Turn an old Tiffany Lampshade into a Beautiful Garden Planter

I was challenged by Debi Beard of Debi’s Design Diary to find something to flip within 40 minutes using only $40. I planned to do it at the Allegan’s Flea Market Memorial Day Weekend but ended up buying things for the shop instead #squirrel!

Anyone need some ladders?

If so, you can find these in my Shizzle booth at Not So Shabby, 2975 West Shore Drive, Holland, MI 49424.

The flea market was packed and everything I wanted to flip had at least a $100 price tag on it so I tried a different strategy and went out again the next day. Within 30 minutes, I scored several small items at Goodwill, the side of the road and a barn sale.

Here’s my first pick at only $4.99!

Whenever I buy something unusual, I always wonder what the cashier is thinking. Did she whink I was going to actually use it for a lamp in my house?

The first thing I did was remove glass bulb. I’m going to use that for one of the other flips I found at the barn sale. I also cut the wire cord and removed the chain.

I chose DIY’s Kissing Booth for this makeover. It adhere’s to pretty much anything including this fiberglass lampshade. The trick to applying DIY paint on super slick, non-porous finishes is to apply a VERY think skim coat for the first coat. Let that dry completely then you’ll easily be able to paint the 2nd coat. Had this been a wood piece of furniture, this color would have covered in one coat because it’s so highly pigmented.

Applying THIN skim coat to the lampshade

I only painted the inside edge because the rest will be filled with dirt.

I used the old stool base from my yard. It’s held an old bathroom sink for years but that one is too shallow to hold much dirt which means I have to water it a few times a week. I’m too scatter-brained to water plants so large, deep pots are my friend. I’m not sure that you can tell from the pictures, but this lampshade is huge and will save me fried flowers come August.

I blended several colors on the base including DIY’s Queen Bee, Summer Crush, Cowboy Coral and Kissing Booth using my petite oval paint brush. The links to where you can buy all products used are listed at the end of this blog post.

I did a little test run, then busted into my flower pots. I combine one hanging basket of begonias with a few small pots of filler flowers. I find it’s cheaper to bust apart the plants in a hanging basket to fill a larger pot than it is if you several small pots. Plus, the plants are usually larger in those because the greenhouses start those earlier so they’re ready for Mother’s Day.

I filled the pot with lots of great potting spil then repotted the flowers in the lampshade. I love the immediate fullness of this planter and it only took me a few minutes to paint.

I sealed the painted lampshade and base with coats of Spar Urethane waiting 30 minutes between each coat so it could withstand the Michigan elements as I’ll leave this out until the snow flies. I do tend to switch out the colors of my pots depending on what I plant them with from year to year so stay tuned next spring to see if I do a color change. They hold up very well though. The last sink I did was painted 15 years ago. I’m already thinking next year, I will put another pot inside of this so it will show off the ruffled edge of the lamp. I’ll also probably add some more color, detail and jewels. Any other ideas?

and….. here she is in all her glory!!

Not too shabby for a few bucks, a few minutes and a little bit of paint!

What unusual planters have you created?

I’d love to see them! Share them under this post on my ShizzleLLC Facebook page then join the $40, 40 minute challenge (40 minutes to find it) and share your creation online using the hashtag #4040flip so we can follow along!

Want to replicate this? Find all the products I used below:

Debi’s DIY Paint: https://www.shizzle-design.com/shop/#!/Debis-DIY-Paint/c/27143516/offset=0&sort=nameAsc

Kissing Booth: https://www.shizzle-design.com/shop/#!/Kissing-Booth-DIY-Paint-HOT-Seller/p/100460108/category=27143516

Queen Bee: https://www.shizzle-design.com/shop/#!/Queen-Bee-DIY-Paint/p/100553691/category=27143516

Summer Crush: https://www.shizzle-design.com/shop/#!/Summer-Crush-DIY-Paint/p/100553692/category=27143516

Cowboy Coral: https://www.shizzle-design.com/shop/#!/Cowgirl-Coral-DIY-Paint/p/100460093/category=27143516

Brushes: https://www.shizzle-design.com/shop/#!/BRUSHES-Paint-Brushes-Wax-Brushes-Foam-Applicators-Drill-Buffing-Brushes/c/3467485/offset=0&sort=nameAsc

Spar Urethane: Amazon

a hui hou kau kou!


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