Furniture makeovers for Spring 2019 and the paint colors I used to refinish them

This first makeover is one of my personal favorites. I love the detail of this piece and I did my best to accentuate all the beautiful curves by layering two different shades of white then sealing with both Frenchic’s Gray Wax and White Wax.

Isn’t the detail pretty? I just love this table.

Next I have a Lane Cedar chest. I painted this in DIY’s Farm Fresh sealing it with DIY’s Clear wax. I used Dark wax to freshen up the top.

I love the charming mirror that goes with this classic vintage white dresser. I added several shades of white to APC’s Limoges to paint this beauty sealing it with APC’s Clear Wax

This solid mahogany dresser was a great find. Paint haters of America would have cringed at my painting such a nice piece but truth be told, this is a business and I wouldn’t be able to sell it unpainted. I painted it in DIY’s buttery Cake Batter and sealed it with DIY’s Clear Wax. I have to say, this is so much prettier in person. Sometimes the lighting in the store throws things off for my camera. It’s really pretty and solid as a rock.

This next piece is out of my norm but I fell in love with the beauty of this antique changing table. I painted this with DIY’s Old ’57 washing it with Mint Chip. I sealed the sides with Clear Wax and the top with Frenchic’s Finishing Coat.

I just got a pretty grain sack stencil and wanted to try it out. I love how it looks on this pair of bar stools. One is painted in DIY’s Apothecary, the other in Farm Fresh.

So there’s a little story behind this clock. I painted it DIY’s Apothecary for the store. Well my mom likes to check out my Facebook posts on my ShizzleLLC page and she spocked the clock.

Of course she wanted it in a different color, lol. I used my leftover bottle of random mixed whites for a vintage white color.

These antique sewing machine drawers aren’t furniture but they sure are cute. I scored a whole tote of these a couple monthss ago and I just love using them for storage around the house. I painted all four of these in DIY’s Farm Fresh. The top three were then sealed with DIY’s White Wax, the bottom drawer was sealed in Clear wax.

This large antique empire dresser has such cool lines. I simply applied our White Wax over the wood to get this washed lime affect.

White Wax

I used leftover bits of paint for this console table. The color turned out gorgeous. The white on the bottom was a rich bone china type of white and the top a subtle taupe gray but very light in value.

The person who purchased it asked me to paint it in Limoges by American Paint Company. I don’t do color changes. Ever. I must have had a soft heart that day because she talked me into it and I not only repainted this console table, I also painted two large nightstands she had at home.

I stopped doing custom orders five years ago. Every once in a while, somebody talks me into it again. I get asked several times a week so the demand definitely is out there; I just don’t like doing custom. Ninety percent of the time, it’s for something painted in white with no distressing. That doesn’t give me the opportunity to be creative and quite frankly, takes all the fun out of it.

I’m thankful that the demand is strong because if I ever need to go that route, there should be a lot of work out there.

Here’s the 2nd piece I painted for her in APC’s Limoges.

and here’s the third piece in Limoges. It really is a rich, creamy white.

I replaced the sofa table with another desk / console table immediately but then that one sold right away.

Fortunately, I had another one at home that I quickly painted up in, yes you guessed it, a custom mixed white. Why do I do that you ask? Because I think white whites are too white and creamy whites are too yellow so I mix them adding a touch of gray or taupe to the mix just to shake it up. It’s never exactly the same and I know that millions of others use the colors right out of the cans, I’m just weird like that. I sealed this sideboard with Frenchic’s Finishing Coat.

PINK – My friend always wants me to paint with pink. I’m not a pink person unless it’s bright and funky and whimsical but in reality, sometimes those funky, taste-specific pieces don’t sell right away at the store and I’m a single parent.

So I took Anastasia’s advise and painted this pretty dresser in DIY’s Petticoat Pink. It’s the perfect soft, pale, shabby chic pink. This picture does nothing for it. I’m not sure why but pastel pink is very hard to photograph. I sealed this piece with DIY’s Big Top. Imagine this solid maple dresser nestled in a nursery.

This is Skeleton Key. It’s a rich blue/green/smokey gray color that’s like no other. I love this color! It’s beautiful on it’s own but I love it with Black Wax which is how I sealed this table.

Isn’t Skeleton Key pretty?

This amazing kitchen island / family room table is still available. I think it’s the neatest piece. I’ve slashed the price in half which means my hours and hours of work on this are all for waste but I need to make room for the pieces I’m working on now. This piece was painted in APC’s Beach Glass and Frenchic’s Pea Soup. I know I used several other colors but I can’t remember which. I think the vise on it is pretty cool and hope it goes home with a fun family who’ll love it as much as I do. It was a labor of love. I started working on this piece right after my cancer diagnosis and I took a whole lot of frustration and anger out in sanding all the grime off this antique work table.

Isn’t it a cool piece? I just love it.

All of the furniture so far has been at or is currently for sale at Not So Shabby, 2975 West Shore Drive, Holland, MI 49424. As of the date I’m writing this post, most is still available.

Changing Thymes – Grandville, MI

The next group of furniture is at my Changing Thymes location at 2900 Wilson Avenue SW, Grandville, Michigan 49424. You can’t really see it with all the smalls. I’m headed there today with the pink dresser, the skeleton key table and I’m doing a major reset of items.

Here’s a couple of pieces buried underneath all the smalls. The retro table is painted in APC’s Beach Glass. The white twin headboard still has it’s original paint finish. Isn’t it a great headboard? I love the farmhouse style grooves in it.

My booth at Changing Thymes is small. I primarily have paint supplies at this location but I recently made room for a few small pieces of furniture. It should look a lot better this afternoon.

Here’s what’s cooking…

No I didn’t attach the same picture twice. These are two separate pieces that just happened to be painted in the same color. I painted both of these in DIY’s Bohemian Blue. The buffet above will get a decorative paint finish on it. The bottom dresser will remain Bohemian Blue.

This is a masterpiece in the making, lol. It’s a disaster right now. I painted this one cold afternoon and haven’t touched it since. It needs A LOT of TLC before it will make it’s debut.

Here’s another piece I started months ago. Still sitting in my living room in the exact same state as it was the day I started painting it. #squirrel!

There’s one other location you might not be aware of which is in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I don’t have furniture at that location right now but I do stock all my DIY paint supplies there. It’s at The Honeysuckle Co., 3900 Costa NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525 (off Plainfield just north of meijer).

The Honeysuckle Co. – Grand Rapids, MI

Want to replicate any of these looks on something you have? All the links to the products I used are listed below. Happy painting!

Debi’s DIY Paint:!/Debis-DIY-Paint/c/27143516/offset=0&sort=nameAsc

American Paint Company’s Paint (APC):!/American-Paint-Company-Chalk-&-Clay-Paints/c/12459911/offset=0&sort=nameAsc


Finishes: Clear Wax, Dark Wax, White Wax, DIY’s Big Top, Frenchic’s Finishing Coat…:!/FINISHES-Wax-Clear-Coats-Sealers-Metallic-Mica-Powders-Grit-Glaze-Stain/c/5414146/offset=0&sort=nameAsc

a hui hou kau kou!


Part II of the #4040flip Challenge – DIY Gazing Ball / Garden Art

Yesterday, I showed you Part I of my #4040flip challenge. Today, I’m sharing Part II.

It starts with a leftover part from the Tiffany Garden Planter that I made.

You can see that transformation here.

The globe

Some might see this as a glass globe. I however had other plans. To me, it looked like a gazing ball. Well, not initially, but a little DIY Kissing Booth and about 2 minutes of my time was all it took to transform it.

What am I going to do with a DIY gazing ball? Put it in my garden of course. I just happened to have a heavy, funky stand that I also picked up last week for $3.00.

I’m honestly not sure what it’s supposed to be??? but I loved the shape of it so with Debi’s #4040flip on my mind, I bought it and brought it home. I used several colors of DIY clay based paint to transform the stand slapping it on from color to color. I did not fuss with being neat; I just slapped on the paint going from color to color. This is my favorite type of project to do. I can use all sorts of vibrant colors yet don’t have to strive for perfection. I could paint things like this all day long.

I let it dry completely then sealed it with Spar Urethane to protect it from the elements. Good thing because today it rained and stormed and rained and there are still more storms racing across Lake Michigan as we speak.

Now that I have the base painted, I’m undecided if I like it with or without the gazing ball. I kind of like it on it’s own. I also have to decide where in my yard to put it. Holy cow do I have yardwork to do. I haven’t been out here much the past five years.

What do you think? With or without?

You may be asking why I’m only now planting flowers and putting things out in the yard. I don’t officially start setting up the deck and mulch the yard until all the pollen and helicopters have finished falling from the trees.

This is just from a few hours. It was blown off earlier today ~ ugh!

Our towering, 100 year old trees, are covered with them. I’m hoping that by mid June, I can finally start setting up my outdoor living areas. Lucky we live Michigan ~ not! I’m so over the extremely short summers and never-ending cold months of winter. Hoping to relocate somewhere that is nice a majority of the year one of these days.

Mom always says look for the positive. They do provide a ton of shade; our house is always cool and these big old trees have several holes that make perfect planters every summer.

This is right off our deck. I look forward to planting this every summer.

So what do you think? With or without? It might not be your taste but I love bright vibrant colors in my garden. I choose very bright flowers and create all sorts of pops with my garden art.

What type of garden art do have in your garden?

I’d love to see them! Share them under this post on my ShizzleLLC Facebook page then join the $40, 40 minute challenge (40 minutes to find it) and share your creation online using the hashtag #4040flip so we can follow along!

Want to replicate this look on something you have? Find all the products I used below:

Debi’s DIY Paint:!/Debis-DIY-Paint/c/27143516/offset=0&sort=nameAsc

Kissing Booth:!/Kissing-Booth-DIY-Paint-HOT-Seller/p/100460108/category=27143516

Queen Bee:!/Queen-Bee-DIY-Paint/p/100553691/category=27143516

Summer Crush:!/Summer-Crush-DIY-Paint/p/100553692/category=27143516

Mermaid Tail:!/Debis-DIY-Paint/c/27143516/offset=0&sort=nameAsc

Fancy Farmgirl:!/Fancy-Farm-Girl-DIY-Paint/p/100460099/category=27143516



Spar Urethane: Amazon

a hui hou kau kou!


Turn an old Tiffany Lampshade into a Beautiful Garden Planter

I was challenged by Debi Beard of Debi’s Design Diary to find something to flip within 40 minutes using only $40. I planned to do it at the Allegan’s Flea Market Memorial Day Weekend but ended up buying things for the shop instead #squirrel!

Anyone need some ladders?

If so, you can find these in my Shizzle booth at Not So Shabby, 2975 West Shore Drive, Holland, MI 49424.

The flea market was packed and everything I wanted to flip had at least a $100 price tag on it so I tried a different strategy and went out again the next day. Within 30 minutes, I scored several small items at Goodwill, the side of the road and a barn sale.

Here’s my first pick at only $4.99!

Whenever I buy something unusual, I always wonder what the cashier is thinking. Did she whink I was going to actually use it for a lamp in my house?

The first thing I did was remove glass bulb. I’m going to use that for one of the other flips I found at the barn sale. I also cut the wire cord and removed the chain.

I chose DIY’s Kissing Booth for this makeover. It adhere’s to pretty much anything including this fiberglass lampshade. The trick to applying DIY paint on super slick, non-porous finishes is to apply a VERY think skim coat for the first coat. Let that dry completely then you’ll easily be able to paint the 2nd coat. Had this been a wood piece of furniture, this color would have covered in one coat because it’s so highly pigmented.

Applying THIN skim coat to the lampshade

I only painted the inside edge because the rest will be filled with dirt.

I used the old stool base from my yard. It’s held an old bathroom sink for years but that one is too shallow to hold much dirt which means I have to water it a few times a week. I’m too scatter-brained to water plants so large, deep pots are my friend. I’m not sure that you can tell from the pictures, but this lampshade is huge and will save me fried flowers come August.

I blended several colors on the base including DIY’s Queen Bee, Summer Crush, Cowboy Coral and Kissing Booth using my petite oval paint brush. The links to where you can buy all products used are listed at the end of this blog post.

I did a little test run, then busted into my flower pots. I combine one hanging basket of begonias with a few small pots of filler flowers. I find it’s cheaper to bust apart the plants in a hanging basket to fill a larger pot than it is if you several small pots. Plus, the plants are usually larger in those because the greenhouses start those earlier so they’re ready for Mother’s Day.

I filled the pot with lots of great potting spil then repotted the flowers in the lampshade. I love the immediate fullness of this planter and it only took me a few minutes to paint.

I sealed the painted lampshade and base with coats of Spar Urethane waiting 30 minutes between each coat so it could withstand the Michigan elements as I’ll leave this out until the snow flies. I do tend to switch out the colors of my pots depending on what I plant them with from year to year so stay tuned next spring to see if I do a color change. They hold up very well though. The last sink I did was painted 15 years ago. I’m already thinking next year, I will put another pot inside of this so it will show off the ruffled edge of the lamp. I’ll also probably add some more color, detail and jewels. Any other ideas?

and….. here she is in all her glory!!

Not too shabby for a few bucks, a few minutes and a little bit of paint!

What unusual planters have you created?

I’d love to see them! Share them under this post on my ShizzleLLC Facebook page then join the $40, 40 minute challenge (40 minutes to find it) and share your creation online using the hashtag #4040flip so we can follow along!

Want to replicate this? Find all the products I used below:

Debi’s DIY Paint:!/Debis-DIY-Paint/c/27143516/offset=0&sort=nameAsc

Kissing Booth:!/Kissing-Booth-DIY-Paint-HOT-Seller/p/100460108/category=27143516

Queen Bee:!/Queen-Bee-DIY-Paint/p/100553691/category=27143516

Summer Crush:!/Summer-Crush-DIY-Paint/p/100553692/category=27143516

Cowboy Coral:!/Cowgirl-Coral-DIY-Paint/p/100460093/category=27143516


Spar Urethane: Amazon

a hui hou kau kou!


Farm Fresh Oak & Cedar Hope Chest

I painted this hope chest in DIY’s Farm Fresh leaving the top it’s natural oak.

Simple and basic but oh so pretty. This cedar chest is now available at my Not So Shabby location in Holland, Michigan along with several other new pieces.

Upcoming Events… I have a few spots open for my April 18, 2019 Color Blending Furniture Painting Workshop from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. . Sign up here.

a hui hou!

Check out what’s new at Shizzle Design and get a Sneak Peek of what’s in the Works

I’ve been working around the clock to get more painted furniture, vintage treasures, home decor and paint supplies into my three West Michigan locations in Grand Rapids, Grandville and Holland. In this post, I’m grouping numerous pieces together as I haven’t had time to post individual tutorials. Click the link to see what’s new and get a sneak peek of all the things I am working on at home. _________________________________________________________________

Shizzle Design at Not So Shabby

2975 West Shore Drive, Holland, MI  49424 (East of US31, S. of Riley)  Open 10-7 Weekdays and 10-5 on Saturdays

Flip Top Desk / Secretary – just in!

Vintage Farmhouse Style End Table – just in!

Rough Sawn Cedar Butcher Block Island – great piece!

Farmhouse Style Gray and White Coffee Table – on sale now

Square Shades of Gray Solid Wood Coffee Table – on sale now

Antique China Cabinet – on sale now

Stickley Farmhouse Style Cottage Table – on sale now. I think someone put this on 24 hour hold Saturday.

42″ Mirror and Blue Solid Wood Book Shelf. The green buffet sold

Oval Cheval Mirror, 42″ Round Mirror & Bar Stool – just in

Farmhouse Style Bench – just in

Solid Wood Bookcase (it’s drying in this picture) – on sale now

This Blue Dresser just sold

This blue dresser just sold

Shizzle Style Pink Highboy – on sale

Antique Work Table / One-of-a-Kind Kitchen Island

Vintage British Trunk – price slashed for quick sale

We offer our complete line of chalk & clay paint supplies and brushes online and at Not So Shabby and Changing Thymes

New Blending Brushes are also available online and at all three locations


Shizzle Design’s Changing Thyme’s Location

Changing Thymes, 2900 Wilson Avenue, Grandville, MI  49418 

Teal MCM End Table

Retro Nightstand

Changing Thymes, 2900 Wilson Avenue SW, Grandville, MI 49418 is open 7 Days a Week


Shizzle Design at The Honeysuckle Co.


Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in the works…

Beautiful White Washed Large Antique Empire Dresser is ready, just waiting for room at the store. Message me if interested.

The Victrola sold before it got to the store.

The white washed dresser and the vintage white dresser (has beautiful mirror with it too) are ready, just waiting for room at the store. Message me if interested. I’m I’m still working on the gray buffet and almost finished with the changing table.

This is just the initial base coat. It’s going to be really cool when I’m finished but this is an outdoor project so I need to wait for warmer weather. I froze my butt off doing this first coat.

Base Coat for this beautiful buffet. Should I seal it so it’s the deep color of the other Bohemian Blue piece I did recently or do you see this layered with colors? Anyone shopping for a buffet? I still have time to customize it. Message me if interested.

I still have a ways to go with this one as I need to fill in the missing veneer on the doors and I’m going to apply appliques with Iron Orchid Design’s molds to really customize this piece. The last one like this was sold and used as a bathroom vanity. Message me if interested.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful sunny Sunday.

A hui hou!


I snagged this beautiful Bearnhardt buffet in Chicago ~ Check out the chalk & clay paint makeover

People always ask me where I find my furniture pieces.  Truth is, I have very little time to hunt for furniture and nine times out of ten, I stumble upon it at the most random of times.  I scored this great piece while out of state for a hockey tournament.  The price was so good, I actually bought it then drove back two days later to load it up and take it back to Grand Rapids.

Click below to see the beautiful transformation.  The transformation turned out so pretty that it sold before I finished it.   Continue reading “I snagged this beautiful Bearnhardt buffet in Chicago ~ Check out the chalk & clay paint makeover”

Vintage dresser chalk painted Shizzle Style in DIY’s Bohemian Blue clay based paint

Yes, I paint mahogany.  I paint oak.  I paint all sorts of wood furniture so if you’re an avid lover of all wood furniture being stained to accentuate all the grain, this probably isn’t a read for you.

I am a furniture painter by trade and I personally prefer chalk painted furniture hands down over solid wood pieces unless it’s something really special like a piece made out of Koa.  If you do like chalk painted furniture and want to see the beautiful results on this buffet makeover, continue reading below.

Continue reading “Vintage dresser chalk painted Shizzle Style in DIY’s Bohemian Blue clay based paint”

Shizzle Design Chalk / Clay Paint Class – Saturday, January 12 – Grand Rapids, Michigan

The first paint class has been scheduled and spaces are already filling up for this Saturday’s Workshop.  I’ll be teaching this at the amazing new store fantastic new store call The Honeysuckle Co. on the North end of Grand Rapids.

1st Shizzle Class of 2019 – Chalk Painting 101 – $48

Saturday, January 12 at 10:00 a.m. 

Our January 12 class is $48.00 per person and is limited to 25 people.  Spots are already filling up.  To register, please go to

Learn about our chalk & clay paints, Saturday, January 12 in this two hour hands on class while creating a beautiful chalk painted finish on a hand picked vintage sewing machine drawer.  We will also have mason jars available for purchase at a minimal price if you’re interested in adding/painting a few of those for your centerpiece.

Learn the basics for your centerpiece while watching me paint a small piece of furniture while I give you a sneak peek of some of my more advanced blending techniques that I’ll be teaching in next month’s furniture painting workshop

The Honeysuckle Co.  

A good friend of mine talked me into expanding my horizons by placing all my DIY Chalk & Clay paint supplies and Vintiquities Brushes in their amazing new store.

This is where you’ll be taking the class!

I sell Debi’s DIY paints and finishes along with all my brushes at this location so you’ll be able to grab supplies after the class.  Paint supplies purchased the day of the class will be discounted for everyone in the workshop so it’s a great time to stock up.  If you intend to buy a bunch of product, please email your list along with sizes of each item to:  That way you’ll be sure to get everything you want at the discounted price the day of class.  Please email or message me your list by Friday and I’ll have everything ready for you when you arrive.  You of course can swap things out or change your mind the day of class but at least you’ll be sure to get what you want.  I do sell paint at that location but I typically only stock a couple of each size and color.


Teaching is one of the best parts about my job and after putting that on hold for almost four years, I’m excited to finally have a date on the schedule.   I’ve taught hundreds of people over the years how to work with chalk and clay paints.

I’ve enjoyed teaching every class from the workshops I taught at home,

to the free demo’s at our Shizzle Shop

to the amazing workshop taught at MSU

Keynote Speakers at the Women’s Expo at Devos

but I’m super excited about the new space to teach at The Honeysuckle Co.

The Honeysuckle Co. is open for business Tuesday – Saturday, see hours in photo below

For hours and directions to my other West Michigan locations, scroll down to the bottom of any page on our website.

Contact me for more information on upcoming classes following along by liking my ShizzleLLC Facebook Page and turning all notifications on.

a hui hou!



Blast from the Past – This Post was Lost in the Shuffle – Hand Painted and Dressed in Classy Fabric Black, Gray, White Antique Buffet

Have you ever gotten sick of an old outfit?  Even if you have a great shape, the same old thing can get a little boring after say… 80 years or so.

When I found this antique buffet, I felt sorry for her because all her beautiful features seemed to fade away in a giant wall of stain.  Sorry ~ I forgot to snap a before picture.
I knew from the get go I wanted to transform her outfit into something spectacular, something for a night out on a town, but I couldn’t decide where to start.

So I turned on the radio, popped open a few cans of paint and let her speak to me.  That happens you know, when you’re all alone in the workshop, day after day – the furniture starts talking to you ~ lol

As the colors were going on I remembered an old piece of fabric left over from another project and decided to apply it to the drawer fronts.  Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!

I also lined the drawers with upholstery fabric.
I kept tweaking things here and there until she was dressed to kill in her new outfit.

We dropped her off to my booth in Not So Shabby last night just as they were closing:) sold

You like?

This piece was painted in Annie Sloan back years ago.  Since this post, I’ve learned so much.  I worked around the clock for a year using these products but continued to have difficulties achieving a quality finish with their wax.  I tried other several other waxes by different companies, some were hard, other’s were a little easier to blend in and work with but also had those terrible fumes.
I experienced months of recurring respiratory problems and even with my exhaust system, I was advised to remove as many chemical hazards from my environment as possible or find another line of work in order to get well.  I donated all the paints I had on hand and started searching for better products.
That search eventually led me to the products I use today, all natural, eco-friendly chalk and clay based paints.  From the first time I tried  them, I was sold.   It may seem drastic, but after mohths of appts, tests, MRI’s and breathing tests at the hospital, it was a God send.  The paints I use now are so much easier to work with.  It spreads easier, covers better, adheres well and the wax and finishes have been life changing!  I can’t believe how easy they are to work with and it’s so awesome not to work with those horrible chemicals.  They also cure well so you’re not left with a smeary mess that never seems to stop smearing months after it’s finished.
For my style of painting, I can achieve a much more superior finish and can create it much faster eliminating the stress of working so hard to achieve something that’s easy with a chalk and clay mixture.

I love these paints so well that I decided to share what I do with our followers.  Follow me at ShizzleLLC on Facebook or ShizzleDesign on Instagram for daily updates on projects I’m working on.  Visit one of our three locations in West Michigan or shop online to see our vast selection of chalk & clay paints here.


a hui hou!