Part II of the #4040flip Challenge – DIY Gazing Ball / Garden Art

Yesterday, I showed you Part I of my #4040flip challenge. Today, I’m sharing Part II.

It starts with a leftover part from the Tiffany Garden Planter that I made.

You can see that transformation here.

The globe

Some might see this as a glass globe. I however had other plans. To me, it looked like a gazing ball. Well, not initially, but a little DIY Kissing Booth and about 2 minutes of my time was all it took to transform it.

What am I going to do with a DIY gazing ball? Put it in my garden of course. I just happened to have a heavy, funky stand that I also picked up last week for $3.00.

I’m honestly not sure what it’s supposed to be??? but I loved the shape of it so with Debi’s #4040flip on my mind, I bought it and brought it home. I used several colors of DIY clay based paint to transform the stand slapping it on from color to color. I did not fuss with being neat; I just slapped on the paint going from color to color. This is my favorite type of project to do. I can use all sorts of vibrant colors yet don’t have to strive for perfection. I could paint things like this all day long.

I let it dry completely then sealed it with Spar Urethane to protect it from the elements. Good thing because today it rained and stormed and rained and there are still more storms racing across Lake Michigan as we speak.

Now that I have the base painted, I’m undecided if I like it with or without the gazing ball. I kind of like it on it’s own. I also have to decide where in my yard to put it. Holy cow do I have yardwork to do. I haven’t been out here much the past five years.

What do you think? With or without?

You may be asking why I’m only now planting flowers and putting things out in the yard. I don’t officially start setting up the deck and mulch the yard until all the pollen and helicopters have finished falling from the trees.

This is just from a few hours. It was blown off earlier today ~ ugh!

Our towering, 100 year old trees, are covered with them. I’m hoping that by mid June, I can finally start setting up my outdoor living areas. Lucky we live Michigan ~ not! I’m so over the extremely short summers and never-ending cold months of winter. Hoping to relocate somewhere that is nice a majority of the year one of these days.

Mom always says look for the positive. They do provide a ton of shade; our house is always cool and these big old trees have several holes that make perfect planters every summer.

This is right off our deck. I look forward to planting this every summer.

So what do you think? With or without? It might not be your taste but I love bright vibrant colors in my garden. I choose very bright flowers and create all sorts of pops with my garden art.

What type of garden art do have in your garden?

I’d love to see them! Share them under this post on my ShizzleLLC Facebook page then join the $40, 40 minute challenge (40 minutes to find it) and share your creation online using the hashtag #4040flip so we can follow along!

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Spar Urethane: Amazon

a hui hou kau kou!


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