Easy Coffee Table Makeover in Classic Color Combination


This coffee table was pretty beat up when my client dropped it off to be refinished.   I typically don’t sand anything prior to painting, that’s one of the luxuries of using our paints, but this well loved piece was beat up and needed some TLC prior to making it fabulous.  This table was made out of soft pine.  Over the years, most of the edges became chewed up leaving lots of rough areas and sharp edges.

No worries ~ I used my handy dandy mouse sander and within minutes, the damaged top and edges were sanded smooth.

It still had a lot of dark knots but that was an easy fix as the client wanted the top refinished in an espresso colored finish.

I used General Finishes Java Gel to refinish the top

Love this stuff!  

It’s my go to stain when I refinish old, beat up tops.  Camouflages everything.  Barb chose Limoges from American Paint Company as the color for the base.  It’s a rich, bone ivory color.

Be sure to enter their upcoming contest in July.  They have all sorts of fun categories to enter and I’ll be one of their judges again.  LOVE seeing all the creative entries!

Sad to have closed our studio down but I do have to admit, I’m geeked to be painting back at home where I can take outdoor pictures again.  Sorry indoor staging peeps, indoor pictures are not my style.  I’ll take outdoor pictures any day cuz that’s how I roll.

Here she is!  What’cha think?  My client has a really cool metal piece along with a sheet of glass that completes the top.  I can’t wait to see it all together!  I’ll attach the finished piece all together at the bottom of this post as soon as she sends me a picture.

UPDATE ON CATHY:  Hope you’re all enjoying a wonder 4th of July holiday.  I spent this morning in the hospital with Cath.  She has new pain in her shoulder and head so more scans have been ordered to check it all out.  She was supposed to be getting chemo this week but they put a halt on that until the results of the scans come back.  This third line chemo, called Taxol, causes Cath extreme pain the entire week of chemo so there’s no sense putting her through hell if it’s not even working.  We’re praying it is of course, but felt it was a good idea to run the scans now anyway just to make sure.  She’s so incredibly weak and thin as is our mom who’s also back in treatment as her cancer came back a few months after she finished her last round.  Our brother Steve’s skin cancer was taken care of immediately upon diagnosis so he should be fine but continued prayers are definitely appreciated for our family.

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7 Replies to “Easy Coffee Table Makeover in Classic Color Combination”

  1. Beautifully designed & redone! So sorry to hear all this is going on, best wishes to all. Please take good care of yourself, easy to get rundown when being the strong one for everyone else.

    1. Thanks Lea! I’m dragging. Literally have no idea how I’ve stayed on my feet the past 7 months.

  2. I am so glad you are painting again. I have the java gel at home, so I am happy to read this post. Continued prayers and healthy thoughts for your family. Btw, your yard is gorgeous.

  3. Table looks great, as does all your work. Painting is so very peaceful and you need some peace. Will continue to keep your people in my prayers. Xo

    1. Thanks Michelle! I appreciate the prayers. I don’t even have the strength to pray half the time these days.

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