Vintage White Highboy with a Little Bit o’ Shizzle PLUS Clearance Sale

Apparently, I forgot to publish this post.  We have tons on sale including: Christmas, pieces of furniture and home decor.  Read through to the bottom to see  the pictures my latest Vintage White highboy.

Stop in and check it out. (This is our Not So Shabby location in Holland but all Christmas should also be on sale at our Grandville Changing Thymes (Wilson) location.

The reindeer, Christmas tree and one of the creates are gone

All the Christmas trees, garland and swags are gone but I still have some wreaths left and all should be on sale.  If not, have them call me.

Most of the home decor on this has sold but the hutch is still for sale.

Here’s the highboy I forgot to share with you.  I’m so used to sharing things on Instagram and Facebook now that I sometimes forget I haven’t added it here.  It’s a great vintage piece that I simple refinished in Old Town Paint’s All-in-One (primer/paint/sealer) Simply Finished Vintage White paint.  Doesn’t get any easier than that!.


Mention this blog post to receive 10% off the regular price of this highboy.  Cashier may want to call me to confirm.



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