Easy Blended Paint Finish on an an Antique Highboy Dresser using DIY’s Farm Fresh, Bohemian Blue, Queen Bee and White Wax

This seriously is one of the easiest ways to create a beautiful blended paint finish. Continue reading to learn how.

I love painting antique highboys! I was pretty geeked to fink this beautiful piece from BF Huntley Furniture. I paid more than I like to but it was in pristine condition except for the orange cast the stain had taken on over the years. From the research I did; I think this piece was built between 1928 – 1935.

There were miscellaneous scratches in the finish but everything else on this piece is pristine. Just look at these drawer deviders!

I gave it two thin coats of Farm Fresh by Debi’s Design Diary DIY Chalk & Clay Paint which was beautiful in an of itself but I was preparing for a Color Blending Paint Class and needed some pieces to use for demonstration. I decided to take it to the class and give it a one of a kind blended paint finish.

I actually love Farm Fresh in and of itself. It looks great sealed with just about anything. My initial thought was to call it good and simply seal it with clear wax. Had I done that, it would have looked like something like this. Actually, it would have been a bit lighter than the sample piece below because the wax is wet in the photo which makes it look darker then it looks once it’s dry.

Here’s a little behind the scenes at the Andrade house. I’m not a good housekeeper. There are always far too many projects going on simultaneously. I wish I could be organized enough to complete projects in a timely manner and put everything away but at the end of the day, life is short no matter if your house is picture perfect or not.

Farm Fresh looks amazing sealed with Clear Wax, Big Top, Clear & Black Wax, White Wax… but I had a class coming up so I decided to use this piece to demonstrate a super easy way to blend different paint colors.

I packed it up and hauled it to Not So Shabby, 2975 West Shore Drive, Holland, MI 49424 for my blending class. Here’s a shot of everything set up the night before class.

I prefer to use my continuous mist spray bottles over a typical spray bottle because water coming out of a regular spray bottle tends to run down the piece faster than you can blend it. I carry these in small and extra large. I fill my extra large bottle with water and use it every day on every piece of furniture I paint. Together with my blending brush, they help create super smooth paint finishes.

If you look closely at the above picture, you’ll see the small and large misting bottles I carry here at Shizzle. I’ve tried a bunch and they’re my absolute favorite for dependability and a long lasting continuous mist.

My favorite Blending Brush

I wasn’t able to film or shoot the process but basically, I created two color washes mixing a little Bohemian Blue with water and then separately mixing a little Queen Bee with water. I don’t measure but I mix around 6 oz of water to a tablespoon of paint. You can spritz this through misters as long as it’s diluted quite a bit. If it’s mixed too thick, the clay in the paint can clog it. Don’t have a mister? No worries, you can simply mix up your color washes in leftover plastic containers then simply dip your brush into the wash and blend away. I apply the different colors in different areas then blend them into each other.

Sealed with Clear & White Waxes

I sealed this piece with a combination of Clear and White Waxes. I like to literally mix my Clear and White Wax 50/50 so it’s a bit more translucent.

This beautiful highboy is now for sale at my Shizzle Design booth within Not So Shabby in Holland, Michigan

This gorgeous BF Huntley Highboy is now available for sale at my Shizzle Design booth within Not So Shabby, 2975 West Shore Drive, Holland, MI 49424.

Want to recreate this finish? All the products used in this makeover are available here and I ship worldwide six days a week!

I’m shipping paint supplies around the clock during this pandemic.

PAINT RECIPE: To recreate this finish, you’ll need DIY’S: Farm Fresh, Bohemian Blue, Queen Bee, Clear and White Wax. Get yours today here.

a hui hou kau kou!

“until we meet again” stay safe and healthy


2 Replies to “Easy Blended Paint Finish on an an Antique Highboy Dresser using DIY’s Farm Fresh, Bohemian Blue, Queen Bee and White Wax”

  1. Hi Shelly, I have a highboy but I’m haven’t painted it yet. I live how you blended the colors but I have never blended. If I was closer and we weren’t on lock down I would for certain attend one of your classes. I have all the colors you used. Which process do you think is easier for a first timer? The spraybottle with the paint or the wages in a bowl? Thank you for the inspiration. I look forward to more. I purchase my paint from people who teach. My retailer here doesn’t. I have never even met her. Take care and stay safe.

    1. Hi Cheryl, In my opinion, it’s much easier to spray the colors on with a misting bottle. It can literally be sprayed then brushed in a minute or two. If you only have a spray bottle though, they tend to run and drip so you have to move really fast but it gives so much variation with little effort. Good luck and have fun!!

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