Antique Highboy Makeover with DIY’s Old School Gray Chalk & Clay Paint & Various Waxes

Hot off the press…

This technique is so easy to create using our paint and waxes that I can’t even write a tutorial about it.  I simply painted it with Debi’s DIY Old School all natural chalk and clay paint, then used wax in a variety of colors to seal it.

I love watching the paint dry.  Not that I sit there staring at it, but it dries so fast, you can almost see it changing from dark to light.  Doesn’t take much for me; I’m easily entertained ~ lol.

After the paint thoroughly dried, I randomly applied different color waxes to create cool depth and variations in color.

Applying different colors of wax in random patterns creates a cool aged finish

I love how the piece catches different colors in different light!

Love the little drawer on top

So I painted and waxed this in my living room and had to figure out a way to get it out of my house, down the stairs and into my van.  It was already on wheels so I rolled it through the living room and dining room then laid it down on it’s side and used gravity to my advantage.

Yes I did!

I attempted a couple pictures outside but it was too cold for this chicka!

This gorgeous vintage highboy is now available at Shizzle Design’s Not So Shabby location at 2975 West Shore Drive, Holland, MI  49424

Recreate this finish using…

Debi’s DIY – Old School

Clear Wax

Dark Wax

Black Wax

White Wax

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a hui hou kau kou!




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