Beautiful Colors & Layered Combinations using Debi’s DIY Paint

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Check out lots of pictures of DIY paint colors, combinations and paint finishes.  I’ll continue to add more photos of layered paint combos & techniques  to inspire your painted furniture  makeovers

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 DIY paint is a fantastic all natural clay based paint richly saturated with beautiful pigments

You already know we carry only the finest quality products here at Shizzle and DIY is no exception.   Debi’s DIY Paint is an all natural clay based paint handcrafted in the U.S.A.  It adheres incredibly well to most surfaces without the need to strip, sand or prime so you can simply clean your piece and start painting.

When I say clean, you want to make sure you remove any grease, oil or years of Pledge build up prior to painting.  We offer an excellent all natural cleaner here at Shizzle but you can also use Vinegar, Dawn dish soap, Simple Green or Phosphorus Free TSP. 

There are rare situations where you might want to give your piece a quick, 5 minute scuff up but as I rule, I only scuff things up on very rare occasions.  If you’re ever on the fence about whether your particular piece needs it, email a picture to me or give me a call and I can help you out.

So how is DIY different than our other lines? 

DIY is a bit more thin so it spreads on quickly and easily.  This allows it to level out beautifully yet the coverage is still fantastic because it’s so highly pigmented.  There’s just something different about this paint.   I can’t quite put my finger on it, but the ease of layering colors with DIY is almost magical.

Layered Colors with DIY

I not only love DIY because it’s an amazing paint, I love the entire package  because of the people within this amazing company.  Friendships here are woven deeply and there is mutual respect and support stemming from the Owner.  Debi works hard and is so incredibly supportive to each and every one of her retailers and everyone else in between.   That respect goes in all directions as I’ve never been part of such a great network of women supporting and helping other women.  There are so many fun things going on behind the scenes.  I can’t wait to share some of them with you in the near future but for now… let me share with you the beautiful paint colors of DIY.



Bead Board is a white white with gray undertones which make it a bit cooler than White Swan

Black Velvet

Black Velvet is an “almost black” graphite/slate type color

Bohemian Blue

Bohemian Blue is currently the number one selling paint color at DIY and for good reason, just look at it!

Cake Batter

Cake Batter

Carnival Red

Cowgirl Coral


Crinoline is a creamy warm white

Do this technique on metal hardware!

It only took a few seconds to accomplish this paint finish using DIY’s Crinoline.

Faded Burlap

This is such a rich color.  I love mixing it with white and Letterpress for my table tops.

Fancy Farm Girl

Queen Bee and Fancy Farm Girl

This is a great green ~ I’ll never tire of blending blues and greens

Is this combo delish or what??  Drooling!!!

Farm Fresh

Farm Fresh is so gorgeous!!!  Love this color!

French Millinery

Gravel Road

I sealed this with Clear Wax but I must have still had some white wax on the bristles because there’s just a hint of white in the grooves.

Gypsy Green

Gypsy Green is a bit deeper, darker and warmer in tone than Fancy Farm Girl.  It has more brown undertones whereas Fancy Farmgirl is more bold and vibrant.

Hey Sailor

This is another hot selling blue ~ rich and boldly pigmented (this looks a little brighter in the picture than in person)

Kissing Booth

Kissing Booth, Old ’57 & White Swan Paint Pour using Clear Liquid Patina as a medium

How fun is this?  Have you ever done a paint pour?  It’s so much fun!

Layered Chocolate

Letterpress Grey

Yep, definitely had a little white wax on my brush when I sealed these.  It’s mostly clear wax but I was double dipping the day I made these

Little Black Dress

This is the blacker of the two blacks ~ a true black


I mixed blended a little Golden Ticket over the Marquee to create this!

Mermaid Tail

Mermaid Tail is a beautiful blue, richly saturated with warm undertones

Mint Chip

Bohemian Blue, Crinoline, Old ’57, Fancy Farm Girl & Clear Wax

Old ’57

Crinoline over Old School & Old ’57 over Fancy Farm Girl

Old ’57 over Fancy Farm Girl, Crinoline over Letterpress Grey & Old School brushed w Crinoline sealed with Clear, Dark, White & Black Wax

Old ’57 over Marquee

Did I mention I like Old ’57?

Create a faux verdigris finish with DIY Paints

Old School

Old School brushed w Crinoline sealed with Clear, Dark, White & Black Wax

Old School – drying

Pedal Pusher

This one has been flying off the shelves as well

Petticoat Pink

Need I say more?  So feminine and pretty!

Check out this combo!

Prairie Grey

Prom Queen

Queen Bee

This is gorgeous!!!  Great alone and as a mixer!

Sea Glass

Sea Glass is another stunning blue!

Skeleton Key

Skeleton Key is a rich, frenchy gray-green color

Summer Crush

I remember my first love, do you?

Vintage Linen

Vintage Linen

Weathered Wood

I LOVE Weathered Wood!

White Swan

White Swan is the whitest of the whites, it’s similar to Bead Board but White Swan has warmer undertones.  Bead Board is more cool.

DIY Sealers – Seal & Protect

Big Top

Clear Brush on or Sponge on Top Coat

Clear Wax

Dark Wax

Rich espresso brown wax

Black Wax

White Wax


Vintiquities Paint Brushes

Still my favorite fine quality paint brush for chalk & clay paints.  We retail these brushes here at Shizzle but are the U.S. distributor for Vintiquities.  If you are a shop owner or have a booth within a multi-vending store and would like to carry Vintiquities brushes in your location, give me a shout. Learn why they’re still our favorite here

Vintiquities Wax Brushes

Still my favorite high quality wax brush for chalk & clay paints.  We retail these brushes here at Shizzle but are the U.S. distributor for Vintiquities, if you’re a shop owner or have a booth within a multi-vending location and would like to carry Vintiquities brushes in your location, give me a shout. Learn why they’re our favorite here.

Great new Blending Brushes, both are a Must Have!!

Finishes – fun glazes and patinas

Clear Liquid Patina

Dark & Decrepit Liquid Patina

Golden Ticket

There are so many fun things you can create using Golden Ticket.  I like to mix mine with a little Dark & Decrepit liquid Patina and a dash of Marquee to create my own, personal Copper Patina.

DIY Color Chart

What are your favorite color combinations with DIY Paint? 

Comment below if you’d like me to try them and I’ll give  it a whirl!

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Thanks for hanging out with me!

A hui hou!


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  1. You are an absolute master at putting together beautiful color combinations and then executing them! I have been aware of your website and your “look” for awhile now- but seeing more of your work close up has been really helpful.

  2. i really like the color combination above. if I buy those paints how do I achieve that look. what goes first 🙂
    I have a big piece of furniture that I would love to paint. It is high boy with drawers.

    1. Do an all over base coat with Bohemian Blue and let dry. I mixed the other colors wit Clear Liquid Patina and put them in ketchup type squirt bottles then squirted all the other colors horizontally across the piece. I used popcycle sticks instead of a paint brush to help spread things around, spritzing with water to help it gently blend together.

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