Pickin’ The World’s Longest Yard Sale on Hwy 127

Two years ago my friends and I made a last second decision to do The World’s Longest Yard Sale.  We had a blast and with the 2016 sale right around the corner, I’m so wishing I could go again this year.

The World’s Longest Yard Sale spans 690 miles from Michigan to Alabama and includes every sort of sale you can imagine along Hwy 127.  Sales range in size from individual yard sales to ginormous flea markets with hundreds of vendors carrying everything your little heart could desire.  To see all the cool treasures we found, read on…

I can’t think of many other things I’d rather do on a day off than peruse through a great flea market with good friends.

Laura & I indulging in Hawaiian Shave Ice at a Flea Market somewhere in Kentucky

#worldslongestyardsale 2013 Shizzle Design #paintedfurniture #americanpaintcompany #CeCecaldwell #paint Kentucky Hwy 127 sale unique finds real shave ice

Yes, those giant dice went home with Liz.

#worldslongestyardsale 2013 Shizzle Design #paintedfurniture, #pickin, #chalkpaint #CeCecaldwell #paint Kentucky Hwy 127 sale tobacco basket

We didn’t have much of a game plan.  It was so last minute and none of us had ever gone.  We basically jumped in the car and drove. Laura’s husband Jeff booked our first night hotel for us in Kentucky and from that point on, we’d call him around noon and he’d call ahead and book another room guessing how far we might go.  We were having so much fun, I don’t even think we would have cared if we had to sleep under the stars.  It was just so cool to finally get a chunk of quality time together.

How Cool are these signs?

#worldslongestyardsale 2013 Shizzle Design #paintedfurniture, #pickin, #chalkpaint, best, flea markets, #paint Kentucky Hwy 127 sale

We stumbled upon every type of venue from large agricultural buildings to individual garage sales and everything in between.

#worldslongestyardsale 2013 Shizzle Design #paintedfurniture #americanpaintcompany #CeCecaldwell #paint Highway 127 vendors Agricultural 2

There were so many cool vintage finds like these old gas pumps

#worldslongestyardsale 2013 Shizzle Design #paintedfurniture #americanpaintcompany #CeCecaldwell #paint Kentucky Hwy 127 sale gas pumps

My favorite places were large fields filled with fabulous vendors

#worldslongestyardsale 2013 Shizzle Design #paintedfurniture #americanpaintcompany #CeCecaldwell #paint Kentucky Hwy 127 large signs

The hard part was knowing the inside scoop on where the best vendors were.  I’d love to do this sale again with that kind of knowledge!!   The above place had super cool treasures and they finished filming an episode of Flea Market Flip minutes before we arrived!  LOVE that show!

How cool are these light fixtures?  I’ll take one of each pleeeeeease!

worlds longest yard sale route 127 shizzle design best flea markets vendors

Aren’t these just the greatest?  Everyone else can take the malls and shopping centers.  I’ll choose a flea market every time!  Everyone is so laid back and friendly and you just never know who you’re going to run into.  In the middle of Kentucky I heard someone yell “Hey Shelly!”

#worldslongestyardsale 2013 Shizzle Design #paintedfurniture #americanpaintcompany #CeCecaldwell #paint Caledonia Vintage Marketplace

Who’d a thunk I’d run into Stephanie DeGraaf in the middle of Kentucky?  I knew she and her family were going, but I never expected to end up at the same place at the same time.  I’d love to meet up with a bunch of you and do this again some time.  Who’s going this year?

Most of the driving was easy but we did run into a few traffic jams.

127 yard sale flea market kentucky tennessee shizzle design

Laura couldn’t resist all the unique bags!

#worldslongestyardsale 2013 Shizzle Design #paintedfurniture #americanpaintcompany #CeCecaldwell #paint Kentucky Hwy 127 sale purses bags

One thing we had a hard time finding were great coffee houses.  Any insights on those from you locals??

#worldslongestyardsale 2013 Shizzle Design #paintedfurniture #americanpaintcompany #CeCecaldwell #paint Kentucky Hwy 127 sale coffee

 I should have been wearing a bib because those fields were bumpy!  I’ve never claimed to be graceful, what can I say?

#worldslongestyardsale 2013 Shizzle Design #paintedfurniture #americanpaintcompany #CeCecaldwell #paint Kentucky Hwy 127 sale great stops

Is this just the coolest, most rusty, turquoise-y, funki-lunky-liciouslness?  I LOVE the combo of the aqua against the rust.  How about you?


We stumbled upon the neatest vintage signs!


Every kind of decor you can imagine

route 127 flea market sale yard decor shizzle design

Sigh… It was so much fun.  I don’t think I can escape for it this year but I’d sure like to plan another trip for 2017!!

For those of you who are going ~ Have a BLAST and I’d love to hear all about your favorite places!

A hui hou “Until we meet again” ~ Shelly Andrade of Shizzle

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16 Replies to “Pickin’ The World’s Longest Yard Sale on Hwy 127”

  1. Oh what fun we’ll be havin’! Can’t wait…..
    (What happens in Texas…stays in Texas right??!!?)

    1. OMG, Do you realize your comment comes into my notifications as “comment from Cheesehead” ~ lol I was like what? huh? Bahahaha! I’ve been looking through pictures the past half hour and I think I need to make a change. Can I cancel my return flight. I’ve decided to stay! Just the photography alone of all the cool stuff is enough to make me drool! So excited!

  2. I can hardly wait for you to come back and share some more photos. Have a great time and come home sun burned, happy and with empty pockets!!!!!

  3. We lived in KY for maybe 2 yrs or more before I ever heard about the longest yard sale. What? We got to go twice. We happened to be in Somerset, KY when I found out about it, seeing people with their loot on side of street. We’d gone there for vacation,go to the lake, forget the lake, I want to go yard salein’ what fun and so many goodies. We lived about 30 + miles north of Bowling Green at time so going to different areas of yard sale was quite accessible, oh me. What fun. By the way there’s a great little antique town north east of Bowling Green, called Smith’s Grove, what fun and so much goodness. Have fun and boy do I wish I could meet you gals at Round Top, that was always on my bucket list.
    IF you want to reply please do so to FurryKidzPaperworx@gmail.com Thanks

    1. We loved Somerset! The whole trip was cool. I can’t even imagine doing the entire stretch. We basically staid in Kentucky & Tennessee and after the 4th day, my legs were pretty much shot. It was such a great time though.

  4. Hope the weather clears for you. If you’re going this week, bring some warm clothing! Not usual for us this time of year to have it this cold. Crazy! Last week we were near 80. Yes, the traffic is this bad and worse! Be patient. Have a good time…. a perfect way to spend the big Five-O!!

    1. Anything will be warmer than the weather we’ve had here the past couple of months. If it’s positive anything, it will be better than negative degrees. I’m tired of living in a place where the air hurts my face 😀

  5. In Roundtop there is a great coffee place. Its near the square. Its fairly new and I don’t know the name. I’m sure anyone there can tell you. In Warrenton there is the Coffee Bug. He is back behind Granny McCormick’s. Anyone there can direct you. Its in a VW. It sounds like you have a veteran shopper with you. I’m sure you will so fine. I will be shopping all over. I stay in Warrenton in my 1964 Avon and will be there from March 24th thru April 5th. Give a shout if you need something. And can’t wait to know where and when your demo is.

    1. I’m not doing a demo in Texas. That trip is a vacation and purely for fun. Thanks so much for your tips. I may contact you for more tips, thanks a bunch!!

  6. My two sisters and I have gone for the past 4-5 years. We have a great time and we definitely “shop ’til we drop”. Of course I drive my husband’s pickup and getting in and out of that thing gets tiring for us 50+ girls but we still close them down! Too bad you can’t make it.

  7. There is a wonderful little coffee shop in downtown Liberty, KY just a hop, skip, and jump from the Ag-Expo Ctr on 127. Shop is called SWEET BEANS N Things and is worth your time!

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