Finding my way back with paint therapy

Finding my way back

For the first time in over a year, I’m thrilled to be creating again.  I lost my passion for painting this past year between the divorce, my diagnosis of cancer, major surgery, long recovery and almost losing our mom to an unexpected heart block.  

 After spending months in physical therapy and basic survival mode, I’m finally climbing out of the haze.  The fog is clearing and I can see hope for a better tomorrow.  Painting furniture is therapeutic, having lost that lust was like losing part of my inner soul and I’m so thankful it’s starting to come back.


I tried the Frenchic for the first time when I returned to work after surgery.  Cathy had raved about it for months and it didn’t take long for me to understand why.  Frenchic is absolutely dreamy and just what I needed to spark my passion for painting again.  0111

Frenchic Furniture Paint®

  • Frenchic bonds tighter with surfaces
  • Cures to a harder finish
  • Wet distresses easier
  • Covers better
  • Blocks better
  • Glides on easier
  • The raw paint itself  buffs to an absolute gleam even prior to sealing
  • It is ZERO VOC, not just low ~ it’s ZERO VOC’s
  • It has Zero toxins
  • It is Solvent Free
  • It is Acrylic Free
  • It is Latex Free
  • Will not peel or crack
  • It is Certified toy safe
  • There is no odor
  • Frenchic has a fabulous line of paint and wax brushes
  • Frenchic’s waxes are creamier and easier to use.  All three, including the White Wax and Rustic Wax (dark wax) are as easy to use as the Clear.  I never thought I’d find a nicer wax until I tried these.

Frenchic Furniture Paint® is so easy to use.  Even a beginner can create a beautiful finish the very first time.  Frenchic’s paint colors and waxes meld together like magic!  I’ve included a few of my favorite paint and wax combinations in this blog post.

beautifully layer chalk paint colors using Frenchic Furniture paint easy to use shizzle design

Start with a Clean Surface

It’s important to use a good degreaser to remove any existing grease or wax build up prior to painting.  Fiona Clarke, a retailer for Frenchic, makes this great parallel to emphasis the importance of cleaning your piece before you paint.  She says “If you were going out in the evening, you wouldn’t put foundation over an uncleaned face, would you?  Your face would be greasy and dirty cause the foundation to be blotchy.”  The same is true for the furniture and cabinets you paint ~ take the time to degrease the existing surface thoroughly prior to painting.  

Once your piece is clean, you’re free to paint  

mother duck

I chose to paint my table with Frenchic’s French Mist.

Ivory Tower dry-brushed over Scotch Mist 

Frenchic Furniture Paint - Scotch Mist and Ivory Tower drum table close up detail pedestal Shizzle Design buy online chalk paint supplies grand rapids michigan

To create this look, paint your piece with Scotch Mist (a beautiful, soft, gray-green) and let dry.  The paint is thick and rich.  I shake the sample pots and stir the quarts prior to using, then pour out only what I’ll need.  I also almost always dilute my paints with water or have a cup of water sitting next to me that I dip into.   It’s a personal choice, but that’s how I like to do it.

The highlights on this piece were created by lightly dry brushing Ivory Tower over the Scotch Mist.  (I think there is a dry-brush tutorial or video in our portfolio.  If not, please leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to do one.)  When both colors are dry, use a damp rag to gently rub back some of the white.  This softens the look and feel, and reveals all the pretty details.

shizzle design painted furniture - frenchic furniture paint - drum table - scotch mist - ivory tower

Once you have it looking the way you want it, let it dry.  The paint needs to be completely dry before you apply the wax.  I sealed the above piece with Frenchic’s Clear Wax – It’s awesome!

Posh Nelly over Lady Gray

Frenchic Furniture Paint Lady Gray Posh Nelly Rustic White Wax best easy to use Shizzle Design Distributor Jenison Michigan

This is such a rich combo.  Layer Frenchic’s Posh Nelly over Lady Gray then lightly wet distress to reveal part of the Lady Gray.  To add even more dimension, seal it with Frenchic’s  Rustic Wax (beautiful black/brown) and then feather in some of their White Wax.  Love, Love, Love this combination ~ we’re doing this combo now on a mammoth armoire.

Sneak Peek of our Armoire – Posh Nelly, Lady Gray, Rustic & White Wax

Shizzle Design Painted Furniture - Frenchic Furniture Paint - armoire Posh Nelly taupe, Lady Grey dark slate graphite gray dark rustic wax buy michigan 6

Frenchic’s Ivory Tower over Mother Duck

Frenchic Furniture Paint - Ivory Tower - vintage white clay mineral chalk paint layered over Lady Gray buy Shizzle Design grand rapids jenison michigan

This is a simple wet distress of Ivory Tower over Mother Duck.  Both colors are gorgeous in and of themselves, but together, they’re simply amazing.  I’m doing this paint combo in my bathroom now.  Stay tuned for this makeover.

This is Mother Duck ~ Don’t you just love it?

Frenchic Furniture Paint - Mother Duck - medium blue gray similar to Duck Egg Blue chalk mineral furniture paint color - victorian painted doll highboy dresser

I’m currently painting my bathroom walls with Mother Duck and my cabinets with Ivory Tower ~ a rich, creamy white

bathroom makover before and during

It’s covering the other wall cover so well.  This is the first coat going on.  I’ll apply another thin coat to fill in but I’m impressed with how it covered such a vibrant color.  I also can’t get over how well it grips and how hard it cures.  I shot this video a week after I slapped on the white to see which one I wanted to go with.

Frenchic Paint grabs on and adhere’s like really well and I can’t get over how hard it cures. I slapped a little paint on…

Posted by Shelly Andrade on Sunday, March 20, 2016

Frenchic Furniture Paint - Mother Duck - medium blue gray similar to Duck Egg Blue chalk mineral furniture paint color variations

Posh Nelly over Wedgewood with White Wax

Frenchic Furniture Paint -Posh Nelly - taupe, dark rustic wax, white wax, clay mineral chalk paint, easy to use Shizzle Design, how to layer paint colors, how to wax

Anquilla over Pea Soup with Rustic Wax

One of my favorite paint color combos!

Frenchic Furniture Paint - Anguilla - medium teal chalk paint, pea soup olive green rustic dark wax paint recipes easy to use Shizzle Design Distributor for the U.S. Jenison Michigan 2

I am really, REALLY tired right now so I hope what I typed makes sense.  It’s going to be a while before I’m 100%, but I’m trying and I can’t wait to share all the projects we’re working on.  I’ve been so excited, I keep starting new ones without finishing the others so they’re scattered throughout the workshop.  My goal this week is to finish everything I’ve got started.

Learn How to Create Beautiful Finishes at an upcoming Shizzle Class or DIY Workshop

Friday, April 22 or Sunday, April 24 – 2016

Frenchic Furniture Paint - best chalk paint class workshops shizzle design jenison grand rapids michigan 49428


Check the dates, time and availability of upcoming Shizzle Workshops and sign up HERE.

There’s so much more to share about Frenchic Furniture Paint®

Frenchic Logo - blank - pink flowers shizzle design distributor U.S. Jenison, MI order online try buy furniture chalk paint

Frenchic Furniture Paint is flying out the door.  Stop in to visit Cathy and I and see what all the buzz is about!.  We’re located at 2018 Chicago Drive, Jenison, MI  49428 and are available M-F from 10-5.  To order from our Online Shizzle Shop, click here.

We’re excited have this at Shizzle Design and are looking forward to sharing this phenomenon with customers and retailers nationwide!

Frenchic Heart Logo - Sold Here

If you’re interested in retailing Frenchic Furniture Paint®, we’d love to hear from you!

You must have a brick and mortar or an approved space within another storefront.  For more information about this fantastic opportunity, submit your contact information including: name, business name, location, email, phone and a little blurb about what your business is here.

Can’t wait to see who joins the Frenchic Family!

Frenchic Logo - blank - pink flowers shizzle design distributor U.S. Jenison, MI order online try buy furniture chalk paint


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chalk clay paint supplies shizzle design grand rapids michigan 2

A hui hou ~ Shelly

button-lime - Copy

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  1. So good to see you back, Shelly! Wow, this paint looks amazing! You have certainly made me want to get my paint brush after a few things with your demonstrations! So happy you’re back at work! Take care!

  2. Just breautiful. So Happy you’re back doing what you love? I’ve used ascp, mostly diy, and AMC wax from bbandj, she recommended you. I’m confused about which paint is the best. Not doing diy anymore and can’t afford to do much experimenting… Honest opinion, new frenchic, American paint company or ascp? I live in FL thanks

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