Shizzle Girls Need Your Prayers

Repost from December 1st – Hi Friends of Shizzle!  My name is Liz Kamyszek and I’m  writing on behalf of Shelly and Cathy!

They are going through a tough time right now.  Shelly just had another surgery on her shoulder and has a 6-month recovery ahead of her.  She can’t drive for two months and is relying on rides to and from work where friends are all pitching in to get the work done.

Cathy received some pretty tough news last week and could really use some encouragement.  If you’ve ever been inspired by the Shizzle Girls, consider paying it forward by mailing Cathy a funny or inspirational card.  Mail to:  Cathy Blood, 696 Amber Wood Dr., Byron Center, MI  49315.  

They will share more details on whats happening later on this week.  Shelly started a Caring Bridge site for Cathy last night.  If you’re  interested in getting updates on Cathy’s progress or leaving her comments, you can do so visit:

I know they are getting tons of emails,  texts, messages… and I want you to know that it is very hard (or impossible) for them to respond at this time.   Shell’s sling has her arm totally immobilized, so even texting is difficult and quite painful.   She’s doing it anyway but it’s taking a toll.

It is comforting for them to hear from you, I just wanted you to know that they most likely will not be able to respond to each individual message.  If you would like to send well wishes or help in the way of a greeting card or a gift card, please look up this link on “Take Them a Meal”.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support for these lovely sisters (and their Mom)!!! :

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