Beautiful White Wash Finish using Dark and White Wax on Painted Dresser

Want to create a beautiful finish like this?  You can!  It’s easy with the right products…

It’s never fun to repair veneer but this one took furniture repair to a whole new level.  This beautiful dresser was given to me last winter by two close friends.  It was dropped off at night so we slid it out of the back of their vehicle and plopped it upside down on a desk in my garage.  By the time I started painting it this summer, I had completely forgotten the top veneer was damaged.

Removing this veneer was a nightmare!

peeling veneer

Seriously, it was almost impossible to remove.  I was ready to pitch the whole dang thing but it was too good of a dresser to waste.  I had to keep plugging along.

The issue

Several layers of thin veneer were woven together and bonded with the world’s strongest glue.  The veneer was damaged beyond repair when I got it so my only option was to remove it.  I had NO idea it would be so difficult.  I’ve removed veneer countless times and never had to struggle like I did with this.


I soaked it overnight with a damp bath towel, used my heat gun, iron, chisels and hammers.  See how small the pieces were.  It was crazy!  This chore definitely took a toll on my bad shoulder.  I had to work on this an hour at a time due to frustration and pain but I did eventually finish it.

These are my Extreme Veneer Removal Tools

13924828_10208291351899074_2618666537449745976_nThe crazy part about all that work is what I discovered underneath.  The actual top was beautiful solid wood.  Why they covered it up, I’ll never know but I sure was glad to find it.

Even though the veneer was a pain, I had a blast painting it.  My goal was to create a funky finish, more similar to what you’d see at Restoration Hardware.  In hind sight, I should have watered the paint down more so more of the wood showed through but I was painting in garage after the sun went down and got a wee bit carried away.  I still love how it turned out though.


I dumped several colors of Frenchic’s Furniture Paint onto a handy dandy tray leftover from Costco’s amazing turkey roll-ups.  Have you ever tried those?  Oh man, they are delish!  I don’t know what type of cream cheese spread is on them but they are ‘da bomb and the trays they’re sold on are fantastic for painting.  Just sayin!  

Frenchic Furniture Paint Shizzle Design Jenison, Michigan, USA, painted furniture, highboy, Restoration Hardware, gray, white, wax, retailer, where to buy, white wash, chalk paint 1

I slapped the paint on in all sorts of different directions to create interest using water to blend everything together.  It was slapped on chunky, meaning I didn’t cover it all with one color and then cover it all again with another.  I simultaneously painted different colors on, using the same brush while applying chunks of dark color in some areas and light colors in the other.  I dunked my brush in water and dabbed dry to blend colors together but still left it random.  I used a little Rustic Wax on portions of it but most of it was sealed with White Wax then buffed to perfection.  I LOVE how it turned out!

Frenchic’s White Wax

Frenchic Furniture Wax - White Wax - easy to use, best, Shizzle Design Distributor for the U.S. Jenison Michigan

Frenchic’s Rustic (dark wax) and White Wax are amazing!  They’re so incredibly easy to use.  Simply brush it on.  I brushed this on in the direction of the grain, let it dry then buffed it with my drill brush.

white wash painted furniture how to chalk paint shizzle design grand rapids michigan highboy gray dresser



Frenchic Furniture Painted Furniture, Shizzle Design, gray, white wash, highboy, where to buy, chalk paint, grand rapids, MI, retailer, USA 2

This beautiful highboy is now (as of the date of this blog post) available at our Shizzle Design booth within Not So Shabby in Holland, Michigan.  It’s located just east of US31, South of Riley at 2975 West Shore Drive, Holland, MI  49424.

Restoration Hardware painted dresser white wash finish chalk paint shizzle design grand rapids michigan where buy chalk paint

Well…  What do ya think???

This project’s Recipe Card

Frenchic Furniture Paint’s – Grey Pebble

Frenchic Furniture Paint’s – Lady Grey

Frenchic Furniture Paint’s – Panther

Frenchic Furniture Paint’s – Wedding Cake

Frenchic Furniture Paint’s – Ivory Tower

Frenchic Furniture Paint’s – Nougat

Frenchic Furniture Paint’s – Rustic Wax

Frenchic Furniture Paint’s – White Wax


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  1. I was hoping there was a new handy dandy way to get veneer off since I did it last. I said I’d never do that again, lo and behold an antique dresser has presented itself to me with a veneer top beyond repair You’ve inspired me. Love what you did with this piece. Thanks for sharing. Susan.

  2. Several layers of thin veneer were woven together and bonded with the world’s strongest glue. This blog has provided the really genuine information that is really very helpful for me. this blogger always post the best article that is very interesting to read. thanks a lot for such kind of blog. its really amazing.

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