Our Favorite Wax for Painted Furniture

5.25.16  This post is a bit jumbled.  My laptop is being serviced but I wanted to get this post out.  I’ll come back in and add a bunch of pictures as soon as I can.

I love the look and feel of hand painted furniture sealed with wax.  When done properly, the depth and silky smooth finish can’t be beat.  I didn’t always love waxing though ~ when I first started, I dreaded waxing like the plague.  Getting it right was nearly impossible because I wasn’t using the right products.  I tried every trick in the book and still couldn’t master a professional finish.

Cathy and I used to spend weeks trying to get the wax right on a single piece of furniture because it was so difficult to achieve good results.  That wax we were using had so much movement to it even months after application.  It never seemed to cure properly no matter what we did or how hard we buffed it.  I’d dust a piece of furniture with a dry rag and it would leave swirls, so I’d dust it again only to see new swirl marks ~ ugh, drove me bazerko!

Applying dark wax was even more difficult for me leaving me extremely frustrated on many occasions.  I was so sick of having to fix finishes and was ready give up on painting furniture altogether.


We didn’t realize then how enormous the differences could be from one brand to another.  Many waxes are highly toxic, omitting fumes that are bad for you, your pets and the environment.

What we know now is, choosing the right wax makes all the difference!

We searched everywhere for the perfect wax.  Many stockists shared their “tricks” on how to use them but those tips didn’t work.  Thank God those nightmare days are over because we’ve discovered this!

Frenchic Furniture Paint’s Wax

Those bad experiences were a blessing in disguise because it led us on an intense search for much better waxes which we now use ourselves and highly recommend to our customers.

Of all the waxes we’ve tried to date, Frenchic’s Waxes are our favorite.  There is no odor, and is so smooth and creamy, it practically spreads itself.  Stop into our Jenison studio any time and feel some of the pieces we’ve just waxed, they’re so silky smooth.  We’ll even hand you something and let you try it yourself.

Easily Create this look with Frenchic White Wax!

00 scotch mist w ivory tower

It’s fool proof!  Order yours today – here

Create this look using Frenchic’s Rustic Wax (dark)

highboy dresser


They’re not made with toxic chemicals or horrible smelling ingredients found in many other waxes and finishes and are so much easier to use.  

Have you ever taken the time to read the ingredients on your wax?  You haven’t?  Really?  If you haven’t – you should; especially if you’re using them without a respirator, in an enclosed area or around your family.  Your not using other waxes around your kids – are you?

Hmm – better go grab your can of wax and read the ingredients on the back.  If your wax makes the hairs on your nose curl when you open it, it’s probably bad for you and your family.  The ingredients should be listed on your can.  If they’re not – beware!  Either get rid of it or contact the company and demand to know what you’re exposing yourself to.


Frenchic’s Wax

Frenchic Furniture Paint Lady Gray Posh Nelly Rustic White Wax best easy to use Shizzle Design Distributor Jenison Michigan

Frenchic’s Wax is softer than a paste wax and glide on like butter.  They can be applied with a rag or a brush which is a personal choice but it’s much easier for me to use my favorite brushes.  Frenchic’s Waxes are non-petroleum based.  The ingredients are listed on the can so you don’t have to guess what’s in it.  They’re much easier to use than most other waxes and they don’t stink because they’re not laden with awful chemicals.

Everyone has something they “HAVE” to have.  For me, it’s my pillow, my LaZboy, my heating pad and my brushes.  Everyone has “something” they have to have whether it be certain clothes, cars, ice cream…  

I don’t need fancy cars or fancy clothes, but I do have a thing for good brushes!

My favorite brush for applying wax is Frenchic’s Large Waxing brush

Frenchic best quality fine bristles furniture wax application brushes round wood 4


Order your brushes here

I’m light handed when I paint but when it comes to waxing, I’m not.  I work the wax into the paint, almost scrubbing it in with my brush.  The method in which wax is applied varies from one person to the next, some wipe on then wipe off (I don’t), other’s apply with a rag.  I recommend trying different methods to see what works best for you. 

I prefer to apply wax with brushes; the process is very quick.  I really scrub my wax into the paint to make sure it provides a thorough seal.  The color of the paint immediately deepens as the wax goes on so you can see where you’ve applied it and then it will lighten back up to it’s intended color once the wax has dried and is buffed.

I also choose to apply my wax generously however, I do NOT waste the wax by wiping it back off with a rag.  I work in sections scrubbing the wax into the paint.  I let it set a few minutes then continue onto the next section.  When my brush has less wax on it, I go back over the first areas and use the brush to sweep any wax that didn’t soak in onto the next area…  Do NOT leave a thick layer of wax on your piece, make sure you work it in and then use any remaining on an adjacent area.  I have waxing videos on our ShizzleLLC Facebook page.

Because it brushes on so easily, you’ll save time and end up with a superior finish.  I’m not kidding!  I used to dread waxing, especially when working with dark wax, but now I look forward to it.  I know that sounds totally geeky, but I’m serious.  This stuff is awesome!

Frenchic’s Wax is available in Clear, Rustic & White



Frenchic Furniture Paint Lady Gray Posh Nelly Rustic White Wax Shizzle Design Distributor Jenison Michigan


It is used to seal and protect.  It’s super easy to apply using a rag or brush and creates the most incredible finish.  I love the feel of a waxed piece of furniture when it’s done right which is so easy to do with this brand (directions are on the cans).  Cathy and I also include our personal tips with each purchase in the store and at our Online Shizzle Shop.

Your finished piece should feel silky smooth.  It won’t be tacky or sticky and it won’t smear.  Applying the wax will make the raw paint come alive with deep, rich color and a depth that you just don’t get from a clear coat.   This is more noticeable on more deeply pigmented colors than it is on whites and pastels, but regardless, the finish is amazing.  It’s the combination of our paint and wax that creates this magical finish!

2013-08-27 17.11.25

It won’t leave you with a smeary mess that doesn’t cure right.  You apply it, give it a quick buff and you’re done!

This is the best way to pop those amazing details on furniture, cabinets, lamps and picture frames.

Frenchic’s Rustic Wax is a gorgeous black/brown color unlike most other dark waxes which pull more towards brown.  Apply it over any color including whites and pastels without it streaking.  It will affect the color of your paint, so I prefer to use the Rustic wax over medium to dark colors but you can certainly apply it over pastels as well, just realize that it will change the color of the raw paint.   I advise you to test it on something before you apply it to your piece.   ..  


If you want an antique look but are worried about changing your paint color or getting it too dark, simply create a barrier by applying a coat of Clear Wax.  Then you can come back over it and feather in some Rustic wax to pop the details.  

French Provencial dresser painted in gray, white, layered chalk, clay paints Shizzle Design furniture during chalk clay painted furniture ideas colors American Grit

Frenchic’s Rustic Wax is easy to use Another thing you an do is mix a little Clear and Dark wax together.  Mess around with it a little on a spare piece of wood or in an inconspicuous area of what you’re painting to see which method is easiest for you.

How do I care for my waxed piece of furniture?  

I recommend caring for a hand painted and waxed piece in much the same way as you care for a fine piece of wood furniture.  You’ve either put a lot of time into refinishing the piece yourself or you’ve invested a lot of money into paying someone else to create a one of a kind piece of art, so you want to take care of it.

It it’s a coffee or end table, use coasters.  If it’s a dining room table, put the pads on it and cover with a tablecloth ~ just like your mother did with her solid wood dining room table.

For every day cleaning, it can be wiped off with a dry or slightly damp cloth.  You don’t want to saturate the cloth with water an wipe down every single day because the constant exposure to water can start breaking down the wax.

If you’ve doing something like a kitchen table that is going to be used and abused daily, seal the top with one of our clear coats.  I’ll write about those in another post.


One of the cool things I like about having a waxed piece is the ease of buffing out any imperfections.  For instance, you can wipe off marks by putting a little bit of Frenchic’s Wax onto a cloth and gently rubbing the spot.  It works similar to one of those magic erasers, poof ~ it’s gone.  The biggest thing you want to avoid with a waxed piece is oil, that’s why for kitchen tables and kitchen cabinets, I don’t recommend using wax.  It can and has been done, but I wouldn’t do it in my kitchen because I’m a messy cook.

I used both White Wax & Rustic Wax on this piece

Anguilla - french provincial rustic and white wax small blue turquoise teal dresser chalk paint supplier michigan shizzle design

Frenchic’s wax truly is the cream of the crop!

Frenchic Furniture Wax - Clear, Rustic, White - Best furniture wax, easy to use, non toxic, buy, Shizzle Design Distributor for the U.S. Jenison Michigan

It’s offered in Clear, Rustic (a black/brown) and White and all three are as easy to use as the other.  Sometimes a brand’s clear wax is great but their dark wax lacks in comparison but this this isn’t the case with Frenchic ~ All three  glide on and blend as easily as the other!

Hate using Wax?  Then you haven’t tried Frenchic!

Cathy and I are very fussy about the finishes we use and have used some pretty good waxes over the years, but this soft, creamy wax is our number one favorite.  Here’s why!

Environmentally Safe – Who wants to risk exposing pets or children to harmful chemicals?  I don’t.  My first bout with cancer was scary enough and I’m on a mission to remove as many chemicals as I can from my home.

Frenchic’s soft wax is all natural and environmentally safe made out of quality ingredients clearly listed on the side of each can.  No secrets to hide here, it’s simply amazing!

Easy to Use – Not only is it all natural, it’s incredibly easy to apply, making you feel like a pro even if it’s your very first time applying wax to a chalk painted piece of furniture.  All three wax colors are as easy to use as the other and buff to an absolute dream!  Frenchic’s wax is fool proof, gliding on like butter with no streaks, tackiness or drag.

Luxurious Finishes –  If you’re an experienced painter, you’ll immediately up your game over the competition by creating finishes that are richer in depth.  Create old world finishes in a matter of minutes.  If you’re like Cathy and I, you’ll be dancing around like a couple of kids the first time you use it!

Available in Clear, White and Rustic:   The white is great for highlighting details, white-washing and creating that limed effect.  Rustic is black-brown in color, more black than brown.  It richly deepens and enriches the paint color and can be used alone on darker colors.  For whites and pastels, I prefer to apply a coat of clear wax first to provide a barrier.  That’s just my personal opinion because I think dark wax over whites make the finish look dirty.   Use them individually or layer them to create incredibly rich depth and dimension. You can also custom tint any of the waxes by mixing in a little bit of Frenchic Furniture Paint.

Toss your toxic, tacky waxes and learn how easy it is to transform a solid paint color into a masterpiece in a few minutes. It really is all it’s hyped up to be.

There’s so much more to share about Frenchic Furniture Paint®

Frenchic Logo - blank - pink flowers shizzle design distributor U.S. Jenison, MI order online try buy furniture chalk paint

Frenchic is flying out the door.  Stop in to visit Cathy and I and see what all the buzz is about!.  We’re located at 2018 Chicago Drive, Jenison, MI  49428 and are available M-F from 10-5.  To order from our Online Shizzle Shop, click here.

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