It’s Official! We’re Going to the World’s Longest Yard Sale ~ need your help, advice

I’ve wanted to do the World’s Longest Yard Sale ever since I first heard about it but the timing always conflicted with something else.  This year I’m crossing it off my bucket list!  1001470_10151463726082894_1631258991_n

This is totally a last minute thing for us (YIKES!!) as we were waiting to find out if one of our friend’s could get off work.  She just found out that she can so, as of yesterday, it’s official ~ we’re going!!

We’ll be heading south from Grand Rapids, Michigan into Tennessee.  The problem is, I’m having a hard time figuring out which towns are the best to stay in, which locations have the best and most condensed sales for cool junk & furniture deals…  Where are the “Do Not Miss This Sale” spots…  We’re not interested in baby clothes…

If any of you are either vendors, have shopped at or live along the route and can help us out, we would greatly appreciate it!!!

Looking forward to hearing from you!!!

Thanks a bunch!!