Learn How to Create a Weathered, Blended Paint Finish with DIY Paint

This post is packed full of step by step detailed pictures and along with the edited video of my latest furniture transformation. Find a comfy spot, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy all the pictures and video tutorial of this blended, weathered, colorful furniture makeover. Click to read more

This is the “before”

I picked it up intention of re-creating the other one I refinished a month ago.

This was last month’s commode makeover

On that piece, I attempted to do my first edited video but failed miserably because I filmed the entire makeover in with my phone in portrait mode so none of the footage was usable. Makes me sick as I had really good footage of that makeover too. Oh well, lesson learned, I won’t make that mistake again that’s for sure! I’ll get the pictures together for the first commode makeover and post them on my blog soon; stay tuned.

This is how the second commode makeover turned out ~ Here’s how I did it!

I had the hankering to paint this piece in similar shades of red but I didn’t want to copy the first piece so I popped online to search for inspiration.

The knobs that inspired my paint colors

These random pulls ended up being my inspiration for paint colors. I ordered the knobs online because everything was already shut down around here and then I waited. Tick tock, tick tock….

When they finally arrived; I placed them on different colors around the house to see which colors would pop the pulls. I THOUGHT I had a plan so I jumped right in and started my transformation.

The inside was grubby and had bled through the existing finish so I coated the inside of the drawers and cabinet with DIY’s new Salvation Solution. It’s designed to stop bleed through and is available in both Clear and White.

I’m sure I’ll be busting into the Clear Salvation Solutions often but for this particular piece, the White Salvation Solution served double duty as I was able to not only block the bleed through, but was also able to freshen it up because of the white.

With my phone in the correct position, I sat everything up to film my makeover.

The colors I decided to go with for this piece are DIY’s: Marquee, Queen Bee, Kissing Booth and Fire Starter, all of which can be purchased at Shizzle Design in West Michigan or on my Online Shizzle Shop here.

I love how the door turned out. Watch my video to see how I applied the paint.

So I got a wee bit carried away playing with the colors but I had a great time doing it.

There’s just something about slathering on whimsical colors that brings me to my happy place.

I let the paint dry completely then sealed it with clear wax so I could see how the knobs looked with it.

It was way too busy and I needed to take it down a notch, or two, or three because there was just way too much going on with this piece.

I was so bummed. I had a story to go along with why I chose those particular pulls but the truth is; I couldn’t stand the pulls with this antique piece. I also didn’t like the “in your face” vibrant color so the entire makeover was a hard “no”. I needed to take it in a different direction.

I stepped into the back yard and for a moment, considered sending it where other pruned branches, scrubs and failed makeovers go to die…

I realized I loved the pulls, just not with that piece. I needed to find more pulls and fast because my deadline was fast approaching and no stores in the state were open due to the lock down.

I also liked the commode but I liked the colors in it when it was in the raw paint stage. Wax always deepens the colors. I needed to tone it down but how?

I contemplated applying white wax, but i didn’t want it that much lighter. I thought about sanding it down and washing over everything with Cake Batter but that would make it too yellow. Hmm. I ended up asking for ideas on our DIY Retailer group page and one of the other retailers suggested using Faded Burlap.

aha! That’s it!

I sanded the living daylights out of the piece to get all the wax off and create a heavy distress. You can also remove DIY Wax using DeNatured Alcohol found in the paint department at any hardware store. It smells like rubbing alcohol but is stronger but now nearly as nasty as Mineral Spirits. I didn’t use either; I simply sanded everything off using my mouse sander.

Watch my very first Furniture Makeover Video Tutorial Below

Thanks for watching!!

If you’d like to re-create this finish, pop into one of my West Michigan locations or visit my Online Shizzle Shop here for all the paint supplies and tools used in this makeover.

a hui hou kau kou!

Shelly Andrade

5 Replies to “Learn How to Create a Weathered, Blended Paint Finish with DIY Paint”

  1. It looks so beautiful!I’m so happy that you changed the knobs ,the new knobs give it that vintage feel and it is more warming! Good job!!!!

    1. Thanks Kimberly! Yes, totally agree with the pulls. The other ones didn’t go at all. I’ll save them for another project.

  2. Hi Shelly! i watched your video on DIY a gogo and i thought to myself that it was bright but i like it. I’m glad you toned it down and i like the hardware you put on it. You make blending colors look so easy. I guess you just have to let go and just start adding colors. I’m so scared to do it. Thank you for the inspiration! it was good to watch you paint. that was my first time. i hope to see you paint online more often. You definitely have talent.

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