Hi guys ~ Help me CRUSH Boot Camp Challenge #4

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From Drab to Fab in 10 Minutes ~ Vintage Mirror Frame Makeover

I painted this on a whim so I forgot to take a “before” but it was pretty worn and weathered when when I got it.

It only took me a few minutes actually working on it to transform it into something totally different.  I had to let it dry between the three layers but the actual paint time was a jiffy.  Learn how easy it is to do this type of finish by clicking on the READ MORE below:

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Blended Colors Inspired by Lazy Hazy Beach Days of Lake Michigan Summers

I’ve been playing with DIY Paints and wanted to show you one my favorite new color combinations.   Today’s combo is simply delish!  With summer right around the corner, people will be flocking to their summer homes looking for new pieces of furniture to freshen up their places and I can’t wait to paint this on some of the pieces in the workshop.  Our Not So Shabby location is near Lake Michigan so we get even more traffic during the summer months when everyone is enjoying the beach.  Lake Michigan, sigh…  It’s my happy place, #puremichigan.  It’s where I go to escape, relax, soak in the sun and simply unwind.  Everything about that beautiful sandy beach and clear blue expanse of unsalted water soothes my soul.

I love water.  I’m Pisces, what can I say?  When we were little, mom and dad had a pick-up camper.  The three of us kids would lay on the bed above the truck looking through a wide window at the front of our Coachman Camper.  We spent lots of  summers camping at Burt Lake just north of Petoskey.  So many adventures, trips on the Honda 70, boat rides across the lake and through the locks, fishing, swimming, skiing, tubing, trips to Indian River, Mackinaw, Mackinac Island and of course hunting for Petoskey Stones.

How the five of us slept in that tiny camper is beyond me.  Cathy said she and Steve had to sleep in a tent.  I guess I had special privileges because I was the youngest.  It was small but mom had it completely and efficiently organized.  She’d whip out breakfasts like that of a champagne brunch at the Westin.  I would discover those years later when I lived on Maui.

Dad always sought out adventure.  He always took “short cuts”, lol.  I laugh because they weren’t shorter, he just loved getting off the beaten path to explore new territory.  With dirt bikes on a front rack and our old speed boat hitched to the back, we were ready for anything.  Even though the last three years of my life have been an ongoing nightmare, I have to admit, I had the best childhood ever and I am grateful for every single memory!

When I look at this simple color board, my mind drifts off and I can see myself lounging on the vast sandy shoreline of Lake Michigan.  I cannot wait to soak up some vitamin D and get my toes in the water at Holland State Park!

For this finish, I didn’t layer the colors, I applied them all simultaneously dipping in and out the the various colors.  Yes I used the same brush and no I didn’t wash it in between.  When I do finishes like this, I dump a little bit of each color on a plate or one of those black rectangular serving dishes that the roll-ups come on at Costco.  They make great trays for rolling too.  Can you tell I haven’t taken my Adderall today?  my mind is bouncing all over the place.  Anyway.  I applied DIY’s Old 57, Fancy Farm Girl and Bohemian Blue together, blending ever so lightly.  When that had set up a little, I decided to highlight it with a little white.  I used Crinoline because that’s the can I had open and next to me but Vintage Linen, White Swan or Bead Board would have worked just as well.

I didn’t brush the colors back and forth because that would have mixed them and I wanted the variations to show more.  I did this while I was making up some paint brush examples for our Paint & Pour Paint Brush Make & Take Project so I had the colors in bottles mixed with Clear Liquid Patina.  I used my finger to slightly blend the Crinoline over the other colors.

I have to say, I love how it turned out and can’t wait to do this on a piece out back.  Stay tuned!!!  As soon as I finish up the pile of income taxes taking over my dining room, I’ll be back to painting.


DON’T MISS OUT – Discontinued quarts are on clearance both online & in stores for $19.99; sample pots of those same colors are $5.99 WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

Also…  I’ll be working at Not So Shabby from 10-5, Saturday, March 17.  I may set up an easel so you can come in an play around with the paint.  Pop in and say hi!  


Until the snow stops, I’ll be dreaming of the lazy, hazy days of summer!

A hui hou!


FREE Make & Take Paint Brush Project Saturday, March 10 at Not So Shabby

Want to participate in a Nationwide DIY Paint Day?

Swing by our Not So Shabby location at 2975 West Shore Drive, Holland, MI  49424 from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 10 to make one of these cool paint brushes.  Learn how easy it is to create this type of whimsical finish.  We’ll be doing it on paint brushes but this can be applied to all sorts of things.  Let your creativity begin!!

The Make and Take Event is happening at Not So Shabby from 11:00 – 1:00 EST Saturday, March 10

I’ll have a heater fan in the store to speed up the drying time so you can take home your brush after you’re finished.  If you’ve never been to Not So Shabby, it’s been voted best in West Michigan several years in a row.  Lots of great vendors with cool treasures, antiques, painted furniture and home decor.

Save 10% on all our paint supplies

purchased in store March 10-11th

at both Not So Shabby and Changing Thymes!

PLEASE NOTE ~ I have to be cleaned up and out of NSS no later than 1:45 p.m. in order to arrive at Changing Thymes by 2:30 so if you can arrive before noon to do the Make and Take, that would be greatly appreciated.  I don’t want to leave the owner of NSS with a mess when I run out the door.   Thanks so much in advance for understanding!!

I’m volunteering at Changing Thymes Saturday afternoon so I won’t be doing the Make & Take in Grandville but I will be at Changing Thymes Saturday afternoon from 2;30 – 6:30 if you have any paint questions for me.  All paint supplies will also be on sale Saturday and Sunday at Changing Thymes for their store-wide discounted event.  We also have two large display racks of quarts on clearance at Not So Shabby right now, while supplies last!

Online peeps, I have items on clearance on our Online Shizzle Shop as well.  Great time to score a deal!

Hope to see you Saturday!!

a hui hou!


Check out Not So Shabby’s new Market Square Feb 12-14 ~ Draw a card for 10-20% off

All regularly priced paint supplies at Not So Shabby will be 10% off Mon-Wed Feb 12-14.  Stop in and check out the new Market Square that Jackie put together.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re in for a big treat, it’s super cool!  Lots of great changes happening at Not So Shabby.


So here’s the deal.  Mon-Wed, there will be cards at the cash register.  When you go to check out, you’ll be able to draw  a card ranging from 10-20% off!!   No, they don’t allow you to draw and THEN decide what you want to buy.  It’s going to be fun!!    Have you been eyeing a certain piece of furniture or home decor?  You can save lots of money!!   Here’s some of the pieces I currently have at the shop.

It’s also GREAT TIME to stock up on paint supplies: paints, brushes, finishes, wax, mica powders, applicators, home decor…  All regularly priced paint supplies will be 10% off Feb 12-14.  Don’t forget to check out the two large sale racks!  Those are jam packed with paint that’s on clearance.  Select sample pots are marked down to $5.99 and $19.99 for discontinued quarts.

Debi’s DIY Paint is now available online and in stores at Shizzle Design!

a hui hou kau kou!




Shizzle Design Paint Sale TODAY, Feb 9-10 2018 at Changing Thymes Wilson

EVERYTHING in our booth is on sale Feb 9-10.  GREAT TIME to stock up on paint supplies: paints, brushes, finishes, wax, mica powders, applicators, home decor…  We’re located at the Wilson Avenue Changing Thymes at 2900 Wilson Avenue, Grandville, MI  49418.  Find us the 2nd aisle about 2/3 of the way down.

SALE Feb 9-10 at Changing Thymes

Debi’s DIY Paint is now available online and in stores at Shizzle Design!


Join us LIVE on Facebook, Tuesday, Feb 6 at 7 pm EST

Join us LIVE on Facebook, Feb 6th at 7:00 pm EST or 4:00 pm PST


Watch us LIVE at Redoux

This will be my first time doing this so I’m still trying to figure it all out.  It will be live on Karen’s Redoux page for sure where you can interact with us.  You also should get a notification if you’re friends with me on Facebook.  If you miss it live, you’ll be still be able to watch the video later as I’ll  share it to my ShizzleLLC Facebook Page afterwards.

Don’t be surprised if  I’m standing there like a deer stuck in headlights.  I’m sooooooo much more comfortable on the other side of the lens.  Last time Cathy and I did a live for Channel 13, I literally stood there frozen in time.

Hope to see you all there!!

A hui hou kau kou!


Our Favorite Paint, Wax & Buffing Brushes + One of Our Professional Buffing Tips Kept Secret until Now

I have a THING for brushes! 
my favorite paint brushes 2 Purdy 2 inch angled brush, Frenchic oval, round wax
Paint brushes, wax brushes, buffing brushes, foam brushes, artist brushes ~ you name it, I have a thing for them and have become a wee bit finicky over the years in what I choose to paint furniture.  I’ve learned through my own experiences that using the right brush makes all the difference in a quality finish.  Below I’ve listed my absolute favorite brushes that I couldn’t do without.

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