop somewhere, just haven’t been able to find it 🙂

  3. Wow. First of all, congratulations on assembling the IKEA dresser. Just that is pretty impressive. But then, what you both did! The color, the hardware, the wheels, the breadboard — so creative and so fantastic. I love getting your posts because you two are a great team, turning out stunning pieces, time after time. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thanks Ann! I thought it was pretty impressive she got it all together without any leftover pieces too. I usually end up with a few extra parts :D. I’m glad you appreciate the posts;that really means a lot to know that somebody reads them and they’re worthwhile. I put hours and hours into writing each post; this one was especially long for some reason. I’m on the brink of giving up blogging altogether because I need to carve out some time for family.

    1. lol! Seriously, it is. I bet all their products are like that. You could hang all new kitchen cabinets simply by calling all the neighborhood kids over.

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