From Drab to Fab in 10 Minutes ~ Vintage Mirror Frame Makeover

I painted this on a whim so I forgot to take a “before” but it was pretty worn and weathered when when I got it.

It only took me a few minutes actually working on it to transform it into something totally different.  I had to let it dry between the three layers but the actual paint time was a jiffy.  Learn how easy it is to do this type of finish by clicking on the READ MORE below:

Let me backtrack a bit.  A few weeks ago I did a DIY Paint Pour Demo at Not So Shabby using DIY’s Liquid Patinas along with various paint colors.

I mixed up a custom metallic base color by combining Golden Ticket, Marquee and Dark & Decrepit Liquid Patina.  

I brushed it on, sprayed it with a little water and set it outside to dry so the sun and wind would speed up the drying time.  Once my metallic base had dried, I squirted on three paint colors.  Each color was mixed with Liquid Patina, again leftover in squeeze bottles from the other demo.

This is pretty much how I roll lately 


My level of pain has been almost unbearable so I can only achieve as much as I’m physically able each given day.  That’s one reason you haven’t been seeing lots of posts of new pieces of furniture.  I have several pieces started, just praying for a few good days to finish them up.   So I choose three DIY paint colors and squirted them over the metallic base.  No rhyme or reason, no pattern, no thought.  I just squirted some on, brushed the colors into the deep detailed areas without fussing then again blitzed it with my spray bottle allowing the watery paint to drip away and expose some of the bling underneath.

Can you see the subtle shimmer coming through?

It was sunny but flippin’ cold out the day I did this.  That sun sure was deceiving.  Didn’t help that I was in shorts and barefoot on that balmy 40 degree day.  I hung the drippy frame over a post of the side of our deck and let it drip dry.

The whole reason I slapped paint on this frame in the first place is because I had to have a picture taken of myself for a challenge I’m doing with Damsels of Distressing.   That’s my team for this year’s DIY Boot Camp which is part of the 2018 DIY Traveling Show and Marketplace happening this September near Nashville, TN.  There will be much more info about that in the weeks and months to come for for now…

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Anyways… That’s the whole reason this frame got painted the other day.  Being in my 50’s, I do not take pictures anymore.  AT ALL.  I avoid them at all costs but I had to take and submit a picture that day and my daughter got home just before the sun went down to shoot one.  She did a good job but I much prefer to be on the other side of the lens.  At least I had something to hide behind.

Here’s a close up of the mirror after it dried and the dark wax was applies.  Don’t you just love the random texture?  I do!

This is a lousy picture of the whole frame but the darn thing kept rolling around on me so I stuck it in my show and snapped a quick picture.  Yes, I know patience is a virtue but I’m not patient in my old age.  I used to be then life happened.

So here’s a better picture of the finish close up.  The smooth areas are just how it looked after  the wax dried.  I stuck my finger in the Custom Shizzle Sparkle Bling Patina and ran it across the raised areas to give them a little more prominence.    Again, no thought was involved.  I just did it.  The entire thing couldn’t have taken more than six minutes to create.  It was just the drying time in between because I blitzed the heck out of it with the water.

Has this inspired you?

Sure hope so!  Grab a frame or a lamp or shelf or a clock and give it a shot!


To replicate this same color, you’ll need:

Bohemian Blue

Old ’57

Sea Glass

Golden Ticket


Dark & Decrepit Liquid Patina

and Clear Patina

You can order them all in the smaller sizes and still be able to create a gazillion different things using these colors.  I often use the same colors to create patinas on hardware.  If you’d like to see a post on that, let me know in the comments below.

I think this piece also has Fancy Farm Girl and Crinoline pounced on it.


a hui hou kau hou!


17 Replies to “From Drab to Fab in 10 Minutes ~ Vintage Mirror Frame Makeover”

    1. ok cook Kay, I’ll put something together for the that. I’ll probably incorporate a video to go with it because i think it will make more sense if you can watch me doing it. Thanks so much for the feedback!!

      1. Did you ever get that video done?
        Its such a lovely look but Im having trouble following along with post
        Please help 🙂 💜

  1. This is gorgeous!! I’m definitely inspired! My new-to-me thrift store mirror would be perfect for this! Thanks for sharing! (And I’m so sorry your pain is affecting your passion!)

  2. I love this! Do you think it would look just as good on a larger piece I have a large hand me down credenza that needs some love

    1. Of course! You’d want to have a good drop cloth down if you’re going to be blasting it with water because there will be a lot of dripping. You can also open up large cardboard boxes and put those down under to absorb some of the water or what I do more often than not, is I’ll spray the water onto my brush instead of the piece. That allows you to manipulate and thin the paint with much less mess.

    1. no but hopefully I will this year. We’ve had so much cancer and loss in our family the past five years that everything online fell to the wayside.

    1. I’ll do my best to squeeze one in Cindy. I’m having a very difficult time with reception when I try Live videos; working on it.

  3. Love, Love, Love this! What a talent you have💕 Did you continue to spray with water once it was hanging to soften up the colors before waxing?

  4. I love this technique. It looks so pretty. I’m in my late 50’s and I know what you mean about body pain. Sometimes I can’t get off the floor so I keep painting. I live your work and I hope you continue your posts and you tube.

    1. Thanks Cheryl! I JUST started doing YouTube videos. It takes me about 45 hours to create one 8 minute video; at least that’s how much time I’ve spent on the first one. I’m almost finished with the second and I have about that much time into that too. Hard to believe it’s that complicated but there’s quite a learning curve that’s for sure. If you missed the first one, you can watch it here: My second video will also come out on the DIYaGoGo Youtube page on May 6th and I should have my very first edited video on my own shizzle design / shelly andrade channel this week! Fingers crossed

  5. Hi Shelly, I did see your video on DIY A gogo. It was great. You know Debi is having a boot camp to learn all about you tube videos. She is offering it online as well. I would love to go in person but I live in Florida. I am going to take the online one. Maybe some day I will be as good as you and Debi and I can go live. Hahaha. I doubt it.

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