Antique Piano Stool with Glass Ball and Claw Feet in Creamy White

I’ve always admired the unique character of old piano stools and pick them up every chance I get.  I bought this piece several years ago so my family would have an extra stool for playing the guitar, ukulele, violin and cello.

It’s super cool, constructed of solid oak can adjust several inches in height.  That’s one of the neatest parts of the design.  I LOVE that part.  Who’s with me on this?  I can’t be along because it’s downright awesome!  It reminds me of old swivel desk chair hardware like that on one we sold last year.

I know, I’m drawn to strange things but it’s those details that really speak it me.  You just don’t see that kind of craftsmanship anymore in our mass produced, face paced world.

As cool as the piano stool is, the kids keep going back to the little chippy red chair that they’ve used since they were little and we’ve got a big trip we’re saving up for.  The girls and I are headed to Spain in 1-1/2 years so we’ve started selling things out of our house that we don’t use anymore.  (click link to continue reading…) This piano stool is one of the pieces we’re selling to put towards our trip fund.  As nice as the oak was, they just don’t seem to sell well in my booth unless they’re painted so I gave it a rich coat of  creamy white paint.  I can’t remember which color I used because I painted it before my last surgery, before Cathy’s diagnosis, before moving the business back home and before life happened.

My best guess is that it’s  Frenchic Furniture Paint’s Ivory Tower  but knowing me, I probably feathered in accents of  Frenchic’s Wedding Cake  as well.    It’s quite an eye catcher with it’s glass ball and claw feet and will steal the attention in any room.  I dry brushed over those then wet distressed back to pop the details.  I could have left them alone but then, ya know, it’s me we’re talking about.  I can’t leave anything alone.

Besides being a useful stool for all purposes, this also makes a great side table for those tight areas where most end tables don’t fit.  This stool looks so cool when it’s near a window.  The highlights and shadows the natural light creates makes it look super cool.  Yes, I’m a bit attached; can you tell?

It’s currently for sale in our booth within Not So Shabby, 2975 West Shore Drive, Holland, MI  49424

One of the other vendors was checking it out  the other night.  She’s looking for a side table for her son’s bedroom so I’m not sure if it’s still there or how long it will last but it’s sure a neat piece.

I sealed it in the store as a demonstration using Frenchic’ Furniture Paint’s durable Finishing Coat.   

I can’t get over how many people stopped for the mere fact that they could see how easy it was to use.  I applied it to the stool with one of our sponges as it’s a quick and simple way to apply the finish to legs and spindles.  Customers loved it and were blown away with the fact that they couldn’t smell it.  It’s a fantastic product.  If you’re not into waxing and prefer clear coats, give Frenchic’s Finishing Coat it a try.  We offer it in both our West Michigan locations and ship directly to your door if you live elsewhere.  To order online, visit our online Shizzle Shop here.   

I have many pieces of painted furniture to share with you.  My goal is to post one a week, possibly more when I finish all the Christmas goodies.  Both Not So Shabby and Changing Thymes are having their Christmas Open Houses next weekend.  Changing Thymes Christmas Open House is Fri-Sat (Nov 3-4) and Not So Shabby’s Christmas Open House is Saturday, November 4.  Mark your calendar now because almost everything in the store is on sale!



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  1. This would make a really nice plant stand – especially for a fern. You do amazing work. I wish you could travel around to other states and teach classes!

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