Not the news we were hoping for…

Repost from December 6 – With Cathy, our mom and myself all down at the same time, we need your prayers…


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  1. I have always loved turning old things or broken things into something new. Something that served a purpose or just something that I saw in a different light. Being on my own since age 14 was very difficult and times were rough, really rough. So, I had to make due with the things I had had for years or found items and make them new. They were new though, new to me.
    Over the years, I have repurposed all kinds of things, which in essense brought me to where I am today. It might have taken me a long time to actually figure out that this was my destiny but, atleast now I do know and my years of experience {of basically being poor and being creative}have all been a learning experience to realize just what it is that I truly want to do with my life. I want to repurpose!
    My problem now is that I just don’t exactly know how to make my dream a reality. How do I go about selling my items, my talents. I have been offered jobs to faux finish paint bathrooms, kitchens etc which never came to fruition. Not sure if it was my lack of confidence(just shy) or exactly what.
    I have bought, refinished, repurposed and sold: secretariats, nightstands, headboards, misc. Any guidance from you wonderful ladies would be greatly appreciated.

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