Whimisical Patchwork Style Paint Technique with American Paint Company Paints

Today I’m revisiting one of our most popular posts written a couple years ago.  I love painting this whimsical patchwork style and on this cold, dreary, SNOWY April day, I needed a little whimsy to brighten my spirits.  Hoping for warmer days ahead this summer.  Enjoy!!

Do you ever have one of  THOSE days?  THOSE weeks?  THOSE months?  I do!  Sometimes I just need to walk away from everything and escape the chaos for a little while.  This is one of our favorite places to relax.

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park

Lake Michigan’s Beautiful Shoreline, Empire, Michigan


I love Michigan’s summers!  Since it’s light until almost 10:00 p.m. this time of year, late afternoons and evenings the perfect time for painting.  The sun isn’t intense, the winds are usually calm and everything seems more tranquil.


I took the opportunity to slap together a quick makeover using various leftover sample pots of American Paint Company’s chalk, clay and mineral paint.  I dumped blobs of each color onto a plate and went to town.  No deep thought, no planning ~ Ready, Set, GO!

The only thing I knew I wanted was a chunky, patchwork quilt type of colorful finish.  I used American Paint Company’s Beach Glass, Orange Grove, Amber Waves of Grain, Home Turf, Dessert Cactus (a couple of these have since been retired and are on sale now here).  Here’s what I ended up with.

Patchwork #painteddresser Shizzle Design Grand Rapids, Michigan chalk clay paints #paintedfurniture best colors ideas #americanpaintcompany 12

To begin, I simply slapped on the paint and kept layering… and layering… and layering!


This dresser is a good representation of what’s going through my brain at any given moment.

Patchwork #painteddresser Shizzle Design Grand Rapids, Michigan chalk clay paints #paintedfurniture best colors ideas #americanpaintcompany 11

To me, it’s not just about the color, it’s how a piece feels

I wish you could reach through your monitor and feel how silky smooth the finish is on this piece.  It’s sealed with American Paint Company’s Light Antiquing Wax (retired, we have one can left on 4.22.15) which adds a sunset-like warmth to the vast array of colors I used.

Patchwork #painteddresser Shizzle Design Grand Rapids, Michigan chalk clay paints #paintedfurniture best colors ideas 2

I love APC’s Antiquing Waxes!  

APC’s waxes are pre-mixed so…

  • You don’t have to mix it up yourself and worry whether you have it mixed well enough to cure properly.
  • You don’t have to fart around cutting the dark wax with clear wax just to make it glide on evenly.  It naturally spreads out evenly without creating streaks you can’t blend into the finish.
  • You also won’t have to dilute it with Mineral Spirits like some chemically laden waxes require to make them work properly ~ just brush it on like you would Clear Wax and buff with an old t-shirt and you’ll end up with such a buttery smooth finish that you won’t be able to stop touching it.

Light Antiquing Wax #shizzledesign #americanpaintcompany

Ok, maybe that’s just me 

I touch a lot of painted furniture that doesn’t FEEL good

To create this look, take a variety of colors and start slapping it on in random patterns.  Dry brush in every which way then use a little water to spread it around and repeat over and over again until you like what you see.  I used a variety of colors from American Paint Company’s chalk/clay/mineral paints including: Fireworks Red, Home Turf, Surfboard, Orange Grove, Wild Horses, Home Plate, Beach Glass, Coral Reef and whatever else was within my reach that day.

Patchwork #painteddresser Shizzle Design Grand Rapids, Michigan chalk clay paints #paintedfurniture best colors ideas #americanpaintcompany 10

I do the same thing with carpet, couches, sweatshirts and linens.  Living room carpet needs to be soft enough to lay on, the fabric on a couch needs to be so comfy that you can crash face first into it…  Yes, I’ve been known to lay on couches at LaZboy and I’m about as experienced as they come at picking out the best rocking chair.  Ok ~ so I like to rock.  One of these days I’ll share some of my earliest photos of this habit that I seem to have carried on to adulthood.  Did I mention, I still rock my 10 year old?  SHHHH ~ don’t tell her I told you!!

Patchwork #painteddresser Shizzle Design Grand Rapids, Michigan chalk clay paints #paintedfurniture best colors ideas #americanpaintcompany 8

These colors lift my spirits!

Patchwork #painteddresser Shizzle Design Grand Rapids, Michigan chalk clay paints #paintedfurniture best colors ideas #americanpaintcompany 13

What do you think?  

Leave me a comment below ~ I’d love to hear about your favorite color combinations!

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  1. What a wonderful, just go with the flow, FUN project! No planning, thinking it through, plan some more…..just PAINT!!!!! AND it is wonderful!!!!!!

  2. Shelly! I LOVE your patchwork dresser!! The colors are fun and happy! I could easily find a place for it in my house:). Thanks for the post…
    Is the dresser for sale?

    Keep ‘me comin’!

    Sue Anderson

  3. The multi-color dresser is AWESOME! I have looked and looked for what to do with my counseling room at office. I wanted it to be cheery and colorful, and this is it! Thanks for posting your work.

  4. I can’t get the technique you’ve acquired. I ordered the paint, tried it everyway, watered it down, sanded, waxed it. Please help me achieve this look!!!!. I can’t come straight to you or I would, really, I’m ready to take a drive from Georgia!!!!. I love all your videos and I lloved talking with you earlier. Please call me when you can, thanks…. I’ve left a message.

  5. Omg I just did a door that would match this rainbow colored dresser. Man they would look good together! I found you by typing in chalk painted clocks. Isn’t that just the craziest! How much are you charging for the dresser? I’m curious because this is only the second door I have painted. I’ve been an artist for 24 years and just discovered chalk paint last August. You should see my cabinets! If your on Facebook I could private message you pictures! When I started doing the door people looked at Me like I was crazy! But o freaking love it and I’m trying to figure out what I should price it at. Any help would be great. Thank you in advance!

      1. I will definitely email you the pics! Maybe you can help me come up with a price. My husband says I’m really good at under selling my self. Which I just need to up the ol confidence and own it ya know!

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