Frenchic Furniture Paint® is here!

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After taking the U.K. and Europe by storm, Frenchic Furniture Paint® has spread its wings, and it is now available here in the U.S.!

It didn’t really show up on this luxurious cruise ship like this, but it certainly is a luxurious paint!  We proudly jumped on board as soon as Frenchic started being made and distributed in the U.S.!Frenchic Furniture Paint - Cruise Ship - Best paint in the world

We’re always trying new eco-friendly products, but I haven’t been this excited about a new paint – like, ever!

Cathy received and experimented with Frenchic while I was in the hospital and raved about it the entire time I was off.  I finally had the opportunity to try it when I returned to work this year and I was blown away with its qualities too.

So what makes Frenchic® better?

  • Frenchic bonds tighter with surfaces
  • Cures to a harder finish
  • Wet distresses easier
  • Covers better
  • Blocks better
  • Glides on easier
  • The raw paint itself  buffs to an absolute gleam even prior to sealing
  • It is ZERO VOC, not just low ~ it’s ZERO VOC’s
  • It has Zero toxins
  • It is Solvent Free
  • It is Acrylic Free
  • It is Latex Free
  • Will not peel or crack
  • It is Certified toy safe
  • There is no odor
  • Frenchic has a fabulous line of paint and wax brushes
  • Frenchic’s waxes are creamier and more easy to use.  All three, including the White Wax and Rustic Wax (dark wax) is as easy to use as the Clear.  I never thought I’d find a nicer wax until I tried these.

Frenchic Furniture Paint®

Frenchic Furniture Paint - Anguilla - teal antique vintage highboy dresser medium teal chalk paint, Shizzle Design, paint supplies, Jenison, Michigan

When we realized Frenchic checked ALL the boxes on our “must-have list”, we signed on as a Frenchic Distributor for the U.S..

Did I mention how fabulous their brushes are?

Frenchic Oval Paint Brushes 

Frenchic - Oval chalk clay mineral furniture Paint Brushes best quality shizzle design 4

Frenchic Round Wax Brushes

Frenchic - Round high quality furniture wax brush applicators shizzle design best 1

Frenchic Bonds like nothing I’ve ever seen and cures to a harder finish!  To see what I’m talking about, watch this video.


Frenchic Paint grabs on and adhere’s like no other and I can’t get over how fast it cures. I slapped a little paint on…

Posted by Shelly Andrade on Sunday, March 20, 2016

I have a hard time attaching videos to my blog posts.  If you aren’t able to see the video, you can view it on our Shizzle Facebook page here.  

The paint is lush and creamy and glides on like a dream!


Frenchic Furniture Paint® is an all natural, environmentally friendly chalk & mineral paint

Frenchic Furniture Paint - Mother Duck - medium blue gray similar to Duck Egg Blue chalk mineral furniture paint color variations

We’ve  experimented with lots of different paints and have narrowed down what we prefer to use.  Frenchic® couldn’t be formulated any more perfectly to suit our Shizzle Style of painting.

French Provencial dresser painted in gray, white, layered chalk, clay paints Shizzle Design furniture during chalk clay ideas

Frenchic Furniture Paint® is ZERO VOC

The ZERO is a big deal.  It’s proven to be a very important difference to my sister and I!  Many paints are LOW VOC which is much safer than traditional paints of days-gone-by, but many still cause problems for people with allergies or sensitivities.

Cathy for instance, gets horrible migraines and eczema all over her hands whenever she’s exposed to paint with latex in it.  She’s actually a pretty good test specimen because she doesn’t have to read the labels.  Her brain automatically detects it and sends warnings through horrible headaches and eczema.

She doesn’t have this problem with Frenchic because it’s Latex Free and Acrylic Free.  Frenchic® isn’t afraid to tell you what’s in their paint. In fact, the ingredients are proudly displayed on each and every can!

Frenchic Furniture Paint® will not peel or chip!

Being latex free and acrylic free also means Frenchic will not peel or chip like other paints.  It goes farther and is incredibly easy to wet distress.  You’ll be able to achieve a naturally worn look in no time.

Frenchic Furniture Paint - color chart

Frenchic Furniture Paint® is Extremely Easy to Work with!

Armoire color choices A

Frenchic Furniture Paint® is so incredibly easy to work with and is very forgiving if you change your mind on design along the way.  I tend to design as I go “layer on color, wipe back, hmm maybe a little more of that, no wait, changed my mind, maybe a little more of this color here, wipe back, repeat ~ love!…”  Ok, so maybe I’m the only one who does this but the point is ~ this paint is forgiving so changing your design as you go is no big deal.  If you happen to take off a little more paint while distressing, no worries.  Just stick your finger in some paint and fill it in.  It’s that easy!1 American Paint Company Shizzle Design chalk clay painted furniture table Sackcloth Cameo ideas 2

Save the Mess ~ Wet Distress!

You can sand if you want to but why make a mess when you don’t have to?  I don’t know about you, but we don’t have one of those fancy, built-in dust combustion systems for our workshop.  If we sand inside, we make a mess and everything from one end of the shop to the other ends up covered in a haze of dust.  Yuck!  Though we love working outside, our Michigan weather restricts us from doing it most of the year, so being able to wet distress is a huge must on our check list.

Get the Frenchic Effect!beautifully layer chalk paint colors using Frenchic Furniture paint easy to use shizzle design

Apply two different colors (or three or four or five ~ lol), one on top of the other, allowing paint to dry for at least 30 minutes between coats (time may vary based on climate).  Cathy and I cut up old t-shirts, get them wet (like you do when you wash the kitchen table) then gently rub to allow the undercoat of paint to shabby through leaving a super cool distressed finish of the two colors.

Did I mention I love wet distressing?  Even a beginner can acheive this beautiful look simply by wet distressing with a damp rag.  No more dusty mess kicked up while distressing with sand paper.  Save the money and the mess by trading in traditional sanding for wet distressing.

Creating Beautiful Finishes has Never been Easier!


I’ve spent hours in the past trying to create old world finishes like this but with Frenchic, layering colors is easier.  I can’t explain why but everything just seems to magically meld together.  Even a beginner can create a rich finish like this using Frenchic’s paints and finishes because they’re so easy to work with!

Frenchic Furniture Paint - Anguilla - medium teal chalk paint, pea soup olive green rustic dark wax paint recipes easy to use Shizzle Design Distributor for the U.S. Jenison Michigan

We’re taking votes HERE to see which colors our followers like, but we’re kind of leaning towards painting our armoire in Frenchic’s ~ Lady Gray and Posh Nelly sealing it with Rustic and White Waxes ~ stay tuned!!

I’m still battling pneumonia so that’s all I’ve got for you tonight but wait until you hear about their waxes!  They are AWESOME!

Frenchic Furniture Paint Lady Gray Posh Nelly Rustic White Wax best easy to use Shizzle Design Distributor Jenison Michigan


We’re excited have this at Shizzle Design and are looking forward to sharing this phenomenon with customers and retailers nationwide!

Frenchic Heart Logo - Sold Here

If you’re interested in retailing Frenchic Furniture Paint®, we’d love to hear from you!

Submit your contact info here to learn more about this fantastic opportunity!

Can’t wait to see who joins the Frenchic Family!

Frenchic Logo - blank - pink flowers shizzle design distributor U.S. Jenison, MI order online try buy furniture chalk paint

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  2. Shelly I am interested in looking into Frenchic. Interested in colors and what it retails for as price point is important in my area

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