Beautiful French Country Wardrobe painted with Frenchic Furniture Paint

A while back I asked for opinions on color combinations for this piece and I’m thrilled with all the votes that came rolling in.

Before Picture

Armoire - before picture

We offered different color combos to choose from ~ you voted and we painted it.

Armoire color choices A

The transformation began with two thin coats of Frenchic Furniture Paint’s beautiful Lady Grey, a rich, deep gray.  The spray gun saved a lot of time on this mammoth piece but it still took hours.  I can’t imagine hand painted the inside, outside and top of this all by hand.


After the Lady Gray, Cath sprayed Frenchic’s Posh Nelly, a beautiful light taupe


Oh my gosh! I just noticed how much the base of this armoire dwarfs the little cabinet it’s sitting on!

Now the fun part!!  Wet Distressing!!  

Shizzle Tip ~ With Frenchic Furniture Paint, you can wet distress your piece simply using a damp rag!  I love distressing furniture this way.  No Mess!  No Dust!  No damaging the wood!


We worked on this piece as time allowed, finessing it as we went along.  Yes, we needed ladders and step stools to reach the top!  Height missed our side of the family, and I was wishing my friend Karen was here to help on several occasions ~ lol.


I love how easy it is to wet distress Frenchic!


Ready to see the finished piece?  Read on…

It’s one of those things where you distress a little bit, step back, look it over, do a little more ~ repeat…



Cathy found the perfect wire baskets for it then mounted a clothing rod above.  Did you notice the contrast in colors?  Love how the Lady Grey pops against the combo on the outside!


Once we had achieved the look we wanted through distressing, we simply waxed it using the best dark wax ever –Frenchic’s Rustic Wax!  This dark wax pulls more a black than brown which is so rich and I can honestly say this stuff is idiot proof.  It won’t streak, leave blotches, marks…  You don’t have to cut it with mineral spirits or mix it with clear, it simply glides on as easily as if you were applying the Clear Wax.  I just can’t say enough about this stuff!


I shot a video of myself dark waxing this piece.  It’s dorky, mind you, as I’m still recovering from surgery, but you’ll be able to tell how easy this stuff is to work with.  To watch the video, visit out ShizzleLLC Facebook Page and scroll down until you see the video.  It should show up in your left-hand column, at least that’s where it is on mine.


We also feathered in some White Wax giving our piece even more depth and dimension.  I love how the different layers of paint and wax pops all the fabulous details of this cabinet.


It took a couple good friends and a large trailer to move it from our workshop to our space at Not So Shabby.


The bottom half offers a ton of storage too.


We stored shipping blankets on one half and large, Costco-sized packages of paper towel and toilet paper on the other side.

See the two little drawers on either side?  Those are super cool too.


I already miss having this piece in our workshop!


She’s now in our space at Not So Shabby awaiting her new venture.  Will she be filled with linens in a beautiful spa bathroom, provide amble storage for a guest room or be the focal point on a large living room wall?  The other option of course is to remove the clothing rod and shelf altogether and use it for an entertainment center.

How would you use it?


This project’s Recipe Card

Frenchic Furniture Paint’s – Lady Grey

Frenchic Furniture Paint’s – Posh Nelly

Frenchic Furniture Paint’s – Rustic Wax

Frenchic Furniture Paint’s – White Wax


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